how to fluff bamboo pillow

How to Fluff Bamboo Pillow

As a pillow, the bamboo pillow loses its fluffiness over time. A bamboo pillow is made of bamboo fiber and memory foam. The memory foam shrinks due to our body weight. Do not worry much about it. You can re-fluff your bamboo pillow easily at your home. Now, I am going to tell you the instructions and tricks on how to fluff your bamboo pillow.

When you get your new bamboo pillow, it will be vacuum sealed. The supplier does this in order to keep things easy and compact for shipping.

Now, what you can do with this vacuum-sealed pillow?

You need to take scissors and cut the tape that holds it together.

take scissors and cut the tape

take scissors and cut the tape

This pillow is very flat as it is vacuum sealed. It covers with plastic. And there is an extra plastic to the end to cut that open. So, you need to cut the extra plastic to open the bamboo pillow. After cutting the plastic, the pillow is out. Here is where the fun begins.

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How to fluff a bamboo pillow after unpacking

After opening the plastic cover of the bamboo pillow, you will find some off gassing smell. Do not worry about this smell. This odor is common for all types of bamboo pillows as these pillows are tightly shrunk and wrapped by plastic. Additionally, To reduce the shipping cost, It is resized and shipped compactly.

 The good news is that, if you put the pillow on open air for a few hours, the smell of this pillow will totally disappear. To get the fastest result, you should keep the pillow in the sunlight. There are two important questions:-

  • When do you need to fluff it ?
  •  How do you do it by using your hand ?

Q-01: When do you need to fluff this pillow?

Answer: Fluffing your bamboo pillow is regular work. When you are using a pillow regularly, the pillow will lose its fluffiness. As I mentioned above, the bamboo pillow is filled up by memory foam. Due to using this pillow, the memory foam of this pillow compresses.

 So, you have to decompress the memory foam inside the pillow.

 Normally, all types of pillow started to flatten because of the moisture of our body. If our living area is humid, it will enhance the chance of flattening our pillow more rapidly than an area without humidity. So, there needs regular maintenance to make your bamboo pillow fluffy again. as this same way you can fluff your bamboo comforter as well.

 There are three ways you can fluff the bamboo pillow.

  •    You can put in a dryer for a 10 -20 minutes.
  •    You can manually do it by pulling the foam apart.
  •    You can place it in the sun heat

For placing in the sun heat, you should buy Adjustable drying rack. this will save your pillow from dust of ground and allow sun heat from all the side.

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Q-2: How to fluff it by hand?

Use your both hand to fluff this pillow

Use your both hand to fluff this pillow

Answer: For a beautiful night, every people should decompress their bamboo memory foam regularly on the day time. To do this, you need to give a few minutes.

  • Try to separate the cushioned memory foam by hand. This will increase the flow of air inside the pillow. And this will also help to make the pillow cotton swollen.
  •  After waking up in the morning, hold the two edges of the pillow and gently shake it. After a few shaking, the memory foam of the pillow will be separated from each other.
  • And finally, give punch from both sides of the pillow. That will allow air penetration to the memory foam of the pillow. By these ways, the memory foam of the bamboo pillow will distribute evenly.

 Now, I am going to tell you some additional tips to do it manually.

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 Special Tips

1. Pull the memory foam to apart 

Go ahead to manually pull the foam to apart from each other in the pillow. It is a little hard to do it sometimes. But once you get started, it is really easy. After doing it manually for a few minutes, you will find this pillow has a lot of loft to it. By this way, you can create your perfect pillow. So, adjustability is one of the major benefits of bamboo pillow.To learn more benefits of this pillow, you can read  benefits of bamboo pillow.

2.Reduce some memory foam to adjust the loftiness of the pillow

 On one side of this pillow, there is a zipper. This is going to allow you to take apart some of the memory foam to adjust the loftiness of the pillow. And by reducing some memory foam you can make the pillow according to your needs.

3. Preserve the excess memory foam for future use

 You can use top ware to preserve the extra memory foam. We are highly recommending you to keep track your excess memory foam, as you never know later you need to add some memory foam to this pillow. So, make sure you keep track of that.

 After taking some excess memory foam out, you will get a new shape of your bamboo pillow.

4.Adjust bamboo pillow for stomach sleepers 

 Normally, if you are stomach sleepers you need a low loft at one side of the pillow. If you are a back sleeper you need a low to the medium loft.

5. Adjust the memory foam for side sleepers

 If you side sleepers you need the medium to the high loft from your pillow.

 You can really shape it according to your needs because of the shredded quality.

6. What you need to do for back sleepers

If you are a back sleeper you need to rest your head and support for your neck as well. So, you need to make a hole in the middle of the pillow manually by pushing the foam to the corner of the pillow.  So, after pushing the memory foam to all corners in the pillow, you will get a hole to rest your head in. and as a result, the side of the pillow has more memory foam then the middle of the pillow to support your neck properly.

7. what you need to do if you sleep on your back and side in the night

 If you sleep on your back and the side in the night as I do. Then you need to do some adjustment of the memory foam to get comfort for both sleeping styles in a night.

So, half of the pillow support for back sleeper and half of the pillow support of side sleeper. So the side you use on your side you need a higher loft and the side you use on your back you need a lower loft. 

To do this, take the pillow and push down the memory foam to the one side of the pillow. After doing this you can take both advantages to form a single pillow.

 Extra tips to fluff this pillow easily

No cost Tips

Sun heat is very useful to decompress the memory foam. You can allow sunlight in the day time to dry your bamboo pillow. Occasionally flip the pillow, so that the pillow gets sunlight from the entire site.

You can put the pillow on the table while you keep it outside for sunlight. Otherwise, your pillow may be dirty due to the moisture and dirt of the ground.

Or you can hang the pillow in the clothesline by using big clothes clips.Clothesline is a very useful  to dry as well as fluff the pillow. You can also dry your clothes on the clothesline .

How do you Put this pillow in the dryer to make it fluffy

You can use Compact laundry dryer, one of the best selling dryer in the world to dry your pillow or clothes.

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1. How often you should use a dryer to plump the bamboo  pillow

Do not use dryer every day to fluff your pillow. Rather, you may use it weekly. If you own a down comforter. you may fluff the comforter by putting it in the dryer also. 

2. How do you using a dryer to make the pillow fluffy

  •   If you place the memory foam filled bamboo pillow in the dryer every day, your       pillow will get damaged. Additionally, the memory foam of your pillow will lose its    ingredients due to over dry.
  •   So, we are suggesting you place the bamboo pillow in the dryer once in a week if it    is a humid season.
  •  But for a summer season, place the bamboo pillow for drying in the dryer after a   week.
  •  When you place the pillow in the dryer add two or three tennis ball. The tennis    ball  helps to separate the memory foam in the drying process. This way your compressed pillow will swell again. 
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