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How to treat severe neck pain at home?-The Tricks for Neck Pain Cure

Maybe you are reading this article on your computer, sitting on a chair or couch or staring down your phone.

Thus, sitting for a long time and staring at an object for an extended period is not a good posture for your neck. It can make several issues for severing neck pain. It can make muscles weakening and make your neck pain worse.

Therefore, knowing about all about severe neck pain like its cause, effect and treatment will help you a lot to get over from it. Besides, you should be aware how to treat severe neck pain at home for minimizing the effect and maximize the cure percentages.

How to treat severe neck pain at home quickly?-follow our 08 steps Guideline

severe neck pain

severe neck pain

Patients with severe neck pain know better how the feel when they try to turn their head. The weak neck muscles and the joint no longer move smoothly, as it was before.

The enormous pain and discomfort make your daily life worse. So besides the doctor's medicine and another physical exercise, know about some easy steps to alleviate your neck pain.

Severe neck pain treatment at home

If you have severe pain, stiffness and suffering in your neck then try these steps to relieve. Including,

    • Apply ice on the affected area for 3 or 4 days. Then start using the heating pad, hot compress for apply heat on the spot. You can take the hot shower instead of the heating pad.
    • Take pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen or any other OTC pain relievers.
    • Go Away for some days and take complete rest. Also, avoid those activities which intensify your symptoms. Like sport or heavy lifting etc.
    • Make a habit of neck exercise every day. Neck exercise will help you to get rid of such this pain. Gently move your head right to left and left to right and up and down.
    • Gently massage your neck or shoulder.
    • Always sit and stand with correct posture. Don’t sit or stand for too long in one position. Avoid cradling phone between neck and shoulder.
    • Use proper neck pillow for sleeping.
    • Don’t use any collar or neck brace without permeation of your doctor. Or else, if you are using this under doctor’s approval, maintain the recommendation period.

Reason of Severe neck pain stiffness and headache

Before treating neck pain, stiffness, strain or a headache it’s important to understand the underlying medical condition of that is the reason for the problems, especially when the pain has lasted 4 or more weeks.

In most cases, neck pain, stiffness or a headache heals within 2/3 days or in a week. A strain or stiffness usually cause when your muscles or tendon has been irritated by overwork, overextension or overuse of body.

Here given some common cause of neck pain, stiffness, sprains, and headache including.

    • Sleeping in an incorrect position is often cause neck pain. It’s known as neck “trick.” Means, a person might wake up in the morning with neck pain due to sleeping in a wrong position that causes pain in the neck.
    • Sports injuries are common for neck pain or stiffness. A player gets the damage by moving neck suddenly or in an unusual way of sports. Also, he could have fall or collision.
    • Furthermore, a stringer is a common sports accident injury for most of the players. It happened for nerves are impact and pain numbness, and weakness can radiate down the hand.
    • Poor posture is another problem of this kind of situations. If you often pass your time sitting and watching TV in sofa or sofa bed or chair, it may cause neck pain. Because sometimes we forget to move our body for too match attention of movies or serials. So the result is neck muscles, tendons and ligaments strained.
    • Repetitive motions can be another cause of neck pain. Like dancing, swimming, etc. These types of activities demand to repeat action time to time especially the neck, shoulder, hand and neck.
Special for Whiplash injury

In the whiplash injury cases, neck, head are suddenly forced forward and backward. So the soft tissues especially the near of the cervical spine can be torn or ruptured within a moment.

This type of injuries commonly occurs on auto accidents. Not the tissues the spine also is injuries and cause the neck pain stiffness or a headache.

There are many causes for neck injuries, but these are rare instances, like,

    • Infections
    • Congenital abnormalities
    • Abscesses
    • Tumors or cancer of the spine
Severe neck pain and stiffness after sleeping- why would that happen?

There are many reasons behind the severe neck pain and stiffness, especially after sleeping at night. Such as-

Sleeping with the open window

During the summer evening, we often like to sleep with an open window for the ventilation. But after passing the night the temperature drops. In minimum temperature, the neck muscles stiffen and cramp and lead to the neck pain and other problems.

Sleeping in a wrong position

Like I said above sleeping in an incorrect posture or position also causes severe neck problem after sleeping.

You may have over-tired for all day work and usually, fall into sleep without know how are you sleeping on the bad. Some people use to bed on their stomach and turn head 90 degrees toward one direction for breathing. Sleeping on your stomach another cause of severing neck pain.

Choosing wrong beading

Additionally, using too much fluffy or shallow mattress can be another cause of neck pain, stiffness after sleeping. Some people like to sleep on cotton or fiber mattress; some are like to sleep on foam or spring mattress.

Whatever your choice for the bed, if does not correctly go with your body weight, it will cause stiffness on body muscles, especially on neck and back. So, no matters how expensive your mattress if it's not suits you will never get rid of severe pain, ever.

Same things go for your pillow too. Taking of lots of pillows or using thin pillow is another cause of your severe neck pain. Likewise, the material of the pad also matters on severing neck pain. Either is made of cotton, down or foam. If the density is not correct, it will make your pain worse.

Severe neck pain and stiffness during pregnancy

During the pregnancy, many women face severe neck problem, back pain, and many other symptoms. Besides the hormonal changes and pregnancy stresses the causes of neck pain and stiffness are,

Postural Changes

During the pregnancy, the posture and balances of a mother have changed because of the weight is in front of the body. For the reason, many pregnant women the experience neck pain or shoulder pain.

In early pregnancy, the experience of extreme fatigue is a common thing for a woman. In the middle months of pregnancy, they increase weight and decrease mobility.

That’s why many women avoid gym or other regular activities that she often did before. As a result, they face tight and atrophying muscles in the upper back.

Moreover, during the pregnancy period, for the changing hormones level, the joints or ligament become soft and do less. So these it causes muscles to atrophy and led to pain.

Besides, women who are used to spend a long time in front of computer, TV or reading or swing with a hunched posture, often suffer from severe neck pain.

Exercise-related Injury

A woman who often joins in a gym can face these problems too. Not for their gym act for their activity malfunctioning.

Her changed body find it difficult to anticipate which part of workout routine will be helpful or hurt the body. Also, she can habitually get hurt or injured her neck and shoulder during exercise.

It’s important to know when you are expecting, your previous workout routine or weight balance may not go well with your pregnancy.

Such as, abdominal exercises run the risk of hurting your neck and back. Also, performing the sit-ups with the pregnant belly can strain the neck and causes severe pain.

That is why many physicians don't recommend exercises that require lying on the back for an extended period after the second trimester. 

It does not mean you have to give up all your exercise; It means you have to more careful about performing some particular exercise. It will help you to avoid such these problems.

In conclusion

Therefore, another key factor of severing neck pain treatment of home is learning how to keep from hurting your neck, shoulder or back again.

Just study all the fact discussed here and maintain it. It will help you to deal with such these things. So be alert, be healthy, follow the rules and exercise daily. You can teach your friends and family on it. It will help you, and they stay much more pain-free from severe neck pain always.

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