How To Clean Silk Comforters

Silk comforters are made from natural silk that comes from silkworms. For that reason, they are not only beautiful to look at but they feel great when pressed against your skin. But as a comforter, the silk comforter can get dirty. Do not worry about this dirty comforter. We are here for suggesting you about how to clean silk comforters at your home. You need not go to the local launder-mate. You can easily clean the silk comforter at your home.

But for all their appeal, silk comforters are also quite delicate, which is why you are encouraged to wrap them in a duvet cover. So, Duvet cover can easily protect  your  silk comforter from dust mites.

The average silk comforter will last a decade or even longer if you properly maintain it. Of course, most people do not care for duvet covers. They know that the oils and the sweat from their bodies will soak into the delicate fabric of their silk comforter and ruin it.

But they also want to feel the soft texture of the comforter against their skin. Naturally, that means that, over time, the comforter will require cleaning.

Follow 3 easy ways to clean silk comforter

What do you do when your child drags your comforter across the dirty floor or if you spill a drink on its surface? Is there a way to clean the comforter without damaging its delicate material?

Well, you have three primary approaches available to you, namely:

1). The Sun

The sun is a great cleaning tool for silk comforters that are not necessarily dirty but which you believe have become a little heavy or whose fabric has absorbed enough body sweat and oil for you to notice.

Just lay the comforter outside, preferably on some kind of sheet. This should be done every few weeks and months because it will remove all the moisture, allowing your silk comforter to regain its fluffy form.

Do not forget to flip the comforter over every hour or two. Some people prefer a dryer because it is faster. But a dryer can ruin the fabric, especially if some of the silk is snagged by the dryer’s internal mechanisms.

Additionally, if you accidentally leave the comforter in the dryer for too long, it will harden, losing the soft texture that drew you to it in the first place.

So just stick with the sun. You can trust it to keep the comforter in perfect condition.

2). Steam/Vacuum

Vacuums and steam cleaners are useful tools to keep on hand. The vacuum will remove dirt. Just lay the comforter out on a flat surface and then introduce the nozzle of the vacuum to the silk.

Use the lowest possible setting. You should also cover the nozzle with a clean nylon cloth. This will prevent the vacuum’s sucking power from destroying the silk.

Steam cleaners come into play if you have more stubborn stains to combat than simple dirt. The steam cleaner is preferable to ordinary cleaning methods because it doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals.

3). Spot Washing

This is where you soak a sponge in warm water and then dab the comforter. Spot washing is best utilized when a specific section of the comforter has been stained; for instance, if you accidentally spill a drink.

Use ordinary washing soap in the water. Do not forget to wring all the water out of the sponge before using it. It should be damp rather than wet.

The dabbing must be gentle, and once you are done, allow the comforter to dry. If the stain persists, keep dabbing and drying until it disappears.

Of course, it might be easier to simply find a professional dry cleaner that has experience with silk. But if you have the patience, the methods mentioned above are inexpensive and effective.

04. Machine Washing

All types of silk comforters are not machine washable. Some silk comforters need to dry wash. But a silk comforter like Mulberry Natural Silk Comforter can be washed by washing machine easily. So, read the manufacturer product care label instruction before washing your silk comforter.

You can also follow above steps to clean silk bed sheets.

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