How Do You Turn A Regular Bed Into A Platform Bed

Convert Bed Frame to Platform Bed

Converting a regular bed to  a platform bed  is an easy task if you know how to do it. The platform bed is very useful for all types of people. And it decorates your room beautifully.

In case you have a regular bed, you are in luck since you can turn it into a platform bed. Platform beds are simple and often lack both the headboard and foot-board. They offer comfort and simplicity.

There are various ways to turn a regular bed into a platform bed. For instance, you can get rid of the box springs and place your mattress on the platform. Outlined is a systematic guideline on how to convert regular bed frame to platform bed.

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What Should You Consider Before Starting Conversion of bed frame to platform bed

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Before jumping into the conversion process, there are various things to consider to avoid making mistakes as follows:

First, you need to decide the size of a platform bed you want. This includes the length, width, and the height as well.  You can decide to leave it the way it was or make it slightly smaller. Alternatively, you can make the platform bed to fit your current mattress in terms of length and width. The choice is yours.

Some people find a high off the bed from the ground to be uncomfortable since when getting out of the bed one has to slide off. If you are one of those people, this calls for an action to change the height of the bed to a more comfortable position.

However, if the height does not bother you, then you are good to go. In case you choose your platform bed to be higher of the ground, you may need to include a step platform for easy access.

Alternatively, if you decide the bed to be lower and later, find out that it is uncomfortable, you can attach bed risers at the feet of your bed to raise it. Either way, you can change the height of the platform bed to be lower or higher from the ground as you deem fit.

Another thing to consider is whether you need a plywood platform bed or a slat platform bed. The two types of platforms vary in that the plywood consists of a single panel board while the slats are made of several pieces of board.

One other thing to think about is the style of the platform bed that you desire. Do you want a platform bed with a storage unit underneath it or not? You can construct an inbuilt book shelve or drawers as sees fit.

Things Required 

For any construction to take place, there are several requirements needed to make the work effective. Starting a project without all the tools or requirements will halt the process. It will take much of your time to finish it.

Therefore, it is advisable to first think it through what you require to finish the project in time.  Here are the things you will need for the conversion process.

  • Measuring tape
  • Right angle
  • saw
  • miter box
  • boards
  • wood putty
  • wood screws
  • paint brush
  • Power drill
  • Paint or stain
  • Polyurethane

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Before purchasing paint or stain, you may want to decide which kind of wood your regular bed is made of. In case your regular bed is made of natural wood or plywood, you will require a stain to make it appealing.

 Alternatively, if part of your bed is made of MDF, you will require paint. MDF is a man-made wood that has strong qualities. However, it lacks an attractive grain.

Another thing to consider is the platform slat. Using fewer slats is a good option. However, fifteen slats is a better option since it will have a firm hold.

Those people who have a large size bed and want to turn it into a platform bed opt to divide the bed into smaller ones. For instance, you can make three platform beds from a large king size bed. It will be easy to construct. Again, you can join two platform beds by putting them beside each other to look like one platform bed. You can put all three platform beds beside each other if you prefer a king size bed.  You will have several platform beds in the house.

How to Convert Twin Bed Frame to Platform Bed- Slats (Step By Step)

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Here is a simple systematic guide for conversion of twin bed into platform bed-slats.

Step 1

Remove the mattress followed by the box spring. You will find underneath it all four to five slats. Check if the slats fit firmly against the rails. Once you have established this, use one slat as a cutting guide. However, you will still need to measure the distance between one rail to another. It will give you a guide on how you want the new slats for your platform bed to measure in length.

Step 2

Once you determine the slat length of your liking, cut the slats into 1×4. In a normal case, you will need a maximum of 21 or 22 slats. However, to get the exact number it all depends on your regular bed’s frame size.

Step 3

After you cut the slats to the required number, lay them on the side rails. Remember to put them close together. Do not worry if there is space left that no slat length or width can fit. This is acceptable since it will not affect anything.

Step 4

The last step is to place the mattress back on the bed and on top of the slats. The weight of the mattress will hold the slats together. By doing this, you now have a platform bed. Remember to discard the box spring. A platform bed does not require a box spring.

Conversion of Twin Bed Frame to Platform Bed-Plywood

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Turning your twin bed into a platform bed depends whether you want a platform bed with plywood or slats. The two are similar yet so different in simple ways. If you desire a platform bed with plywood, here is a guide on how to achieve it.

Step 1

It is normal for twin beds to have a box spring and slats. These two elements are what makes the twin bed firm. Since you want to turn your twin bed into platform plywood bed, you will not need the box spring and the slats. Therefore, remove them and that also includes the mattress.

Step 2

Use a measuring tape to measure the length and width inside the rails. Since you do not want to increase the size of the bed or slightly decrease it, ensure to measure it correctly.

Step 3

To avoid forgetting the measurements, mark them on the plywood sheet that you will use. Use the tools that you have to cut the correct measurements to get the correct sheet.

Step 4

Place the plywood sheet on the side rails. Ensure the platform is firm. If the platform is not firm, then the measurements were incorrect and you will have to re-do it all over again.

Step 5

After you achieve a firm platform plywood panel, place your mattress on top of it and your platform bed will be ready for use.

Remember to use a strong wood whether it is a slat or plywood platform bed to ensure durability and longevity.

Conversion from Different Size (Queen Bed Frame to Platform Bed, Single Bed)-Slats

Step 1

As mention earlier, all regular beds have box spring and four to five slats. It does not matter whether it is a queen size bed or a single size bed, they all have a common thing and the only difference is the size of the bed.

The slats are used to support the box spring. Therefore, you need to remove the box spring and the mattress to achieve a platform slat bed. Use one of the slats to guide you into getting the correct measurements. Measure the distance between the rails to get the correct length measurements for your new platform slat bed.

Step 2

For the queen beds, the slat length should be 2×4s. However, for a single bed, the slat length should measure 1×4. Overall, you will get approximate of 22 to 23 slats for either bed size.

Step 3

Before placing the cut slats on the bed, you should know a small space less than the slat width will be left uncovered. This should not worry you since no damage will occur. Place the slats closely to each other. Ensure that no space is left between the slats.

Step 4

Place your mattress on top of the slats. The bulky the mattress, the more the slats will hold in place. You now have a slat platform bed.

This guideline works both ways for the queen size platform bed and single size platform bed. 

Special Instructions

Before embarking on converting a platform bed from a regular bed you should have a clearer picture as to what you want. You should ensure that all materials are readily available so as to finish the project on time.

Just like any other furniture at home, Conversion into a platform bed also gives you some advantages and disadvantages as follows:


  • You have a choice to convert your platform bed with a storage unit underneath it. You can place books or dry clothes if your bedroom has a small space. You can construct drawers, bookshelves or even cubbies.
  • Many platform beds do not require a box spring. By placing slats or plywood on the side rails your bed will be ready for use.
  • You can change the height of the platform bed to suit your desired height.


  • Some platform beds are too low while others are too high off the ground.
  • They are bulky


Turning a regular bed into a platform plywood bed comes with its own disadvantages. The plywood option is not the best since the panel bends with time. Also, if the plywood panel gets dumb, it will rot. Therefore, choose slats since they are durable as well as thick than the plywood panel.

You should know that platform beds are hard to maneuver around since they are bulky. Therefore, if you want to move into a new home, do consider it.

With these few guides, it is obvious you can turn your regular bed into a platform bed of your choice. While putting into consideration the height, length, width as well as the style of the platform bed you want, you are good to go. Remember, to be prepared beforehand. It will save you time and cost. Good luck!

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