How To Make A Duvet Cover And Ways to Put It On Your Comforter

How To Make A Duvet Cover

Okay, let me guess? You have bought a cute new comforter. Now, you are looking for some ways to make a handmade duvet cover for you. If you are ready, then have come to the right place.

Today I am going to give a step by step instruction on how to make a duvet cover. But the most of the human's face another crucial problem, how to put a duvet cover in your comforter. If you haven’t tried to do it, you will not understand the pain that one has to go through. So, sit back and prepare yourself.

It is going to be a long piece of article.Making a duvet cover a simple and fun task to do. The most rewarding fact is the achievement you will feel after the completion of making the duvet cover.

Let me cut down the other talk and jump straight to the making of a duvet cover. After that, I will discuss how you could put it in a comforter.

On the other hand, If you are looking for a ready-made duvet cover, you can check out our article about best Egyptian cotton duvet covers.

How to make a duvet cover?

Before starting, let me tell you about the list of item that you would need for making a duvet cover. The elements are very common, and you can find them at your nearest clothing store. Check the list below before starting.

tools you need

tools you need

Things You Need

Tools You Need

  • Top sheet doubling for underside of the duvet cover
  • Fabric scissors
  • Printed fabric of your choice for the outer layer
  • Pinking shears
  • Matching thread
  • Measuring tape
  • 3 buttons
  • Fabric marker pencil
  • Cotton ribbon
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Thin elastic
  • Sewing needle
  • Pins
  • A basic sewing machine
  • Okay, I am assuming that you have all the components. Once you have all the elements, you are ready to go. I am going to go step by step.

    Step 1: Pre-Washing The Fabric

    Pre-wash the two pieces of fabric sheets, both the underside and the top layers of the duvet cover. Why pre-wash?

    It will soften the fabrics and allow enough material shrinkage. Why is it necessary?

    If you don’t allow the decrease and stitch right away, then after the first wash your cover lose its proper shape.

    Step 2: Measurement

    Okay, now we will start the analysis. It might sound a bit confusing so read. There are 4 appropriate sizes for any comforter. Before starting, I would suggest knowing the exact specification for your comforter. The sizes are-

      • Twin 5.5 yards
      • Full 5.5 yards
      • Queen 9 yards
      • King 9 yards

    The measurements are given for 42-inch width fabric. Take the 2 pieces of fabric, for the top and bottom layer and start marking with the help of fabric marker. We must go for making a twin duvet cover. \

    For doing this, you will need to give a marking at 93 inches that mean 5.5 yards. The width fixed for these fabrics. But 66 inches will be taken in this case. Remember the measurement should be done after the pre-wash as the fabrics shrink after the wash.

    Step 3: Cutting the top sheet

    Now, the cutting starts. As per your measurement done in step 2, start cutting. Our length of the cover will be 90 inches, but we will cut 92 inches.

    Why? We will fold the edges for better quality.

    The extra 3 inches need for the seam allowance and button panels. Here is a piece of a good suggestion, while cutting, fold up the trimmed part.

    This part will be working as a cutting guide, and your cuts will be even through the line of cut.As I have said before, our chosen width is 66 inches. So, if the fabric is wider than 42 inches cut it off also.


    Step 4: Finishing up the bottom panel

    After that, you will need to take care of the bottom panel. In the bottom panel, make 2 one inch folds.

    Yes, you have read it right, twice! Take it to the ironing board and press it. After doing so, stitch it along the folded line. The underside part is done for the moment. We will go the top layer now.

    Step 5: Preparing the colored fabric

    Okay, this part is a bit tricky. First, you will need to cut the piece of colored fabric sheet. You will notice that the sheet has some extra part. Most colored fabrics have an extra part. We will not need the additional part of the sheet. Cut it off!

    Use the pinking shears that I have mentioned before to cut off the extra part. Pinking shears are a unique piece of utility tool that makes zig zag cuts rather than straight cuts. The zig zag cuts will help you to avoid frame trimming.

    Now, you will need to cut 2 panels of fabric both 93 inches long. Done? Good. Of the 2 panels, one will be used for central panel, and other will be cut down to 2 smaller panels that would be utilized one the sides.

    Don’t rush, before doing so; we will need to take care of the width of the fabric sheets. The width of the whole top panel should be 66+4 inches. The extra 4 inches will be needed for further cuttings and fold.

    The width doesn’t have to be 66 inches as mandatory. I am using the width for example. Use your size according to the comforter you own or plan to buy.

    Step 6: Sewing the colored fabric

    Direct sewing will be hard to do. And I am not going to tell you to do it. Using some pins can give you extra benefit while sewing.

