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How to Remove Stains From a Bamboo Mattress

We tend to worry more about the dirt on our clothing but overlook the cleanliness of our mattresses. Just like other pieces of clothing, mattresses can collect different types of dirt and stains ranging from sweats and body oils to urine and spills. Although dealing with these stains can prove to be a dilemma to most people, it should not. Mattress stains, especially organic bamboo mattress, should be carefully removed to avoid spreading them to other areas. Similarly, the stains should not be saturated inside as it can lead to bad odor.

Why remove mattress stains?

Stains can reduce the durability of your mattress. The average quality bamboo mattress should last for ten or more years. Additionally, cleaning your mattress also helps to improve your indoor air quality by removing dust and dirt hidden in your mattress. 

03 Easy ways to remove stains from a bamboo mattress

01. Determine the type of stain to clean out

Types of mattress stain

Types of mattress stain

As mentioned earlier, mattress stains can include urine, dry blood, sweats or other types of body fluids. When cleaning your mattress, avoid using chlorine bleach as it can cause damages. Begin by dabbing the stained sections using a paper towel and water in case the stain is still wet. Cold water is recommended to remove blood stains. You can also create a paste using 3% hydrogen peroxide with dish soap and one tablespoonful of table salt. Be sure to spread the paste all over the stained sections of your mattress. With a white rag, dab the affected area with hydrogen peroxide to help prevent the stain from getting deep into the mattress. This technique will completely remove the stain.

In the case of urine, a steam cleaner will do the job. Alternatively, you can use a steam bottle. When doing so, be careful not to over-spray as it can saturate and push the stains down. 

For other types of stains, you can use warm water with dish soap to create an eco-friendly homemade cleaning solution. This aids to remove stains and other nasty critters from your mattress. You don’t have to use artificial cleaning products.

02. Vacuum it often

Vacuum the mattress

Vacuum the mattress

Apart from the stains, you also need to remove dirt and dust that may have accumulated in your mattress. Vacuuming should be done on a monthly basis. Upholstery adapter is ideal and when doing so, remember to flip it and vacuum starting from top-bottom. 

03. Deodorize it

Deodorize the mattress

Deodorize the mattress

In case of foul smell, sprinkle baking soda on the affected sections. You can allow the baking soda to settle then use a brush to gently scrub. When the stains are gone, you can rinse to remove the smell. Vinegar can also help you get rid of bad smell. However, it may not be ideal in case you are sensitive to the smell. 


Stains can make your lovely mattress look dirty and unsightly. In case your bamboo mattress is stained with blood, urine, sweats, or dirt, cleaning agents such as hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap can help. To remove dirt and dust that may be lodged deep in your mattress, you can vacuum or use a steam cleaner. For foul smell, deodorize it with vinegar. 


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