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8 Best Galaxy Comforter Sets – All the Nitty Gritty You Need to Know

Reports from the National Sleep Foundation suggest that a person should get at least 8 hours of sleep to ensure proper healing and recovery of their cells in the body. However, how can you achieve that when your sleeping environment is not even comfortable? From the temperature of the room you are into the kind of quilt or comforter sets you are using, everything plays a crucial role in your sleeping schedule.

Amidst all the available options, the galaxy comforter set has gained a lot of popularity, not just among the kids but also among the adults. They feature bold and quirky prints that bring out the fun side to everyone’s personality.

However, the popularity of the galaxy bedding sets has now pushed more and more brands to jump on the bandwagon, meaning that you have an abundance of options to choose from. That said, there are quite a few factors that you need to consider before investing your money in a galaxy comforter set and we have sorted everything out for you in this guide.

What is a Comforter?

A comforter is like a thick yet soft quilted blanket that is designed by stitching two fabrics together. This forms a pouch that is stuffed with a soft filling like wool, cotton, or silk to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience at the night. Most of the available comforters in the market are traditionally filled with down or down alternatives for a comfortable material.

There are comforters with multiple layers, sometimes even over two layers. The majority of the time, these galaxy comforters are designed with microfiber materials that are not just soft but allows you to experience more warmth as opposed to the standard blanket material.

What is the standard size of a Galaxy Comforter?

Like any other standard comforter that is available in the market, you’d be surprised that even the galaxy bedding is available in different sizes. You can find options in the standard kid-size, king-sized and queen-sized bed too.

Mattress sizes can differ greatly in terms of the requirements and the person sleeping on them. So, if you are considering looking for an option, we’d recommend that you measure the size of your bed and then buy the galaxy comforter that works the best for your bed.

What kind of Galaxy comforter fillers should you look for?

KINBEDY 3D Tencel Cotton 3PC Blue Galaxy Comforter Sets Queen Full Size for...

The filling of a comforter is generally made with wool, cotton, down or down alternative. The material depends on what feels the most comfortable on your skin. Some people prefer having bedding with microfiber material while others tend to prefer the standard cotton or down materials.

Litanika 3D Galaxy Comforter Full(79x90lnch), 3 Pieces(1 Galaxy Comforter,...

The primary function of the comforter filler is to offer insulation, especially during the cold winter months or when you have the air conditioner set to the lowest settings. Despite the material inside the galaxy comforter, the reason why they don’t clump together is because of the stitch that runs down the middle.

If we had to recommend one option, the KINBEDY 3D Tencel Cotton 3PC Blue Galaxy Comforter Sets and Litanika 3D Galaxy Comforter are good options to look into.

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1. Cotton and Microfiber

Amidst the microfiber and other variants, the cotton filling is considered the best, primarily because it is good for using the entire year around. Also, it is highly absorbent and hypoallergenic. This is ideal for individuals who have sensitive skin and need specific composition of fabric for a comfortable sleep at night.

Blue and Purple Galaxy Unicorn Comforter Sets , Boys and Girls Quilted...

The Encoft 3D Galaxy Unicorn Comforter Sets is a good option if you are specifically looking for a galaxy comforter set that looks great and is comfortable too.

2. Down-filled

The down-filled comforters are the premium options. They are on the expensive end and will dig a hole in your bank account. So, if you are not willing to spend a lot of money on a galaxy comforter set, we’d recommend that you avoid the down-filled variants and instead invest in the cheaper and more reliable ones.

However, if you aren’t aware, down feathers are naturally derived from goose feathers. They cannot be machine washed, which means that you need to dry clean them every time they get dirty.

3. Wool Filling

Wood filling galaxy comforter bed sheets are pretty great, especially when it comes to the colder winter months. The only issue with these wool-filling comforters is the fact that they aren’t naturally moisture-wicking, which means that if you sweat a lot, these aren’t going to be a good investment option.

4. Silk Filling

When talking about silk filling comforters, they scream nothing but luxury. However, finding a galaxy comforter set in silk can be a tedious task. One good thing about shopping for silk filling for comforters is that they come with anti-bacterial properties that can ensure better health for you without imposing risks of diseases. However, as said, silk filling comforters are pretty expensive.

How to Choose the Right Galaxy Comforter for You?

When you browse through third-party apps and online stores to buy yourself a galaxy print comforter set, chances are that you will come across a few matches on the search. Some options fit your bed size and some brands have the same color scheme that you are likely looking for. Whatever the choice be, you must keep a few important factors in mind when you are shopping for a galaxy comforter set for yourself.

Following are the few pointers that you need to be mindful of:

1. Compare the weather and stuffing material

A Nice Night Galaxy Bedding Sets Outer Space Comforter 3D Printed Space...

As confused as you are, this is a crucial pointer that you need to be mindful of. While you shop for a galaxy comforter set for your bed, consider the climate in the place you live in. If you live in an area that has cold and chilly weather year-round, you’d want to invest in options that are multi-layered and offer more warmth. The A Nice Night Galaxy Bedding Sets Outer Space Comforter is a good one to invest in since it comes with multiple layers and better insulation.