    So, fasten the three parts together. While doing so, there should have a half inch space to the joining edge. For this reason, I have said to have extra 4 inches of width.

    Take some time and finish the pinning task. After that, stitch along the folds and join the three parts together.

    Leave the bottom edge open. There will be 3 loops attached there.

    Step 7: 3 loops for buttoning

    Now we will make 3 loops for buttoning. Pull one inch and press with an iron. Then pull another one inch and press again. Wait! Don’t stitch it right away.

    The loops will be attached there. Trim 3 pieces of thin elastic. Each thin elastic will be 1.5 inches long. Measure with a tape and find out the center point of the bottom edge.

    Leave a mark there. Now tuck and pin both ends of the elastic together at the marked point. Repeat the same work for other two elastic pieces.

    Once the three loops are attached, we are ready to go for the sewing action. Swing along the folded line and the three-looped elastic will be attached.

    Step 8: Attaching the 2 sheets

    We are almost done. But are going add another great feature that will prevent your comforter to be clogged up inside. But first, pin up the two sheets together. The sheets will be right side out this is very crucial.

    Pin along the edges. In the top edge, we will need two markings, one at 2 inches and another at 8 inches.

    Remember the ribbons that I included in the relevant item section. Cut the cotton ribbon into a 20-inch strip. We are going to need 2 strips like that. Pin down the center of the ribbons at the top edge corner.

    Step 9: Finishing up the top edge

    Now we must do more stitching. Starting from the 2-inch mark, perform an anchoring back stitch.

    Seam across the top edge to the other 2-inch mark on another side. This will also attach the ribbons which pinned all this time. Done? Great! Now start sewing again from the 8-inch mark. Why did we do this?

    We are making a hole of 6 inches to pull up the comforter so that it can be placed. Start seaming along the edges. Don’t seam the whole bottom edge while doing so. There will be an open space in the center panel for penetration of the comforter.

    Step 10: Cut off the bulk

    You will notice that the edges are a bit bulky with fabrics. We are going end it. Trim down corners for a smoother finish but be careful. You wouldn’t want to cut off the seams and ribbons that you attached.

    Step 11: Finish up with attaching buttons

    Turn the cover inside out. Press all the corners. We last one task to do, attaching the buttons. In the bottom edge, we attached 3 elastic loops. Along the elastic loops stitch 3 buttons with needles and thread. Your duvet is ready for the comforter. I guess you are pretty happy, right?

    How to Put a Duvet Cover on Your Comforter?

    Okay, we have done the tough part. We HAVE made a duvet cover all by ourselves. Well, there is another substantial part left that haven’t considered to be tough. But trust me, it’s a hell of work putting a duvet cover on a comforter. Especially after washing your duvet cover it will get much tough.

    All we have gone through the scenario where we were hassling with our comforter and cover like an MMA fighter. Sounds funny? But if you have done it you will agree with me. Okay, today I am going to give three methods to put a duvet cover like a boss!We have attached a feature that will make our comforter. Placed it in the perfect position and stay right there.

    Do you remember the ribbons we enclosed in the top edge of the cover? Let it do the magic. Most of the modern duvet cover have these corner ribbons. So, if you wish to buy a duvet cover, make sure it has the corner ribbons. They are very necessary for this part. Okay, we are jumping onto the topic. The 3 methods that I will cover are-

    • The Traditional Way
    • The California Roll Way
    • The Fold Twice Way

      This process is pretty simple. In the most tutorials and our moms will teach this way of putting a duvet cover. So follow these steps and start working.

      Step 1

      First, lay your comforter flat on any surface, on your bed.

      Step 2

      Turn your duvet cover inside out. How can you do that? Put your hands inside and try to find the top two corners. Hold each corner in each hand.

      Step 3

      While holding the edges from inside, grab the top two corners of the comforter. Done? Hold it and flip the duvet cover right side out. It should be over the comforter. The top part of the bedding will be slid into the cover.

      Step 4

      While holding the corner, give it a good shake. The duvet cover will slide down the comforter. Shake it until it slides down.

      Step 5

      Okay, the duvet cover has slid down completely. Stuff the bottom two corners of the comforter inside the duvet cover.

      Step 6

      Tie up the 3 buttons that we have attached with the thin elastic loops. Voila! You have put a duvet cover on the comforter. Click some selfies with it! You have achieved it.

      The California Roll Way

      Have you ever been to have some Sushi? This method of putting a duvet cover is much like the art of making Sushi. This method was first introduced in California. That is why the method of named California Roll Way. They are called the “Burrito Method.” Don’t get consumed seeing two names.

      They are the same approach having various names. I know a lot of guys have found the traditional method a little too tricky. Some find this quite easier and straightforward. Okay, so are you ready?

