how to build four poster bed

How to build a Four Poster Bed with 7 easy steps

Have you been working extremely hard lately! Then a luxurious bed in which you can flop your exhausted body is just what you need when the day ends. That perfect is the four-poster bed. This bed comes in different styles from a square four-poster bed, traditional to a modern one with canopies all hand carved and very sleek.

best part is that you don't have to spend all your dollar on buying this bed as you can build it comfortably from your home workshop. The process of building a four-poster bed is not as sophisticated as it is perceived and here we are going to show you on how to build a four poster bed with ease. All you need is a few basic woodworking techniques. Stay with us to realize the results for your hard work!

Before we dive in, let me point out the materials and tools that you need.


Tools for building four poster bed

Tools for building four poster bed

  • Tape measure
  • Saw (Jigsaw, Table, miter saw or a circular)
  • Drill
  • Square
  • Kreg Jig a tool worth having if you're a regular builder.
  • Sander
  • Finishing Nail gun
  • Safety gears; 3M Tekk protection glasses and work tune hearing protectors. 


  • 2-1/2'' and 0ne 1/4'' pocket Hole screws
  • 2-1/2'' Wood screws
  •  1-1/2'' Wood screws
  •  2'' Wood screws
  • Pocket Hole plugs
  • Countersink Drill bit
  • Clamps
  • Wood Filler (3M white wood filler is the best )
  •  Sanding supplies
  • Wood Glue
  • Paste Wax
  •  Finishing supplies


  •  4-4x4 at 7-1/4'' for the legs
  •  2-2x8 at 84'' for the side Bases
  •  5-2x8 at 85'' to act as stretchers
  •  2-2x8 at 83'' to act as Head/Foot Bases
  •  10- 2x4 at 3-3/4'' for stretcher bases
  •  2-2x8 at 89-3/4'' - side bed frames
  •  2-1x3 at 75-1/2'' for cleats
  •  2-2x8 at 91''- Head/Foot Bed Frames
  •  2-1x2 at 92-1/2'' for Head/Foot Trim
  •  2-1x2 at 91-1/2'' side Trim
  •  4-4x4 at 79-1/4'' to act as posts.
  •  13-1x4 at 76-1/2''- Slats
  •  4-2x8 at 84'' to act as Headboard Slats
  •  2-2x4 at 83'' to serve as side Canopy frames
  •  2-2x4 at 84'' to act as Head/ Foot canopy Frames

Step by Step Procedure to build a Four Poster bed

Step 1: Mattress Measurements

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To avoid the trouble that you may go through in order to find a mattress that will fit perfectly to your finished bed is easier to take the measurements for the mattress in advance. Having the measurements in mind you'll be able to cut the headboard and footboard to size.

 Step 2: Building the Base

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 Put on your 3M Tekk protection glasses. This is for your eyes' safety. Since there will be a lot of drilling and constant nailing ensure that you cover ears with the 3M Tekk hearing protectors to protect your ears. Observing the dimensions as illustrated below, cut the frames into pieces for the Legs, Head/Foot bases and for the Side Bases. Drill pocket holes at each end of every Head/Foot Bases and also at on the side bases. While doing the drilling ensure that the Kreg Jig is set for 1-1/2''.

Next, Make pocket holes on the two outside sides of the legs that will not have contact with the Bases. Assemble the pieces by use of the glue as shown. Then apply the 2-1/2'' pocket screws for strengthening.

 Step 3: Installing Stretchers

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 Have stretcher pieces and stretches bases cut to dimensions. Then, Introduce pocket holes at the high end of the stretcher bases and at every end of the stretcher. The Kreg Jig should be set at 1-1/2'' material when drilling. Assemble as illustrated below by use of glue and 2-1/2'' Pocket screws. Ensure that when the installation is finished the stretches are tint with the top of the bases.

 Step 4: Working on the cleats and Frames

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 Cut the cleats and position them as illustrated below with a 4-3/4'' space left on each cleat end. 3/4'' space should be maintained between the cleat and the stretcher onto which it's attached. Assemble them as indicated by use of glue and 2'' wood screws.

 Cut the Head/foot Bed frames and side frames to size with the ends at 45 degrees of angle. Then drill pocket holes at each angled end of the side frames. Kreg Jig should be set as before and then assemble them as shown below by use of glue and 2-1/2'' Pocket screws.

 Then assemble the bed frame with the base as shown below by use of glue and 2-1/2'' wood screws. The cleats should sit 3/4'' under the bed frame.

 Step 5: Attaching the Trims and Slats

 With the Side Trims and Head/Foot Trim pieces cut to size and with each end cut at 45 degrees angle, Assemble them with the frames as illustrated below by use of glue and 1-1/4'' brad nails or wood screws.

 Then cut the slat pieces. Position them at approximately 2-1/2'' apart and then fine attach them to the first, middle, and last stretchers.

 Step 6: Constructing the Headboard

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Cut the Head/Foot frames, side frames, Headboard Slats, and the Post pieces. Depending on your power saw accuracy, here you can let your creativity run wild to come up with the best headboard shape. With my case, I choose to go traditional to avoid sophistication.

On each opposite end of the Frames and posts, drill pocket holes baring in mind that the Kreig Jig is set at 1-1/2''. Also, drill pocket holes on the Headboard slats and along the sides where the slats will be attached together. Assemble as shown by use of glue and 2-1/2'' pocket screws.


 With the headboard done, what you're left with is to assemble the remaining posts and frames as illustrated below by use of glue and 2-1/2'' pocket screws. Fill any pocket or screw holes using the 3M wood filler. Then lightly sand the patched places. Use the 3M Abrasive sandpaper to sand. Apply paste wax and then paint the bed with the color of your choice. There you go!

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 Whatever your style, this guide will help you build a four poster bed of your liking. However, when building the bed there are few points to consider; Choose timber of good quality, always measure twice and cut once, and always assemble the bed to fit the room putting in mind the height of the ceiling, fittings or ceiling lights.

What are you waiting for? Build yourself a four-poster bed!

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