Hanna kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter Review

Who doesn’t love the warmth and heavenly comfort in the chilly mornings? I bet all of you want to be a sloth at those moments. Curling up in bed, diving inside the comforters, yawning like a sleepy puppy defines the ultimate happy laziness.

And as far as I care, comforters are the key to this happiness. Don’t worry! Hanna Kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter is here. They promise to give you the utmost pleasure of sleep with the finest quality comforters. Let these comforters make you lost in the silky softness.

These gorgeous looking comforters guarantee you all year long quality assurance.

Customers these days are hard to satisfy. People want their comforters to be fluffy, non-allergenic, lightweight, wrinkle-free and having the traditional cotton like feeling. Hanna Kay has taken their customers desire pretty seriously.

They created a masterpiece having all the desired qualities that the consumers demanded. But what excites me is their entirely reasonable pricing.

What Makes Hanna Kay Year Round Down Alternative Comforter so Desirable?

Okay, let me tell you some amazing features that make this comforter so unique-

1. No More Allergies

Many of you suffer from allergies using cheap underrated comforters. Not anymore! These beauties are completely moist-resistance, 100% hypo-allergenic, and offers amazingly comfy fillings.

So no more damp swampy smell or unwanted allergies especially for those of you who suffer from acute dust allergies. This comforter is sure to give you sky-high feelings of comfort.

2. Majestic Craftsmanship

Another significant problem that we face our comforter’s fillings getting clogged up in one place. This causes a great disturbance while sleeping. This mainly happens because of poor stitching quality.

The good news is that you won’t have to worry about your comforter maintaining a proper shape. This comforter come with closed box double stitching. This improved stitching method ensures that your comforter’s fillings kept in shape even after a heavy wash.

3. Superior Micro-Fiber Covers

I know how it feels when your comforters get crinkled after every time you turn over. I bet you are tired of your old regular cotton bedding that scares away your sleep. It occurs basically for poor fabric quality of your comforter’s cover.

An Imperfect fabric tends to get crinkled more. Regarding that issue, I have some great news guys! This comforter has supremely soft microfiber covers that ensure no crinkling at all.

4. One Comforter, All Seasons

Have you ever felt that confusion about should you put your comforter or not? It’s always chilly without and too hot with the comforters. Now take a moment and think about comforter that might use all years long.

It is a unique feature that makes this comforter so attractive. This comforter is 77 oz. The filling is so perfect that it will do the job of the jack of all trades. It will keep you warm is colder seasons and fresh in summer days. Time to ditch other comforters, right?

5. As Light as it Gets

Who wants a heavy, clumsy comforter that might be ruining his or her good night sleep? This luxurious comforter weighs only 7.5 pounds. Comparing to its competitors, this is as light as it gets. You would feel like sleeping in clouds!

6. Really affordable

In spite of their superior quality, This comforter is quite affordable comparing to its competitors. Many users have been surprised at its pricing.

This cotton fiber made majestic beauty will add up a new level of comfort in your bedding.

7. Not Satisfied? You Can Have Your Money Back!

This Comforter has been designed to exceed the standard of any alternative product in the current market. They are so confident that they are offering a full refund if the experience is anything but comfortable.

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Features That Will Blow Your Mind
  • 100% Hypoallergenic and superior microfibers
  • Anti-crinkle designs with advanced microfibers
  • Silky smoothness and super soft feelings of the duvet
  • Longer durability because of closed box double stitches
  • 77 oz. weight
  • Available in King and Queen sizes
  • Money back guarantee if the product fails to satisfy the customer


  • Moist-resistant
  • 100% hypo-allergenic
  • Closed box doubles stitching
  • All season usability
  • Fluffy
  • Microfiber alternative down comforter


  • This comforter didn’t leave us any idea on washing and cleaning of this comforter. A clearer message should have been given.
Some Valuable FAQ's

Que: What are the dimensions of the comforter?

Ans: Queen Size: 88 inches by 90 inches.

Que: Do they have a pillow? What are the things it came with?

Ans: It’s just the comforter. But it is nice, soft and thick and not too heavy. Feels very luxurious.

Que: Where is it made?

Ans: Tag on comforter says made in China.

Que: Should I wash it before using it?

Ans: No need. Just air it out for a few hours.

Que: Does it have ties to secure it to the duvet cover?

Ans: No, it does not.

Que: Is this comforter too warm for a southern California summer?

Ans: I think so, yes. It is pretty thick; we won't be using it again until the fall.

The Bottom Line

If you are some who is looking for an entirely comfortable and year round comforter, then it is the Best Down Alternative Comforter is a smart choice for you. With their super fluffy softness, they will surely win your hearts.

Get lost in the silky softness of Hanna Kay. This comforter covers up every kind of feature that you would look for a luxury bedding. The warmth, the coziness, the anti-allergenic feature, the all year usability is making this comforter a must grab. So what are you guys waiting for? Add a couple of comforters to your cart. Get the best deal from us. Hurry up now!!

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