Making your bed in the morning

How to Make Your Bed at Home? Follow our Step by Step Guideline

Ahhhh!!! The warm coziness of bed makes you want to stay on it all day long. Wouldn’t it be great to lie on the piles of fluffy pillows, soft sheets, and comfortable mattress? I know that it would be heavenly. But I only find these in hotels.But, Do you know how to make your bed at home? However, making a bed is not a very hard task if you know how to do it exactly?



Making your bed makes your bedroom more organized and clean. It’s also a good job. Who would want to sleep in a dirty, lumpy, stinky bed? I know that I won’t. If you’re not getting your sleep, most your bed is the cause. Making your bed right can have a significant influence on your mind and body. Most people suffer from insomnia because they don’t know how to make their beds. Again, sleeping in a sick, dirty bed will only sicken you.

After a long day when you’ll return home, you’ll want a welcoming bed. Making your bed on the start of your time can set your day. It is found in research that, if one makes his/her bed at the onset of the day, he/she will fulfill the first task of the day. Which would lead to fulfilling more tasks throughout the day? At the end of the day, he/she would have attained many tasks. Doing the little things will encourage you to do big things.Today I am going to tell you How to make a bed.

How to make Your bed at home? Our simple Tips

Making your bed can seem easy, but if you want to do it, then you need to learn some basic things.

A perfect hotel like bed needs a little more attention than the regular bed.

making your own bed

making your own bed

01. Make a flat sheet if you don't have

To make a flat sheet you have to follow the following procedure:

figure out the length and width of the flat sheet:

You need to figure out the length and width of the flat sheet for turning into a fitted cover. Start by measuring the sheet. You need to trim the extra sheet if it’s too big. You also need to cut squares from the four corners. Measure the length and width of your mattress.

Subtract the length and width of your mattress from the flat sheet. Be careful, if you use vintage sheets or sheets that tend to stretch.They may spoil your measurement if you’re not careful enough.Take the smallest subtracted value and divide it by 2. Let’s assume that the size of your mattress is 54x75 inches and 81x96 inches. By subtracting we get 81-54=27 and 96-75=21.

The smallest value is 21. So, by dividing it by 2, we get 10.5 inches. That’s the measurement of the square you need to cut the corners of your sheet. This method helps to makes your fitted sheet fit your mattress. Not too tight or too loose.

Cut and sew the sheets:

A flat sheet (the size should be according to your bed).But take one size bigger flat sheet than your bed in case you need some trimming.

  • Scissors
  • Gridded cutting mat
  • Sewing machine
  • Elastic (width: ½ “ or more)

Cut the square from the corners of the sheet. Then sew the corners by bringing two ends of an edge together. You’re going to get a pocket out of each corner. Need to make sure that the pockets fit the mattress.

Add elastic to the sheet:

Take the elastic and sew it onto the edges of the sheet. When sewing, stretch the elastic as you sew. You now have a fitted sheet made from the flat sheet. Wasn’t that hard, was it??When tucking the fitted sheet onto the mattress try smoothing it out. It will make your bed as neater.

02. Put the sheet on to your bed

Put the sheet on to your bed

Put the sheet on to your bed

Whenever you’re making your bed always clear, take off everything, the pillows, sheets, comforter, etc. The fitted sheets can be left on the bed as they are used as a bottom sheet. Set aside the duvet and top sheets. You can also vacuum the bed after cleaning all the things.

If you have taken off the fitted sheet, then clean it .and put it back on the bed. Tuck the elasticated sheets around the mattress. Lift the mattress and tuck the ends of the sheets around it. The fitted sheet should sit on the bed. If you don’t have a fitted sheet, then you can make one from a flat sheet.

Some Popular methods for making a bed

01. Top sheets Methods

Top sheets are flat sheets on top of fitted sheet and mattress. Other covers like blankets, duvets, quilts and pillows are on top of the top sheet. By using a top sheet the blankets or duvets are not in contact with the mattress.

But this method is popular in U.S.A.In Europe, duvets are preferred than top sheets.Take the top sheet of your choice and spread it over the fitted sheet. The large hem side of the sheet needs to be at the top. It also needs to be aligned with the bed mattress. You need to put the designed side face down on the bed if you are using a designed sheet.