      Step 1

      Once your duvet cover is washed and ready, turn it inside out. Lay down the cover on your bed. Stretch it completely and spread through all edges and corners. This is imperative to reach it completely. You should be standing on the opposite side of the duvet cover opening.

      Step 2

      Now take your comforter and lay it over the duvet cover. Done? Great! Now you should align it with the duvet cover. All the edges and corners should be aligned. The more it is aligned, the better your covering will be. Otherwise, you will suffer from being your comforter clotted inside.

      Step 3

      We must use our corner ribbons this time. Tie up the corner ribbons with the corners of the comforter.

      Step 4

      Stand on the opposite side of the duvet cover opening. Now you will start rolling the comforter all the way through. Be careful! The comforter and the duvet cover should be aligned and rolled together. Do it and carefully. The roll should be perfect. You know the Japanese people! They are always perfect when comes to doing a task.

      Step 5

      Once you have rolled them together, you will wrap it up like sushi. Grab one edge of the duvet cover and stuff the roll of the comforter inside the cover. The right side will be out again. Tie up the buttons and place it on the edge of the bed.

      Step 6

      Now you will start unrolling the comforter. Continue the action, and it will be unrolled completely. You will notice that the comforter is almost wrapped up with some wrinkles.

      Step 7

      Shake the comforter holding two top or bottom corners. With a couple of shakes, the covering will look ready. And here you go. You have done it.The most interesting part is that your task will be done before you can imagine it. At first, you will get confused by the steps and functions. But once you have done it, it will give you a great feeling of achievement. Mark my words!

      The Fold Twice Way

      The name tells us the whole story. We are going fold twice the comforter and duvet cover, and most of our work will be done! Sounds easy? Well, it is. So, let’s get started.

      Step 1

      Lay the duvet cover on the top of your bed and spread it completely over the surface. Now, find the opening.

      Step 2

      Now fold the duvet cover once in the middle and again in the midst of the folded part. So, two folds in total. Now put it aside.

      Step 3

      In the same way, we are going to fold the comforter too. Lay the comforter over the bed and spread it thoroughly. Perform the two folds likewise we did in the last step.

      Step 4

      Take the folded comforter and insert it into the opening of the duvet cover which is also folded.

      Step 5

      Hold on to the corners of the duvet cover and the comforter together and give it a good shake. Shake it until the comforter completely slides into the duvet cover. Bravo, you have done it.

      A Special Way of Putting on a Duvet cover

      Other than the 3 methods that we discussed, there are a lot of ways putting on a duvet cover. But to me, they are a bit harsh. In the end, I am going to tell you a particular way. But for that, we are going to need a duvet cover designed like we did before in this article. Remember the 2 holes of 6 inches in our duvet cover that we provided in the top two corners? Those are very useful when it comes to putting on a duvet cover. It goes like this

      Step 1

      Lay the comforter on the bed. Slide your two hands through the corner holes to all the way through the exit opening.

      Step 2

      Hold the two top corners of the comforter and pull through the duvet cover opening. Pull the comforter to the top edge of the duvet cover.

      Step 3

      Tie the two corners of the comforter with the corner ribbons.

      Step 4

      Hold the corners of the comforter and the duvet cover. Now shake it right. Pull the bottom edge of the comforter through the duvet cover opening and tie up the 3 buttons. Your comforter ready to use.

      To me, this method is the easiest and takes much less time than other methods of putting a duvet cover.

      If you think that the procedure of making duvet cover discussed above is very complex for you, you can buy bamboo duvet covers from the market. The bamboo duvet cover is made of bamboo viscose fibers that are 100% pure and natural.

      Some Final Words

      A comforter is a luxury bedding item. You should take good care of it. As cleaning a comforter is tough and some comforters and non-machine washable. In those cases, a duvet cover is a hero. Maintaining and washing duvet cover is much easy and lets you take a good care of the comforter. It gives the comforter a custom look that suits your taste and lifestyle.

      I have given you some help in making your duvet cover. I would be happy if you can make your duvet covers. You know it gives someone a feeling of happiness when they make something on their own. So, make new duvet covers and try them out yourselves. I guess the ways that I have discussed putting on a duvet cover can be of some help to you.

      I would suggest taking good care of your duvet covers and comforters. Check the fabric quality before you buy. Choosing the right fabric is very critical. The softer fabrics are most suitable and also check it. The fabric has any particular cleaning recommendation.

      Otherwise, your duvet cover may get damaged or ruined after a couple of wash.I am signing off today. I will be back with more ways of making your bed and bedding life more easy and elegant. Till then care and be safe. And don’t forget to check out our blog section. There are many good reads there for your help.

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