how to clean carpet stains

 Most of the people do not have proper knowledge about how to clean  carpet stain. 

Do not delay; get started for removing the stain by following our tips. Otherwise, your beloved carpet losses it's pretty apparent.



Before going to start removing the stain, don't be hurry. 

We have many ways to clear carpet stain. Without proper care, the stain will not remove. Finally, your carpet will discolor.

If you follow a false stain removal technique, it may ruin and damage your beloved carpet. 

 So read out our article to learn the stain removal technique and applying these techniques according to the necessity.

Types of stain You Need To Know

There are several possible reasons for which your carpet affect by stains. You should care when handling these things.

1. Pet Stain.

2.Tea  Stain.

3. Juice  Stain.

4. Beverage Stain.

5. Ink  Stain.

6. Paint  Stain.

7. Liquid Aid  Stain.

8. Blood  Stain.

9. Urine  Stain.

10. Vomiting  Stain.

11. Oil  Stain.

12. Nail polish  Stain. etc



How to remove Kool-Aid Stains or liquid beverage stains from your carpets:

One of the best culprits for creating stains is Kool-Aid and liquid beverage. 

To clear the stain, you have to follow the right procedure. you may contact stain remove service providers.

But it is costly. So never get worried, follow our article.

We think the following procedures are helpful for you:


Try to be polite to dry up the stain with a dry towel. It is better to use a white towel like organic bamboo towels or white paper towel in this case.



Don't do:

Rub the area of stain will damage the softness of the carpet.

Rub the stain before drying it may be dispersed the dirt to the other area of the carpet. Rubbing also creates difficulty to remove the stain.


Mixture the following things in a spray bottle:



  • White vinegar (use one-fourth of a cup)
  • Dish soap (two spoons of dish-washing liquid)
  • Water (fill up the full bottle with water)




Gently spray the mixture water on the stain. Give five to ten minutes for settling the mixture into the stain. 

Use a dry towel to wipe out the stained area until and unless the stain will clear properly.

How to remove Pet Stains from Carpet

People like the pet animal. But all pet animals are not well trained up to deliver their tools in the right place.

If you fail to clear the dirt of the pet animal, the odor and insects also may come on it.

So dirt of your pet can be wet or hard. Now for both cases, you are suggesting our procedure:


Clean off the primary dirt:



If you find any dry garbage or debris on the carpet, pick it up by using hand gloves. and fix it up for disposing of. 

then, disposing of it.

If the garbage or debris is wet, try to soak up it by using a white and dry towel. Don't rub this area; rubbing may scatter the dirt. 

Then, blot out with a towel until and unless full dirt will clear.

Use Available pet stain cleaning product:

After soaking the area, you can use the best pet stain cleaning product available in the market.

After wipe up, you can use different types of formula to remove the malodor and spot properly. 

To do this, you need the following things.


  •  spray bottle.
  • White vinegar (use one-fourth of a bottle)
  • Use normal hot water (fill one-fourth of the bottle with water)

Spray the mixture water on the stained area. Give few minutes for absorbing the mixture into the stain. Use blot method until and unless stain will go and dry properly.



You may use an alternative method:

Mix a spoon of detergent with water (fill one-fourth of a bottle) in a spray bottle. 

Spray this soapy water into the stain and give 5 minutes for absorbing the soapy water on the stained area. Use blot method and use warm water for rinsing that area.

How to Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet

Coffee also creates a carpet stain. For which the carpet looks nasty. Without proper care your beloved carpet becomes rusty.

So proper measurement need to take for removing coffee stains from carpet.

If you find a cup of coffee spilled on the floor, you should be gentle to sponge the stains with a towel.

In this case, white and dry towel gives you the best result. Be careful at the time of sponging the coffee. Otherwise, it will spread out to the carpet.

You may use a bucket to sponge the coffee.

Also, you may change clothes when one clothes become saturated.


Mixture the following things in a spray bottle:

  • Vinegar (use one-fourth of a cup)
  • Detergent (no bleach, use one-fourth of a cup)
  • Water (use one-fourth of a bottle)



Pour the mixture water over the stained area. Expunge by using a white paper towel.

Always use a new and fresh towel. Do not spread the stain. Use blot method for wipe out the stain. Rinse that area with warm water.

How to remove Blood Stains from Carpet:

Normally, blood is undesired types of stains. We do not expect any types of blood stains on the carpet.

But an accident can occur. For removing the blood stain, you have to be as fast as possible. 

Not only for blood but also for all stains, faster activities reduces the chance of losses.

It is exceptional to other forms of stain. For this types of stain use cold water. 

Cold water deters the blood to become freeze and restrains the blood from penetrating into fibers.

