How To Store Mattresses in Storage Unit

Mattresses are important, and not just because people spend a significant portion of their lives sleeping on them. Americans alone spend billions of dollars every year on mattresses.

So clearly, these items are important financial investments. In that regard, you cannot afford to mishandle your mattress during storage.

05 Steps to Store Mattresses in a Storage Unit?

People store their mattresses in storage units for various reasons. Sometimes, they are moving and they need a place to keep their mattress until they settle.

In other situations, they have decided to purchase a new mattress but they cannot bring themselves to throw their old mattress away. Regardless of the reason, if you have decided to keep your mattress in a storage unit, you can’t simply drive up to the storage facility, throw your mattress in the corner of the first unit you can find, and then drive away.

If your objective is to ensure that your mattress survives, it is imperative that you keep the following factors in mind.

1). Wash

wash the mattress

wash the mattress

This is where you should always start. Once you take the mattress off the bed, and before you can think about transporting it to the storage unit, take a moment to wash it.

What do you think happens to a dirty mattress that is thrown in storage? Obviously, it will attract mold, fungus, insects and the like. Eventually, your storage facility will encourage you to throw it away.

You need to give it a proper wash. And if you don’t have time for a thorough cleaning, you can, at the very least, dry it in the sun. Some people might even encourage you to do some vacuuming.

The process is more tedious. You have to first cover the external surface of the mattress with baking soda. Give it time to bleed into the material of the mattress and then vacuum.

The results are worth it.

2). Wrap

Just because the mattress is clean doesn’t mean it is completely safe from dangerous elements such as insects. Get some plastic and start wrapping. The point isn’t to simply cover it.

Get tape and seal every opening. But isn’t that dangerous? Won’t that cause the plastic to sweat, ultimately making the mattress damp and attractive to mold? That is definitely true, which is why you need to use breathable plastic.

Though, even then, you are encouraged to take the mattress out of the plastic every few months. It needs to breathe from time to time.

Do not forget to invest in a mattress bag. The best bags will keep the mattress dry.

3). Transport

When it comes to getting your mattress to the storage unit, do not tie it to the top of your car. Not only does it become a safety risk but you could bend it so far that it never recovers.

That isn’t even taking into account the damage the weather will do. Get a proper moving truck. If you have other items to transport, keep the mattress on its side, pushed up against the inner wall of the truck.

Do not lay it flat unless you have no other items to transport. Throwing your furniture on top of the mattress is never a good idea.

4). Storage

When it comes to actually placing the mattress in the unit, keep the weather in mind. Humidity and temperature changes are your biggest enemies. For this reason, even though it will cost a little more, make sure you secure a unit that is climate-controlled.

You need to make sure that the storage unit maintains its temperature regardless of whether it is winter or summer on the outside. Otherwise, mold will become an issue, even with the plastic wrapping in place.

As far as the position is concerned, keep the mattress flat. And as with the transport truck, do not place any items on top of the mattress once it is finally in the storage unit.

As was also suggested above, find the time to air the mattress out every few months. It isn’t simply a matter of taking the plastic off. Give the item a few hours of sunlight.

And just to be clear, once you finally take the mattress out of storage, do not let any of the disturbing smells you notice worry you. The mattress is fine. You just need to dry it and vacuum it. Some people will also encourage you to use sanitizer of some kind.

05. Lock the storage Unit with padlock:

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