However, if you live somewhere that has sunny weather the majority of the time, invest in the single or double layer comforter sets that come with cotton filling inside them. Microfiber comforters work pretty well too for such weather conditions. In such cases, we’d recommend looking into the BlessLiving 3 Piece Moon Comforter Set that comes with pillowcases too.

2. Thread count

Not many users know about this but when you are shopping for galaxy comforters, you must look into the thread count too. Doing this ensures that you are mindful of the quality of the fabric above anything else. For those who aren’t aware, the thread count denotes the number of threads per square inch of the comforter. The more the thread count of the comforter, the softer is the fabric.

Galaxy Series Down Comforter, 3D Starry Sky Comforter Set Outer Space...

3. Size

Galaxy Space Bedding Duvet Cover Set Queen (3 pcs) Galaxy Planet Printed...

You can’t buy a comforter without looking into the size. You can either look into the exclusive kid’s size options or the larger queen or king-sized options that are available in the market.

Take the DJY Galaxy Space Bedding Duvet Cover Set for example. It is available in the standard kid’s bed size option. However, if you are looking for a larger one, we’d recommend the Erosebridal Galaxy Series Down Comforter, which is filled with down feathers.

4. Price

Another factor worth considering before you end up buying yourself the galaxy comforter sets is the price point. Few standard cotton filling comforter sets are priced under $30 and there are a few options filled with down feathers that are priced between $50 to $100 or even more. Whatever the price be, just ensure that you check the reviews and the specifications before you end up buying them.

You need to ensure that the price you are paying for the product or the gift is worth it in the end.

Is there a Difference Between Comforter And Duvet?

You’d be shocked to know this but a comforter and duvet aren’t the same things. Unlike a comforter which is a single piece of bedding item that comes with filling inside the layers, duvets consist of multiple parts. Duvets come with an exterior duvet cover that you need to wash when it gets dirty.

That isn’t the case with the comforters. Since duvets are easier to clean, since you just have to take out the duvet cover and then wash it, the majority of the people do tend to prefer investing in a duvet over the staple comforter sets.

Bedbay King Galaxy Comforter Set Rainbow Comforter Trippy Psychedelic Art...

Also, duvets feature a very simple design and are primarily available in solid colors with varying types of covers. However, comforters are available in vibrant shades and color schemes, depending on the choices of the user. Take the Bedbay King Galaxy Comforter Set for example in that case.

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How to Clean and Maintain your Galaxy Comforter Sets?

With comforter sets, it is very easy for people to lose sight of its maintenance, especially when you are dealing with vibrant and bright-colored comforters like the galaxy print ones. In such cases, you must keep an eye out on them and make sure that you clean them every month or every two months to ensure that they are clean and free of germs.

Here’s what you need to do:

For washing machine users:

  • Use cold washing water and wash your comforter in the front load of the washing machine
  • Avoid using bleach or fabric softener for your comforter since that can end up damaging the filling inside
  • For drying, make sure that you tumble dry the comforter on low
  • If required, throw in a few tennis balls or clean sneakers to ensure that the filling of the comforter is distributed uniformly inside the comforter once it is done washing

For dry cleaning users:

Dry cleaning a comforter is going to cost you a good sum of money. However, if you are doing so, make sure that you specify the category the washing should be done in and the kind of detergent that should be used. Since galaxy comforter sets come in vibrant color schemes, you must reach out to secure and reliable dry cleaners.

How to store a comforter?

If you aren’t using a comforter the entire year around and need to store it in the closet the right way, here’s what you need to be mindful of:

  • Once you are done washing and drying the comforter, you must let the comforter air dry so there are no remnants of moisture inside. This is to ensure that the comforter doesn’t grow bacteria and molds on it when you are stacking it away in the back of the closet.
  • Despite coming with filling inside, comforters are pretty easy to fold and stack away. You can fold them the same way you fold the standard blankets and bedsheets.
  • However, when you are storing your comforter, make sure that you store it in a closet that gets enough air circulation so the comforter doesn’t end up developing a stench on it due to being stored in the closet.


1. Are down comforters worth the money?

There are only a handful of brands that do galaxy printed comforter sets with down filling. However, if you are getting one, we’d recommend that you choose a reliable brand. As for the down filling, yes, paying a few extra bucks is worth it.

2. Which is better – duvet or comforter?

The answer is subjective to what the user likes. If you don’t mind going the extra mile with the cleaning and drying process that comes with a comforter, we’d recommend getting a comforter set. However, if you don’t enjoy washing up and laundry much and want an easier way out, a duvet is your next best option.

3. What is a good thread count for a comforter?

If you are particular about comfort, we’d recommend looking for a thread count between 300-500 because that is considered ideal.


With so many different kinds of galaxy comforter sets available in the market, we wanted our readers to be aware of the small details before shopping. From the material to the types, we hope this guide gives you all the inputs that you have been looking for. Always ensure that you not only check the size of the comforter set but also the quality and material before paying the final price.

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