How to Choose a Perfect Bed

How to Choose a Perfect Bed for Your Needs

Millions of situations can warrant the purchase of a new bed frame. Whatever that reason may be, you want to take time to carefully consider your options. Bed frames don’t come as “one size fits all”, which is why it is extremely important to do adequate research before dedicating to a purchase. For example, a bed frame for a heavy person is going to be built a lot different than that of a person of average weight or a child. This makes it extremely important to understand what to look for.

Understanding the Differences

There are so many different styles of bed frames on the market it can be overwhelming when shopping for one. Even more so if you don’t know what you are looking for or understand the differences between each type. There are three main styles of bed frames. These are a platform, foundation, and a traditional steel frame which often requires the additional purchase of a box spring.

Box spring

A box spring is a rectangular box with metal springs inside that helps a firm mattress feel softer when you sleep. A box spring also allows you to raise the height of your mattress. Traditionally, one would purchase a box spring and mattress as a set along with a steel bed frame. This style bed is very customizable because it allows you to add or take away the headboard and foot-board of the bed.

Platform Bed

Next, there is the platform bed frame. A platform bed is a frame that has a headboard and/or a foot board as well as wooden slats to support the mattress. Platform beds are different from traditional bed frames because they eliminate the need for a box spring. These frames will typically make the bed lower to the ground, so you must consider how high you want your bed when looking at this style.


Lastly, a foundation style bed frame is a box usually made of wood with many wooden slats on the sides that give a flat, solid surface. This style is different from a box spring because it offers more support where a box spring absorbs movement and shock with steel springs.

Size Matters When It Comes to Choosing a Bed Frame

As stated before, bed frames do not come in one size to fit everyone. Although, there are bed frames that can grow with a child to eliminate the need to purchase additional frames in the future. Knowing the differences in sizes can make your decision a lot easier when searching for that perfect bed. Each bed frame size has a different name. There is a twin, full, queen, king and California king. Knowing the dimensions of the room where you are placing the bed is crucial to choosing the right size for a bed frame. You don’t want the bed to overpower the space.


A twin is often used for kids. It’s typically 38 inches wide (96 centimeters) by 75 inches long (190 centimeters). Twin size bed frames come in various styles and materials such as wooden or iron, bunk beds, single beds or day beds.


A full-size bed frame is usually enough for a single adult or a tight fit for two small adults. The bed frame is usually 53 inches wide (134 centimeters) by 75 inches long (190 centimeters). This is the typical size bed young adults usually purchase for their first home.


Queen size bed frames are the most common purchase for couples. At 60 inches wide (152 centimeters) by 80 inches long (203 centimeters), this bed offers a couple room to sleep comfortably while not taking up too much living space in the bedroom.


Then there are king size frames. This bed is 76 inches wide (193 centimeters) by 80 inches long (203 centimeters). This is the best size bed for couples because it offers the max amount of sleeping space, but does take up quite a bit of space in the room.

California King

Lastly, there is the California king. This size seems to be very popular among people with extremely large bedrooms. This massive bed is 72 inches wide (182 centimeters) by 84 inches long (213 centimeters). If you need to fill space in your bedroom, this is the frame for you.

Other Factors and Situations to Consider

Now that you understand the various sizes, materials, and styles of bed frames, it's important to comprehend how certain factors and situations can play a huge role in choosing a frame. Factors such as your weight and height, the height you want your bed, the kind of support you need, the type of flooring within your bedroom, and the mobility of the bed frame.


First, let's discuss your weight. It’s very important to understand that not all bed frames can support the same amount of weight. When choosing a bed frame for heavy people, you have to factor not only that person’s weight but the weight of everyone who will be enjoying the bed (dog, cat, spouse, kids). Steel bed frames offer the best support and security for heavier people but are not the best looking. A person of weight should also keep in mind that cheap isn’t better. Cheaper models have a much lower weight capacity than more expensive frames. It is also suggested that you read the reviews of a frame to find out how other customers of the same weight felt about that bed frame. This will help you make the most informed decision without wasting your precious money.


Next, you should consider not only your height but the desired height of the bed. The standard bed frame is 7 inches tall. For a lower profile frame, most people choose a bed frame that eliminates the need for a box spring. If you want a taller profile, choose a frame with adjustable feet, or purchase bed risers for the frame.


Support is another important factor in a bed frame. For extra support no matter what, you put on the frame, choose a heavy-duty model such as one made of iron or steel. This will not only extend the life of your bedding but will also provide a more restful night sleep.


Take the type of flooring you have into consideration. This is very crucial when it comes to deciding on the right purchase. If you have beautiful hardwood flooring, its advised to choose a frame that glides easily across the floor without scratching or scuffing.


In many cases, mobility plays a role in the purchase of a bed frame. If you are going to need to move the bed for cleaning, look into a frame with wheels. Many of these frames have a wheel lock feature to prevent the bed from rolling when you don’t want it too. If you are going to want to store the bed when not in use, trundle or rollaway beds are the best options. A trundle bed is a type of frame that slides neatly under another bed of a larger size.


With so many styles, sizes and brands of bed frames, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Understanding your options is the first step to making an informed purchase. Choose a frame that will not only make you comfortable but will look great and withstand the test of time.

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