How to Find Toxic Materials in Your Bed? Step by guide with infographic



Our bedrooms, our sanctuary! It’s pretty obvious that we all want to maintain a safe toxic free environment when it comes down to bedding. After tiring and stressful days who could resist the comfort and peace that a bed has to offer. A great many people today are concerned about any toxic material that might harm their health in the long run.



I have heard a lot of questions about the matter. Like, which bed cover should be chosen? What is the best toxicity free fabric for bedding? What type of comforters are healthier? Can toxic materials lead to fatal health disasters? I am pretty fascinated with the fact that people are taking toxicity awareness very. Today I am going to give an all-around idea about toxic materials, how to find toxic materials in your bed and how to end them.

questions-about finding the toxic materials on bed

questions-about finding the toxic materials on bed

It might surprise a lot of you guys that about 50 to 70 million people in the USA suffer from diseases.



It linked to toxic materials found in their beds. People don’t know what affects their good night sleep acts as hidden poison.

Let see: How to find toxic materials in your bed typically

Some toxic materials can found in your precious bed. I have made a list of the materials that should be of your concern.

1. Formaldehyde

Okay, so what are formaldehyde? That is adhesive. They are used to make your bedding materials stick together. Most of the time formaldehyde based chemicals are used to make your beddings wrinkle free. The polyester cotton beddings that says no-iron in their tag use formaldehyde-based ingredients. It’s terrifying that these chemicals stay like that in permanent sort of way.



They become a part of the fibers. As a result, they tend release formaldehyde gas. Sounds scary, right? And what does this formaldehyde gas does to our body? You won’t believe it even causes severe headaches, breathing problems, itchiness of the skin, or even insomnia. Are you afraid of the cancers? Then you should be frightened of the formaldehyde.

2. Crude oil

I bet you often get fascinated with the word “hypoallergenic.” I know that I do. But there is a bit problem with these hypoallergenic pillows or comforters. As they don’t have natural feathers as filling, they use polyester and foams. And what do the polyester and foam have?



Yes, you have guessed it right, Crude oil! Well, the crude oil is not that toxic. But they are thermoplastics, that means they will emit plastic vapor as they get warm. I don’t believe I have to elaborate the harmfulness about plastic fumes. So, don’t consider hypoallergenic fibers as the healthiest fiber.

3. Acrylic

If you use any inexpensive bedding material like a blanket, mattress or comforter, then you notice that the padding made from acrylic or polyester. Like the crude discussed above acrylic also emits plastic vapors. Before buying a bedding component check if the item made from fibers, not any plastic.



4. Polyurethane foam

You will be surprised to know the fact that you spend one-third time on your bed. Shocked? Well, you shouldn’t be. And when it comes to your bed, your mattress is what it indicates. When your bed ages for like 40-50 years it starts emitting dangerous gases. It sometimes causes asthma or even lung cancer.

The mattresses that you find today are made from polyurethane plastic materials. Even the innerspring ones also covered by same polyurethane based plastic foams. The polyurethane sprayed with chemical based fire suppressions. The problem occurs later on. The continuous emissions of polyurethane cause bronchitis, skin irritations and sometimes coughing.

Even in some severe cases, they cause lung problems by emitting diisocyanates. Respiratory problems or skin irritation is a simple of the effect of diisocyanates.Let me tell you some alarming facts that will make you scared of our little sanctuary called the bed.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission says that an average male inhales 0.802mg antimony. 0.81mg boric acid and 0.073mg of hexabromobiphenyl oxide from mattresses. Imagine how much dangerous chemical that we inhale in our whole life. It is very common that a person is affected by asthma or any respiratory disease.



It is said that an average 5-year-old child inhales 0.5mg antimony in every night. It’s 63 times more harmful than the EPA’s safe limit. What about the bed frames? They are not free from any harm. They are from particle boards. Particles boards are glued together. This massive amount of glue emits a lot of toxic gasses.

This is happening every night in your sleep. I am not quite sure now if I should call sleeping a healthy activity to do. You may put your trust in organic bedding option. But they are also treated with several kinds of pesticides. Imagine the harm they cause. Huh! Big sigh my friends! Okay, I have made you a little too scared.

Yes, it is very dangerous, and yes, it causes a lot of diseases. But there are some things that you can do to cut the problem. We can do a lot to create a healthy environment for us, for our loved ones. Choosing the right ways to live ours is still on our hand. So, let’s jump onto the solution part.

I am going to give you 5 helpful ideas that would help you to live a bit more. No matter how big or small your step is. You should always try your best to do what you can to make your temple of your house purer.

