How to make your comforter fluffy

Every people like crawling into bed by taking warmth touch of a fluffy, warm comforter. A down comforter gives you satisfied sleep during the winter season. But, you cannot get the same level of comfort with a lumpy comforter.

The fluffiness of the down comforter depends on the air circulation among the feathers of the comforter. But the fluffiness of a comforter will not remain forever. Comforters start with fluffiness but starting to lose it over time. To maintain the fluffiness of a comforter user should be careful about it. So, how to make your comforter fluffy again-after losing its fluffiness? It is a burning question asked by the down comforter user.

A down comforter is expensive. It is not feasible for all to buy a comforter every year. So, we should try to increase the lifespan of the comforter.

To make your down comforter fluffy again, you may follow our instructions written below. These instructions are cost-free. You can easily do it at your home.

Now I am telling you how a comforter loss its fluffiness over time.

There are two reasons for which a comforter loss its fluffiness. These are:

1. Uneven distribution of feathers.
2. Losing insulation of feathers.

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Daily maintenance

What you should do in the morning:

1. After waking up in the morning, you should make your comforter straight over the bed. You may stand at any side of the bed and hold the comforter at each end and shake it to remove dust.

2. Additionally, You may pull the comforter up to the chest and shake it downward. It will redistribute the down feathers throughout the comforter. You may repeat this process 3 or 4 times.

3. After waking up in the morning, you should also look for the lumpy area in your down comforter. After finding the lumpy area, you should massage it softly. Otherwise, you may lose the shape of your comforter.

The objective of massaging the lumpy area is to redistribute the down feather. Proper distribution of feather is necessary to make your comforter fluffy again. Additionally, it increases air passing through the down feather.

What you should do at night:

Before starting use the comforter every night, you should rotate and flip your comforter up and down. It reduces the chance of flattening down a specific area of a comforter.

Weekly maintenance

1. Sometimes you should put your comforter outside for air circulation. It is a technique to dry the down feather. It also increases fluffiness of feather as the down comforter get air circulation and sun heat easily.

2. In a cool and breezy day, we need to dry the comforter as dry comforter gives the right amount of insulation to you. To get a dry comforter at night, you should hang your comforter on an outdoor clothesline in the day time at least once a week. It will allow air penetration to the comforter.

3. To get a cozy and comfortable night, you should keep your comforter moisture free.

How many times in a year do we need to wash our down comforter?

It is a common question asked by the user of a down comforter.
The Answer is,

1. If you use comforter cover, wash the comforter once in a year.
2. If you do not use comforter cover, wash the comforter twice in a year.
3. If you use the comforter throughout the year, wash the comforter thrice in a year.

If you have a commercial dryer, you can save money by doing it yourself.
To bring back an optimum level of fluffiness to the comforter, you should start the dryer with an air fluff cycle. Additionally, you may add tennis balls to the dryer. This will separate the down clusters and fluff the down feather.


1. Do not use heat at air fluff cycle.
2. Set 25 minutes air fluff cycle several times.
3. Too much air fluffing may harm your down feather.

Additional Tips:

You may use a cover for your down comforter to get the best result. It protects your comforter from dust mites and serious spot. Additionally, this cover is easily washable.

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