Mixture following things in a spritzer bottle:



  • Any grease-fighting materials (2 tsp.).
  • Fluid dish detergent (2 tsp.)

Pour the medley water on the affected area. Moisten the affected area until it becomes dry. Use a paper towel to absorb the blood into the paper towel. At the end, rinse the affected area with cold water.

How to Remove Ink Stains from Carpet

The Ink is very harmful to the carpet. It ruins the fabric of the carpet.

At present, you are getting a convenient product on the market for removing ink stains. But before applying this read our article first.



To do this treatment, you need,

  • White cotton cloth.
  • Isopropyl alcohol.
  • Small bucket/ pot.


Pour little isopropyl alcohol in the pot. Damp the cotton cloth in the isopropyl alcohol. 

Smear the wet white cotton cloth on the ink-stained area of the carpet. Do not rub hard, because ink may spread out. After smearing, let the area untouched for 10 minutes.  

Then wipe up the affected area. You may follow this procedure for others ink related items such as nail polish etc. 

At the time of using this chemical save your hand by put on hand gloves. After wipe up that area rinse that area with water and dry up.

Some Stain removing items:

Baking Soda

Carpet clean product is available in the market. Among all, baking soda is common. It is for cleaning of urine and vomiting etc.

Try to wipe up as much you can. Pour this soda on the stained area. After 05 minutes, clean the area with a towel.

Use your own made soapy water slightly and sponging this area until completely dry that stained area. 

Baking soda removes the malodor of the stained area. Also, it is for sanitizing the area.

It is also useful for removing grease stain. Mix the salt with baking soda. Sprinkle the mixture over the stain and use a brush for rubbing softly for few minutes. 

Leave the area for around four hours. Then wipe up the area.

Club Soda

You can use it for removing pet stain, tea stain or other types of an old stain as well. 

At first, wipe out the urine with a towel.

using club soda and soapy water for soaking the stain.

Finally, dry up the area.


You can use borax in the dirt area for removing the stain. Spray some mixture water on the stained area and politely rubbing in that area. You may prepare this mixture with vinegar and soapy water. Dry that area by vacuuming or blotting.


Beer is for removing the coffee stain of carpet. It is also useful for similar types of stain likes tea etc. Pour a little beer over the affected area and rub the area gently. And use blot method for cleaning that area.


Sometimes for easiness, spray WD-40 on your stain area and wait for few minutes. 

Sponging with warm soapy water until stain is removed.


Vinegar is a master for removing an old stain from the carpet. We can use vinegar mixture with different other materials. Mix a half cup of vinegar with two spoons salt. Softly rub on that area with this mixture, sponge and dry. You can use vinegar with non-gel paste and follow our other guidelines.

Other uses and mixture of Vinegar are:

Stain types


Simple stain

Salt+ white vinegar+ water


Half cup of vinegar + one tsp. of detergent + one drinking glass water

Fruit juice stains

Detergent(01 tsp) + vinegar (1 tsp)  + one cup water

Shaving Cream

If your beloved child through some juice or tea on the carpet. Or some unintentional spillage occurs. Then you will not found any types of item in your house. Don’t worry about this. Go to your washroom and take the shaving cream. Pour some shaving cream on the spot. Blot the stain and dry up. It is also useful for oil stain.


Salt basically increases the activity of the stain cleaning items. You can use salt with wine, vinegar, alcohol etc. Salt is effective for food stain, grease stain. But you will do not use it alone. It just adds extra power to clean the stain.

Hydrogen Peroxide

You can use hydrogen peroxide for old stain also. Hydrogen peroxide works well with toothpaste. Mixing little Hydrogen Peroxide with toothpaste and sprinkles it over the old stain or stain affected area. Then rub politely for a couple of minutes with a soft white cloth. Then rinse that stain area and dry up that area.


You can also use ammonia with diluted in warm water, on the carpet stain. Then, sponge the area with a cotton towel. And dry fully until cleaning of full stain.


Use toothpaste with mixture by peroxide. Start rubbing the paste slightly on that area with a white cotton cloth. After rubbing for few minutes, rinse that area until the full stain is gone.

Baby Wipes:

You can use baby wipes to wipe out the stain. It can absorb fluid as well as stain. For erasing simple spot, wipes can perform best. Prepare a mix of vinegar, water, non-bleach detergent. Pour the mixture on the spot and rub gently with few pieces of baby wipes. Then, Use a soft paper towel. Then, blot and rinse

And The Brush:

A brush is also used in homemade cleaning. If the fiber of the carpet absorbs the dirt, you can use a brush for softening the dirt. But rub the fiber softly with a mixture of chemical (already I have discussed earlier). Then blot to dry and rinse at the end

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