Ways You Can Try to Reduce the Toxic Materials

Okay, now I am going to tell you some useful ideas that would ease up the toxic environment in your bedroom. It’s a bit long so I would suggest grabbing a mug of coffee before you start. Here are the 5 ways that can make your sleep healthier

1. Natural Mattresses

Let’s start with the most important and used furniture of your bedroom. It’s nothing other than your bed. And what comes first in your head when we talk about the bedroom? Yes, the bed well the mattress. As I have said before, your mattress is made of polyurethane foams and some VOCs meaning volatile organic compounds.



They are linked to your respiratory related health hazards. That continuous coughing and throat irritations may be the result of using the synthetic mattress. Remember the name of other hazardous toxic materials I have said before? Boric acid and Antimony can cause serious lung diseases. Some semi-VOCs cause hair loss and thyroid dysfunction.I would suggest changing to organic cotton mattresses.

These mattresses are free from the chemical compounds that might damage your health a lot. There might be another problem, the price. While buying a luxurious new organic mattress can be tough for a lot you people. You can use a thinner wool made mattress topper.

It will not be able to stop the harm completely, but it would sure suppress the damage. There is another way that can be helpful. You can use a mattress cover that is thick enough to stop the direct inhalation. The cover will act as a strong barrier between you and those unhealthy materials.

2. Organic cotton sheets

The cotton that is found in the market contains fertilizers and pesticides. It’s not a rocket science to guess that. As they a cultivated in farms, these materials are sure to found in them. Sometimes carcinogens are also found in conventional cotton.

The carcinogens are toxic. To make the sheets “wrinkle-free,” they are treated with formaldehyde, a form of carcinogen. Too much price to pay for getting a wrinkle-free bed sheet, right? There is another thing that you should be aware of. Sometimes the traditional cotton is treated with chlorine bleach and formaldehyde resins. And I have already talked about the harm formaldehyde causes.

How could this problem be solved? Simple, go organic! The organic cotton sheets are almost toxic free. Also, try to switch to softeners that don’t have hazardous chemicals. Before buying the cleaners and softeners, read the components or ingredients of the material. Choosing the right cleaning materials can help you out a lot for a better and healthier life choice.

3. Open Environment



We, humans, inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. So, if you live in a suffocating environment, the breathing will be healthy. Try to make your bedroom well ventilated. If a window or ventilation is not possible, try to invest some money in an air purifier. The air purifier can be a great weapon for eliminating the airborne toxic materials. Cleaner air will improve your sleeping habits, and a be an excellent way to get rid of insomnia.

4. Non-toxic Cleaners

What if I tell you that your cleaner can cause lower sperm counts and fertility problem? You will be shocked, right? Well, 2-butanone, a well-known cleaning agent can cause kidney problem and reproductive problems. I am pretty sure you don’t wish to breathe 2-butanone, acetate, and other harmful chemicals all night long while you are sleeping.



It will toxify your blood, affect your brain cells, make breathing tougher, create skin itchiness and what not. The most alarming fact is that some laundry dyes can be a significant threat as they suspected of causing cancer and serious health hazards.How to be safe from them? You can try natural cleaners that are available in your home. Create a mixture of baking soda, essential oils (lemons, tea tree, and eucalyptus), vinegar, lavender, and citrus.

Now add up some warm water. You can use this mixture to clean you bedding components. The cleaner is effective enough and leaves a fresh smell behind as it has lemon and lavender. Not only it offers natural cleaning, but also you could save a couple of bucks. Cleaver, isn’t it?

5. Plants

What can be healthier than adding some plants in your bedroom? Putting plants in your bedroom can be a great way to reduce air toxicity level. It’s not my words. NASA study shows us that plants work as a filter for harmful toxic materials like formaldehyde. As a bonus, it will give some extra oxygen that would make your sleep more peaceful.



Formaldehyde can be found in many bedrooms components like in your carpets, furniture that made from particleboard, and cleaners, mattress, adhesives. Benzene is another dangerous material that can pose a significant harm.

Let nature be your weapon to fight off these harmful materials.What kind of plants are more efficient in your bedroom?

Dr. Wolverton, a scientist from NASA, has given us list of plants that will improve the quality of or bedroom-

1. Areca Palm Tree

It’s the most useful plant according to NASA. It fights the formaldehyde like the Knights in Game of Throne. Dr. Wolverton said this plant be an electric humidifier. What more can I say? This plant will enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

2. Lady Palm Tree

It works like the Areca palm tree but not as high when it comes to fighting against formaldehyde. They are resistant to many kinds plant insects.

3. Bamboo Palm

While this plant needs a lot of space for growing, they are effective to reduce the toxic level of your room. They also remove formaldehyde. They make your bedroom classier with their elegant look.