Spread the sheet on the bed. Make sure that the sheet hangs from the bed from both sides and by the same length.Best top sheets are cotton sheets that have extra-long fibers. They are also called long-staple fibers. Other cotton sheets also make good sheets but Egyptian, Pima, etc. are popular.

02. Hospital corners

If you don’t know what hospital corners are, then let me tell you what it is. Hospital corners are a method of bed making that makes the bed look way neater than ever. Though they can be the trickiest part of the bed making, it makes the bed look great after it’s done. It’s popular in hospitals, hotels and military forces.

But nowadays many people are using this at home.After laying the top sheet on the fitted sheet. Grab the sheet hanging out at the foot of the bed and tuck it in. Use your hands to lift the mattress and tuck the sheet under it. Make sure it’s tucked under the mattress. You can also use your hand to straighten the sheet under the mattress to make it smooth. Grab the sheet at the sides near the foot of the bed and tug them under the mattress.

That will keep the sheet in its place. Do the same thing at the head. Pull the sheet exactly like before and make sure it’s smooth.For the next part, you need to take a corner at the foot of the bed. At each corner, you’re going to make a hospital corner. The sheets hanging from the two sides are going to be used for this method. Grab the sheet at the bottom edge and lift it up. Form it into a tent shape.

Use your hands at the peak of the triangle and make a 45-degree angle with the mattress corner. Pull the tent towards you. You can use one hand to make the shape and another to hold the sheet down at the bottom of the mattress.While doing it, you’ll notice some extra sheet hanging even after forming the tent. Try to tuck in the extra sheet while holding it up vertically.

You can do that by holding the triangle in one hand and using the other for tucking the hanging sheet. You can also lay the tent on the mattress and use you’re both hands. Grab the extra piece and tuck it under the mattress. Use your hands to make it smooth under the bedding.Let the tent from sheet drop down on the bed.

Use your hands to grab the corner and tuck it under the mattress. Smooth it out by hand. Tuck all the sheets hanging on that side of the bed all the way to the head and smooth it out. Do the same thing on the other side. If you want to do hospital corners at the top of the bed, then use the same process. Otherwise, leave it as it is.

03. Military style

Militaries are bound to use hospital corners in their bed making, but they do it slightly different than the usual method.You need to start with a mattress by putting on a cover or fitted sheet. Then follow the previous method to make hospital corners with the flat sheet. Then lay another flat sheet on top of it and make sure the sheet is aligned with the head of bed or mattress.

It will hang from the two sides and the foot of the bed. It will not hang from the head of the bed. Now take a blanket of your choice. Don’t pick a very thick blanket as the more compressed it will be; it will be difficult to do hospital corners. You can use wool blankets or ​organic wool comforter for instance. You can either hang the blanket much lower than the flat sheets or can align them together.

Now grab the blanket and sheet together and start to make hospital corners. You’re going to be making them together not separately. Don’t tuck the sides under the bed. On top of the bed fold down the blanket and the sheet together from the head of the bed. Smooth them out and Tuck them together under the mattress. Make sure they are tucked tightly.

There shouldn’t be any wrinkles under the bed. If you want to add any covers for your pillows and save your bed from dust, then I have got the perfect trick. Follow some simple steps, and you will have the perfect pillow cover.Start by placing your desired pillows at the head of the bed. Your pillows should be in the free space where your blankets have not covered the top sheet.

Now grab another blanket. It can be the same as the one you used before, or you can try something new that goes with your first blanket. Fold the blanket so that the length becomes half. Now put the blanket on top of the pillows so that it covers the cushions and hangs from the two sides of the bed. The blanket should hang equally on both sides. Make sure it covers all the space between your pillows and the first blanket. Smooth out the blanket. Now make hospital corners in the two corners of the bed.

After you’re finished, don’t tuck away the hanging blanket from two sides. Be careful and don’t lift the mattress to tuck it under. It can destroy the formation of before tucked blanket and sheets. Use your hands to smooth out the blanket under the mattress. Voila!! You’ve got your new pillow cover.

