How to sleep with Upper Back Pain

We have to work every day in our life. We do different types of work in the whole day. And to work efficiently, we need to keep ourselves fit. In case of doing anything and I mean anything at all we need to focus on that very thing with the full concentration of both our minds and bodies. But when it comes to doing something that needs physical effort the most then there are some problems we might face our day to day life. Our back part is one of the main parts of our body.

Most of us don't have any care what we are doing, what is making our back painful till the pain actually comes to a terrible point. Recently there has been a survey of 606 adults in 48 states. The researchers have stated that 294 of those people suffer from roughneck pain. And for this, they feel pretty disrupted performing any kind of caring work.

When they go to work or play they face a lot of disruptions. Many of them have also have said that they have many problems while they go to bed. 35% of them have less sexual enjoyment than before. They feel deemed while working.

Nearly 166 to 196 of those people have upper back pain. Most of the back pain sufferers cannot enjoy a sound-sleep while sleeping and not even a physical comfort while working. They happen to meet the worst nightmare ever for this pain in the upper back of their body.

What is the upper back pain?

Upper back pain mainly occurs somewhere from neck base to bottom of rib cage. In this particular area, if any of the nerves get pinched, injured or irritated you will definitely feel pain. That's mainly what doctors call upper back pain.

The nerve system of this area goes through your legs chest and belly. That's why when you feel upper back pain; you can feel that your arms, legs are not going in the way you want them to. The upper and mid back is called by the Thoracic spine. This is consisted of:

  • 12 vertebrae which attached to the rib cage.
  • Each vertebra is separated from discs. The discs absorb the shock when you move.
  • Spines always get together because of the muscles and ligaments.

Upper back pain is not like a low back pain, it doesn't move as like as low back. Upper back works with the rib cage to keep our back strong and stable.

Causes of upper back pain:

Upper back pain can occur in various ways. According to doctors research we added below some reasons that causes upper back pain:

  • Overuse of muscles, muscle strain or injury to the ligaments, discs, and muscles can be the most usual cause of upper back pain.
  • Having a poor posture while working, sitting or doing anything
  • Using the kind of furniture especially the sitting furniture that doesn’t respond to your body according to the shape or position
  • One of the most vital causes could be the excessive amount of pressure on your spinal nerves.
  • If one of the vertebrae is fractured
  • Damage to the cartilage that smooths facet joints in the spine which is called Osteoarthritis.
  • Myofascial pain can harm the connective tissues of the muscle group.

There are much more rare reasons which can also cause upper back pain like cancer, an infection, gallbladder disease etc.

What are the symptoms of upper back pain?

There are some common symptoms of upper back pain. Let's see:

  • Burning pain felt in the upper back. The pain could be sharp too.
  • You will feel that your muscles got tighter than usual.
  • Your arms and legs will be weak.
  • Feeling discomfort on regular work.
  • Losing concentration.
  • Tingling in arms, legs, and chest.
  • Losing Bladder control.

There could more symptoms of upper back pain but these are the most common symptoms.

How to sleep with upper back pain?

Occasionally we work all day long and get tired. At night, when we go to sleep we find inner peace. And sleep gives us the proper rest to both our brains and our bodies. But if the sleeping posture goes wrong, we feel the pain in the back.

Low back pain occurs because of bending, flexing and carrying an unbearable object. We can't bend our upper back. So the pain of our upper back mainly occurs in our sleeping posture. For that when we wake from sleep feels like:

  1. Sharp pain
  2. Crunchy back
  3. Afraid to move your body to the pain
  4. Hold breath to avoid pain.

Upper back pain is mainly positional pain. It depends on how you sleep. So if you’re currently suffering from the upper back pain you should consider changing your sleeping habits according to the following rules:

Choosing the thickness of the pillow according to your position of sleeping:

It is very important to choose the accurate type of pillow while sleeping. Because if the thickness or thinness of the pillow is not according to the position you sleep then it might cause your upper back pain. Follow the given instructions for choosing the accurate thickness of your pillow.

  • If you sleep directly on your back then you should use thin pillows. It will help you keep your neck in a good posture.
  • If you are a side sleeper then you should use a pillow slightly thicker than the back sleeping chair. It will help you keep your neck in the middle of the head and your shoulders.
  • You should avoid sleeping on your stomach if you do so. Because that actually stresses the muscles and cause you pain.

Abandoning the use of mobile phone while sleeping:

If you are used to net-browsing while on the bed then you should consider giving up this habit. It causes the neck to take a lot more pressure than it’s actually designed. So you should ditch your phone while in bed. And this will also help you sleep better and for a longer time with peace.

Stretching and Meditating:

If you know what meditating is then I have no doubt that you also know what are its benefits. Regularly meditate and stretch your neck properly. If you don’t know how to, then get help about this matter from a professional trainer. Stretching and meditating release a lot of pain from our body and especially the upper back and neck pain.

Final Words:

It’s really obvious that none of us expect to suffer from any kind of pain. And when it comes to upper back pain it’s really unbearable. Sometimes we can’t even complete our daily tasks properly because of this pain. So please try to follow the steps mentioned here and keep yourself shielded from upper back and neck pain. Because the more you stay fit the happier you get and the happier your dear ones surrounding you become because of you.

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