4. Boston Fern

Boston fern is the most efficient when it comes to removing formaldehyde. It’s hourly purification rate greater than all plants on this list. Not only formaldehyde but also a great fighter against arsenic, mercury, and other heavy metals.

5. Rubber Plant

As soon as you a rubber plant in your room. This plant starts providing moistures, eliminates bio-effluents and fights off volatile organic compounds. With the passage of time, the rubber plant will make your bedroom more safe and pure.

6. English Ivy

Asthma patients love this plant as they make your bedroom air more inhalable. Purifies the air more than many other power stations. English Ivy provides fresher air as soon as they put in your room. I would suggest placing a piece of this plant in your bedroom for a cleaner environment.

7. Soy & Beeswax Candles

Candles are a wonderful way of making a romantic setup. But it’s not free from harm. General conventional candles made out of paraffin. Most of you know that paraffin is petroleum by-product. When you light up paraffin candle, you will notice that a blackish fume generates.

This dark smoke causes breathing problem, especially for the asthma patients. Children are more endangered because of this paraffin candles. Benzene, toluene, Carbon mono oxide, formaldehyde also produced as a byproduct.So, should you get rid candles altogether? I know that I don’t want to say goodbye to my candlelit homemade dinners.

In this case, Soy and beeswax candles can be our superhero. Soy and beeswax candles will not create the dark fume like paraffin candles. Moreover, it will leave a heavenly light sweet smell when burned. So, my suggestion is to switch to soy and beeswax candles today.

8. Solid Wood Furniture

A bedroom is sure to have some furniture- dressing table, chairs, tables, night stands. But how many of them are made from solid woods? Today plywood, particle boards, pressed wood laminated wood is gaining popularity very fast.



The reason is pretty simple. They are cheap, light in weight, and trendy. But they contain a lot of adhesives. These adhesives contain toxic agents like formaldehyde and lots of other VOCs that emits poisonous gas when get heated. Fearful leukemia and other cancers are the results of these chemicals.

The furniture also contains colors that made with lead and some other heavy metals. Lead affects the brain development of the children. So, what should we do? Stop using furniture? That is an absurd way to live one’s life. What we can do is to switch to solid wood furniture. If you think they are way too expensive, then go for second hand but solid wood furniture. It will give your lifestyle an extra boost, mark my words.

9. Cell Phones and other Gadgets

Cell phones have become an inseparable part of our daily life. I admit that. But the radiation it exposes to the surroundings is harmful. It will cause sleep deprivation and will make it way hard to sleep. If you want to make sleep more peaceful, get rid of the electronic devices. Do I sound too harsh? Well, sorry guys.



But I would suggest to give it a try at least once. You will feel the difference. The electronic devices also make it tough for the body to heal. In our tiring busy life, it to be necessary.So, my opinion would be to try making your bedroom cell phone free zone at least for once. At least don’t charge it near your head. It causes serious harm to you brain cells, and you would suffer in the long run.

10. Shoes

Your shoes work as a gateway for all the dirt and germs outside your house. If you have a lawn and use pesticides, you are letting all those dangerous chemicals in your sanctuary called home. Studies show that about 98% lead found in your bedroom comes from your shoes.



Imagine after all these efforts to make your room toxic free and then making it very dangerous using a very common and essential utility, shoes. It would be sorrowful. Don’t keep any shoes in your bedroom.Use a separate closed cupboard or rack for your shoes. Use in-home sleeper for walking around in your house. Try to adopt this habit, and you are sure to lead a healthier life.

Final Words...

Woof! That was a long piece of writing! As I have said in the first sentence, our bedroom, our sanctuary. We should do whatever we can to make our lives healthier. Protect yourself and all those who you love from any harm any bedroom element possesses. I am sure you wouldn’t want any kind serious health injury. Because you can’t let go your extreme comfortable yet a serious piece of mattress or couch.

Let me remind you again; the health problem starts using synthetic products. All the hazardous chemical found in these synthetic products. It is the main culprit for many number serious health concerns. Switch to organic and make your life healthier.There is a suggestion from me to all you. Don’t get sold seeing all the commercials. Check every detail before what you buy.

Especially those made mattress commercials. That is done in a way that makes everyone buy it at once. Don’t rush. Choose what suits your lifestyle and your taste. Then check if it causes any sort harm to your body or not. Only then go for it.Stay natural when the matter is sound sleep and the precious rest in those busy, tiring, long working days.

Make your bedroom the most peaceful and calm place of the world. It will not only improve your physical health but also your mental health is sure to be more sound and happy. After all, happiness is what we seek in our mind. I am signing off now. Don’t forget to check our other articles. They might be of your interest.

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