 Some important bedding Item for your bed

01. Duvet or Comforter

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Duvets are more popular in Europe than U.S.A. People in Europe prefers duvet over comforters. Duvet won’t cover up the whole bed but minor a part of it. Duvet’s come with 3 layers more or less like comforters. But with a slight difference. They have a layer of loose fiber or synthetic fiber. It makes the duvets warmers and softer.

If you prefer duvet over the comforter, then you need to know how to use them on the bed. Grab your duvet and place it on top of your bed. Do this after the top sheet has been folded in hospital corners. Spread it all over the bed. Make sure they hang evenly from both sides.

The duvet should be away from the head of the bed. It should cover the only 2/3rd of the bed as the duvet cannot cover the whole bed and still hang from two sides. You can fold down the flat sheet or top sheet with the duvet or leave as it is. Duvets are comfortable, but I would recommend comforters instead. The best luxurious comforter that I have ever seen is the Mulberry silk comforter. The silk comforter not only soft and comfortable but also give your bed a more elegant look.

They add a delicate touch to the bed let along the lightweight and comfy feeling. Comforters come in different types. Down comforters have goose features in it as fill. But if you are allergic to them then there is down alternative comforters.

The fill used in these are synthetic. But both of the comforters are comfortable. Comforters can be used like the duvet. But it will cover up the whole bed. There are some tricks for making your bed look even alive and welcoming when you’re using a comforter.

you may choose Hanna kay Comforter for your bed. 

I. Partly rolling:

If you want to show off your fancy pillows on the bed, then this is one of the greatest methods. Place your pillows at the head of the bed and roll down your comforter. Roll down enough to show the pillows. But the comforter will cover up your bed sheet. Make sure that the roll is perfect or does not get spoiled. That can make your bed more attractive.

II. Full rolling:

You want to show the designer sheet that you use but can’t because the comforter is covering your whole bed. Instead of rolling it partly roll it all the way down to the foot. You can also roll it down 2/3rd of the bed. Both of them would look great. Smooth out any wrinkles on the comforter roll.

III. Band and tuck:

It’s like full rolling, but it’s used for making your bed look extra glamorous. If you have a fine, and designer piece of cloth but you don’t know what to do with it. Put it on the comforter like a band and tuck away the two hanging sides. It gives a nice touch to your bedding.

IV. Cover up:

It’s the most straightforward and basic way of bed making. Though, it can be elegant in its way. You have to take your desired comforted and spread it all over the bed. You can even cover your pillows with it. Leave some of it hanging from both sides and foot of the bed. It’s a simple look but can make your bed making a way more interesting.

V. Tucked tightly:

You do not like any of the methods for your comforter because all them will cover the beautiful bed frame you have. Then this one is the right one for you. Bed frames can make the bed look gorgeous if no comforter is in the way. Tuck away your comforters from all sides.

You can make hospital corners if you like but it’s better if you don’t. They are bit thicker to make hospital corners. So tuck away any hanging part from all the sides. Smooth not out first. It will give your bed more tight and neat look.

02.  Pillows

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Ahhhh!! Pillows are the most important part of bed. But before you put them on the bed you need to fluff them. If you don’t know how to fluff the pillow, then let me tell you how it’s done. Take your pillow. Start squeezing it with both hands from two sides horizontally. 

Squeeze it in and out. You can hit the pillow with your hand. Hit it from sides that way it’ll get fluffier. Pillows were having feather as fill are easier to fluff. Squeeze the pillow again from two sides. This time vertically. Squeeze it down to the center and let go.

Do it for a couple of times. Shake them after all the squeezing is done. Smooth it out and put them on the bed. That was easy, right? Though there are no precise methods for arranging your pillows every bed's pillow are arranged.

To learn in detail, you can read our complete guide about how to fluff the bamboo pillow. The fluffing procedure of all kinds of pillow is more or less the same. So, by learning the fluffing procedure of bamboo pillow, you can fluff your any kinds of bed pillows.

Moreover, You could use decorative pillows or bed rest pillows to brighten your bedroom for instance. I am giving you some tips on how to arrange your pillows.

I. Stack them:

The pillows are stacked on each other. For that, you need at least two pillows. This is a very simple but good looking arrangement.

