how to keep silk sheets on bed

How To Keep Silk Sheets On Bed

How to keep silk sheets on bed? If you have never had silk sheets, then that question won’t make much sense to you. Silk sheets get a lot of hype, and for good reason.

They are incredibly soft and smooth. They are hypoallergenic and their fibers will go so far as to protect your hair and your skin. You could argue that they are the best sheets you could ever hope to buy.

However, the fact that silk sheets are so smooth also means that they are quite slippery. For that reason, they have a tendency to slide off the bed. If you have silk sheets and a silk duvet, this becomes an even bigger problem.

That begs the question: are slippery silk sheets a problem that you have no choice but to simply accept? Is there a way to keep your sheets on the mattress?

Believe it or not, there are quite a few approaches you could use to solve this problem, with the most prominent including:

Follow our 04 Easy Ways to keep Your silk sheets on bed

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1). Straps

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Sheet straps are like elastic bands with clips at the end which you fix between the box spring and the mattress. When deployed, they will keep the sheets from shifting position.

You can get them in various sizes, so you don’t have to worry about the size of your mattress or your sheets.

This is probably the most straightforward method you could use.

2). Clips

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People have compared clips to bookends because of the way they fit between the box spring and the mattress.

When used properly, the right bedding clips will keep your sheets from sliding to the floor. Clips are popular because they are cheap and easy to acquire. The same can be said for the straps.

3). Size

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Straps and clips are very convenient. But even though they are inexpensive, some people cannot afford to invest in even more bedding items after spending so much money on the silk sheets.

In those cases, you can simply make sure that you order the right size of sheets. Sometimes, silk sheets keep popping off the mattress because they are too small.

You can avoid this problem by paying close attention to the size of the sheets in comparison to the size of your mattress the next time you purchase a new set. Obviously, if you already bought the silk sheets, there is nothing more you can do.

Go get some straps or clips and hope for better results the next time you buy a replacement pair of silk sheets.

4). Mattress

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Yes, there are times when silk sheets are to blame because they are too small for your mattress. However, there are also cases where the mattress is the problem. Some mattresses are simply too thick.

In such cases, you can either get a new mattress or you can get deep sheets that can handle the thickness of your mattress.

Of course, this means that you’re going back to the option of getting replacement sheets. But in this case, beyond simply paying attention to the size, you must also prioritize products with deep pockets. 

In truth, no one is going to replace a thick mattress just because their silk sheets keep falling off. New silk sheets are definitely the only rational option.

5). Material

Sometimes you think you bought silk sheets when you actually bought satin, bamboo or some kind of blend. Check the tag of your sheets. Make sure they are pure silk. 

Otherwise, satin is ridiculously slippery. So if you find satin among the fabrics used to make your silk sheets, you can’t really do anything about the fact that they keep sliding off. So, silk sheets differ from satin sheets in many ways.

This is also a situation where you have to buy new silk sheets that feature fabrics like cotton that do a better job of sticking to the bed.

In many of the cases above, as you have noticed, you can’t avoid spending even more money to replace your sheets or your mattress. In such cases, you must decide whether the irritation you feel every time the sheets fall to the floor is worth the money you have to spend to get new silk sheets. Like silk sheets silk comforter and Mulberry silk blanket are also quite slippery and you should  handle these silk bedding carefully.

Then again, clips and straps are honestly not that expensive. If you can invest in a set, it will solve all your problems.

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