Futon vs Murphy bed

Futon vs Murphy bed:Which one is best for you?

Every home needs at least one bed and one sofa. But decent square footage costs too much money these days. That might explain why studio apartments are on the rise. But if you have ever lived in a studio apartment, then you know that every inch of space matters.

And if you want to cook and entertain guests whilst also sleeping comfortably and brushing your teeth in relative peace, you must choose the right bed. This is why the Futon VS Murphy Bed debate is so hot right now. Beds take up too much space.The wrong model will take the most crowded apartment and crowd it even further.

A lot of people choose to forgo couches altogether just because their apartments are incapable of accommodating both a couch and a bed. In a way, the Murphy VS Futon question solves this problem, and in a way, it does not. It all comes down to the choice you make.

Why the Murphy Bed/Futon Debate Matters?

Does it honestly matter which of these two options you choose? Isn’t it just a matter of selecting the model that best suits your needs?

Well, not quite. Murphy beds and Futons were both designed to save on space, and they are both targeted towards small apartment owners.

However, these beds have very different designs. More importantly, they each boast such distinct attributes that simply selecting one of them means missing out on everything the other has to offer.

Chief amongst the distinctions between these items is the fact that a Murphy bed is just a bed while a Futon also works as a couch.

In other words, choosing to purchase a Murphy bed means also buying a separate couch down the line. 

But the futon also brings with it a few disadvantages that are absent from the Murphy bed.

So put simply, your choice of bed here actually matters.

What is a Murphy Bed?

murphy bed

murphy bed

A Murphy bed has also been called a foldaway bed or even a wall bed. The model was designed by a man called William Lawrence Murphy in the 1800s, hence its name.

As its other names suggest, the Murphy bed can be flipped off the floor and pushed into a closet of sorts for efficient storage.

For the most part, when a Murphy bed is rolled away, you might not even know that it was ever there.

And space it previously occupied can be utilized for other purposes.

What Attributes Does a Murphy bed Have?

Murphy beds look like normal beds when they are pulled out. However, the mattress is firmly attached to the bed frame. Wire Mesh is utilized rather than box springs and there are no footboards, headboards, and bed rails.

Many Murphy beds have pretty basic designs. But quite a number have special amenities such as additional cabinets, storage units for entertainment equipment, lighting and so on and so forth.

Why Murphy Beds Work?

a). Space – This is where wall beds shine the most. You can save on so much space because the bed can be rolled away during the day time.

As a result, the bedroom can be utilized for other purposes.

b). Comfort – If you can afford a decent model, then Murphy beds are no different from real beds in terms of size and structure.

They can offer you the same level of comfort as a real bed

Where do Murphy Beds fail?

a). Aesthetic – Murphy beds are very inflexible when it comes to decoration. Their lack of headboards and footboards means that they are unlikely to fit into your decor.

b). Cost – Murphy beds are not cheap. This is especially true if you want a comfortable Murphy Bed with all the amenities. You could spend well over a thousand dollars.

c). Work – Installing Murphy beds requires quite a bit of time and money. You must also inject some effort into folding them in and out of their closets.

That might not seem like a big deal if your young but older individuals will definitely struggle.

What is a Futon?

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon - Premium Upholstery and Wooden Legs - Navy...

When you say 'Futon' today, some people will immediately think of the minimalist blanket-like beds that people use in Japan.

And indeed, that particular usage of the word isn’t wrong. But in the United States, the word 'Futon' actually refers to a sleeper sofa.

There is no more accurate description of this particular bed. A futon is a sofa that can spread out to become a bed; or a bed that can become a sofa.

These models have grown in popularity, typically used by college kids who have no money and need to save on space, but also a favorite for homes that frequently host guests.

What Can You Expect From the Futon?

DHP Emily Futon With Chrome Legs, Navy Linen

The Futon is an interesting Mishmash of pros and cons:

a). Cost – Futons are very cheap. That might explain why they have grown more popular even as the cost of apartments has skyrocketed.

Believe it or not, you can get a good futon for far less money than you would spend on a good couch.

b). Comfort – Futons have come a long way. There was a time when you would have had to contend with thin mattresses and flimsy frames.

But today, a good futon will give you plenty of support. That being said, futons are known for being less comfortable than normal beds.

c). Choice – Futons give you so many choices when it comes to frame stylemattresses, and covers.

There are people who think that futons are horribly uncomfortable. But in truth, it is possible to furnish a futon with amenities that can comfortably suit your personal sleeping style.

However, finding the right futon for you takes time and a lot more money than simply buying an ordinary but potentially uncomfortable futon.

d). Space – All bed selection revolve around the issue of space.

And the futon wouldn’t be much of a contender if it didn’t save on space. A good futon will consume even less space than a couch.

Which One is Better?

There are quite a number of considerations that you must take into account before making a decision here:

a). Space – Both the Murphy bed and the futon were designed to save on space. But which one saves the most amount of space?

Well, the Murphy bed takes the victory here because you can make it completely disappear.

b). Sleep – The fact that a Murphy bed gives you the same experience as a real bed matters.

If you can afford a mattress of decent thickness, you can expect a decent sleeping experience.

A futon gives you a couch as well as a bed. And the futon definitely succeeds as a couch. But it is not a comfortable bed.

c). Versatility – Most people think that futons are more versatile than Murphy beds because they act both as a couch and a bed, but that is not true.

At the end of the day, a futon is more couch than a bed. You can’t change that aspect of its design. As such, you cannot change the fact that a futon turns every space it occupies into a sitting room of sorts.

But a Murphy bed gives you complete freedom to use your room as you see fit. Heck, once it’s folded away, you can attach a desk to it and turn your bedroom into an office.

d). Seating – Yes, futons and Murphy beds are often compared in their capacity as beds.

But one cannot ignore the fact that with a Murphy bed, all you have is a bed. And if you live a financially restricted life, then buying a Murphy bed could mean having no couch.

A futon solves that issue, especially if you’re working on a tight budget. A Futon gives you sitting and sleeping surfaces. So you are saving on space while gaining an additional function.

e). Cost – Futons are so much cheaper than Murphy Beds. You could easily spend two thousand dollars on a decent Murphy bed.

The same cannot be said for great futons which can be acquired for a few hundred dollars.

f). Flexibility – If you move a lot, then you will hate Murphy Beds. Murphy beds must be uninstalled and reinstalled into their closets. You might also have to do some repainting.

Futons, on the other hand, can simply be carried away.

Conclusion – Which Should You Buy?

Selection from these two types of bed is an interesting one. but the answer is relatively simple.

If you have the means, get a Murphy bed. You are guaranteed comfort and you have more options when it comes to using your bedroom for other purposes.

But if you don’t have the money, then you can settle for a Futon because it brings even more functionality to the table.

Take your budget and your personal needs into account before making a decision.

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