II. Keep them standing:

You need more than two pillows for this one. At least 4 to 6 pillows. Arrange them in a standing form. You can use decorative in front of them or arrange them in ascending or descending order. It’s all up to you. But it would look much more stylish. For instance, You can use best copper pillowcases to decorate your bed. copper pillowcases are the most stylish pillowcases that I have ever seen to decorate a bed.

III. Mix them:

Here you’re mixing the stacked and standing pillow arrangement. Keep some stacked behind and some standing in front of them. It’s going to have a different but fresh look.

IV. Use rolled ones:

After stacking or standing pillows, you can use some rolled pillows in front of them. They come in different sizes. Choose what looks best for your bed.

V. The messy look:

Add a variety of pillows with different designs or shapes if you like a dirty look on your bed.

VI. The neat freak:

Don’t like too many pillows? Throw away the extra ones. Use only 2-3 pillows. It will be neat and simple.

VII. Orderly pillows:

Start with 2-3 euro pillows on the back, stack some king or queen pillows in front of them, some small decorative pillows in the front. If you love pillows, then this one is the right one for you.

Things to remember

1. Make your bed:

Don’t be lazy and make your bed. Making your bed every morning boosts your self-esteem. And it would feel heavenly to come back home from work and to find a comfy bed instead of a mess. Also making your bed every morning is a good habit.

2. Wash sheets:

Wash your sheets regularly. Washing your sheets every one or two weeks keeps your bed and you healthy. But if can’t do it at least once a month. Else they get all smelly and dirty. Nobody likes a dirty bed, do they?

3. Duvet cover:

Use cover for duvets and comforters. As washing, the duvet or comforters too much can ruin them. Protect them by putting on a cover. That way you will only have to wash the cover, not the duvet or comforter.

4. Mattress pad:

The mattress pad is a good way to go if you don’t want to get your mattress dirty. They will protect your mattress from getting dirty and will give you an extra piece of comfort. Buy one if you don’t have one. Smooth out the mattress pad after its put on the mattress.

5. Bed ruffle:

Bed ruffle is not that necessary but can be effective if you use one. It helps to keep the dust out from under the bed. It sits on the box spring covering it. They don’t need frequent washing as sheets do. But you should wash it from time to time.

What are the Mistakes you should avoid while making your bed

You may wonder how people can make errors in making the bed. It’s a simple task and easy. But believe me, you make mistakes in bed making every day. There are some fundamental mistakes that everybody makes and I am going to tell you about those.

1. Laying on the top of sheets:

Most of the people make this mistake. If you want to show off your patterned or designed top sheet, you have to lay that side down. People make the simplest mistake and lay the patterned side up. As you will fold the top sheet over the duvet, the pattern will reveal and cover the duvet.

2. Don’t make hospital corners:

You think your bed looks good as it is without any hospital corners. So you’re thinking about skipping it. But hospital corners give an excellent, elegant touch and neat look. They are not so hard to do. So remember to do them.

3. Forget to make the bed in the morning:

Many people seem to forget to make the bed in the morning. Though there was going on some rumors about beds needing to let the air out. They have been found as a myth. Start making your bed in the morning it will give you a fresh start.

4. Forget to iron the sheets:

Ironing the sheets may seem like a pain in the ass, but it’s worth it. The big difference is the way they look and feel when you sleep at night. Unless you are using fabric that doesn’t need any ironing, start ironing your sheets. It gives a nice touch to bed and sleep.

5. Don’t stuff the duvet right:

Whenever you want to use duvet covers, it becomes a nightmare, doesn’t it? Can't stuff it right. You need to grab your cover and turn in from inside out. Get your hands on the cover in the corners. Take your duvet with two hands and start to shake. Search online for more tips.

6. Duvet ties and slots:

You seem to forget that you have duvet ties and comforter slots. By using them, you’re keeping the duvet and comforter in place , no matter what you do. Making your bed is not a science project. It’s a lot easier than it sounds.

There is a big difference between a made bed and a messy bed. It reflects on one’s personality too. The most important task of the day may be making your bed as it can lead to a good start of the day. By completing this small task, one can do big ones.

Again it would feel great to have come home and found a ready-made bed where you can slide into and have a good night’s sleep. Though some parts may seem a bit hard and scary once you get the taste of it and you won’t ever stop doing it. Remember the basics, and you’ll be okay.

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