How to buy silk comforter

Silk Comforter Buying Guide

If you have ever slept under a silk comforter, then you probably agree that no other material compares.

But if you don’t have a comforter of your own, the notion of purchasing one might overwhelm you.

With so many silk comforters on the market, how can you go about choosing the best one for your needs? Well, you can start by taking the following into account:

1). Insulation

The insulation rating of a silk comforter will tell you the season it was made for. Think about the weather in your area. Do you need a comforter for the summer or the winter?

Some comforters are thicker and they trap more heat than others. So take your comforter’s insulation rating into account. Professionally, this rating is called the tog.

To learn in details, you can read best silk comforters reviews.

2). Shell

Comforters need covers or shells to protect them from the oils and the sweat your body produces. But the type of shell is just as important as the quality of the comforter.

Silk comforters with silk shells are your best option because they will enable you to protect the comforter whilst also enjoying all the benefits that a silk comforter has to offer.

But silk comforters with silk shells are quite pricey. So you might have to settle for a silk comforter with a cotton shell. Cotton shells are problematic if you move around a lot on your bed. But at least their price tags are friendly.

3). Handmade VS Machine

Machine-made comforters are box stitched and that tends to damage the silk fiber. You can also look forward to some cold spots. The comforter won’t regulate your temperature as efficiently.

Handmade comforters use a layered pattern that maintains the integrity of the silk. The choice you make between these two categories of silk comforters will depend largely on your personal tastes, budget, access, and expectations.

4). Color

The color of your comforter matters because it will affect the décor of your bedroom. More importantly, there are a number of studies out there suggesting that the color of bedding actually impacts the quality of sleep.

Blue, in particular, has been found to improve sleep. Supposedly, it creates calming and peaceful thoughts. Silk is colorful fabric. You can get different colors silk product like, silk sheets, silk pillowcase in the market. 

Gold, on the other hand, supposedly enhances romance

5). Weight

The weight of silk is measured by a unit called �Momme’. A high Momme weight means a heavier silk comforter which, in turn, guarantees greater durability.

6). Silk Type

Pay close attention to the type of silk used to make the comforter. If you have access to a wide and varied collection of comforters, go for mulberry. It is the highest quality silk you could ever hope to find.

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