How to select a nice bouncy mattress

7 Ways to Select a Nice Bouncy Mattress within Your Budget

Are you dissatisfied with your current sleeping conditions? Does your mattress make you have some difficulty in getting quality rest at night? Is your mattress too hard to the point that it gives no comfort? Is it too soft that each time you try to bounce on it, it only sinks in?

If this is the case for you, then you are probably looking to change your current mattress. While doing that is a great move, your finances may not be in agreement with your current plan.

If this describes your current situation, then you are probably looking to select a nice bouncy, but quality mattress within a fixed budget of yours. Look no further; this article is set to give you practical ways to choose a nice bouncy mattress within your budget.

Follow through to the end and you’ll have all your questions on how to go about your selection answered.

7 Ways to Choose an Amazing Bouncy Mattress within Your Budget

01. Decide on Your Budget

When you are looking to get a bouncy mattress or any mattress at all within a budget, then you’ve got to decide on your budget. The market (online and offline) is filled with various choices that fall within different price ranges. However, it is your budget that would determine the type and the brand of mattress you would get.

It is important to ensure that your budget is a reasonable one as you do not want to get a brand that would offer you a low quality mattress for a cheap price. A move like this would get you bothered about getting another mattress within a short period.

02. Have basic knowledge about the different types of mattresses

Here’s the summary of the types. The three common types of mattresses are the foam, innerspring and adjustable types. While there’s no one best type of mattress, the different types are to be chosen based on the priority of the user.

If you are looking to get a mattress with a firm base, then memory foam mattresses will work best for you, as their foams are usually thick, but have far lesser springs. Adjustable mattresses are great when two people are using a mattress (for instance, a couple) and one of them needs some specifications in their mattress while the other doesn’t. A good example would be when a pregnant woman is sharing a bed with her husband.

However, remember that you are reading this article because you are looking to get a bouncy feel. Innerspring mattresses are the perfect fit as they give that bouncy feel, thanks to their interconnected coils as well as their individual pocketed-coils. Therefore, let’s forget about delving into the details of the other types.

03.Read reviews and learn about mattress ratings

Always remember that your choice of mattress will determine many things, including the quality of sleep you would be getting as well as how healthy you will be. This choice should not be an emotional one. You cannot afford to buy a particular brand because they have a great advert. Also, since you are on a budget, you need to get the right value for your money.

The online market has made it easier to verify that a brand’s products are good and reliable. Today, you can easily go online and read up users’ reviews on the quality of a mattress. This will give you foreknowledge and inform your decision. So, take advantage of this opportunity and browse the net for reviews.

Reviews usually come with ratings, and this is an extra advantage that lets you know how if a particular brand’s products are really great. Remember to stick to your budget while doing this. If you are wondering what a typical mattress review looks like, you should check out Lucid mattress review on

04. Go to Your Preferred Store to Make your Purchase.

In purchasing a bouncy mattress, it is better to go to the store to get it yourself rather than having them deliver it to you. This is because you need to touch and feel the mattress to make sure that it is actually everything you want it to be. You want to know its texture and if it is really in line with all you have read online.

Most stores usually have a staff to help you with transporting it to your home after your purchase. This service usually comes free. This is why you don’t want to use just any store, but one which is well-established.

05. Feel the mattress and try sleeping on it for a minute or two.

Keep the aim in sight and in mind. The aim was to purchase a nice bouncy mattress. Hence, it is not enough to just touch and feel the mattress, but you also have to try sleeping on it to ensure it is everything you want. After taking permission from the appropriate authorities at the store, you can sleep on the mattress for a minute or two and see if it is indeed as bouncy as you expect it to be.

06. Choose a Medium-Firm Mattress

The medium-firm mattress is just the ideal type. This kind of mattress is one that does not give you back pains as opposed to those types which are extremely firm, but would still end up giving you pain in your back. Some mattresses are also too soft that they do not support the back enough. You probably faced that kind of problem with your old mattress, so you want to be careful not to make the same mistake in purchasing this new one.

07. Ensure you read the store’s return policy

A store with a good return policy would usually give you the space of about 120 days to be sure you are satisfied with your choice. A good innerspring mattress would last for about 10 years, so you have to be sure about your choice.

Hence, check out the store’s return policy and if you are not comfortable with it, move on to the next store. This is why you need to have a couple of stores in mind if you are looking to purchase a nice bouncy mattress.


It is also important to note that some manufacturers now make hybrid-style mattresses. 

This type of mattress usually combines all the advantages of the three types of mattresses, but is usually more expensive than each of the individual types. You can also consider this option, if it falls within your budget. 

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