How to Wash A Down Alternative Comforter? Like A Pro Cleaner

Forget a large amount of dry cleaning fee! Just learn how to wash a down alternative comforter then start cleaning at home without losing fluffiness. It's also a cost-effective process. I also like to remind that, you may going to ruin the durability and quality of your comforter if you haven't any pre-idea on how to wash a down alternative comforter at home.

I don't like to tell you that is a hard work but you need to know first. It is the common issue that down comforter gets dirty that’s why it need to be cleaned properly. You need to keep in mind that, your careless cleaning may damage its down permanently. That's why it should be cleaned professionally.

Why should be careful?

Most of the down alternatives we like to have are machine washable. Now, you going to try this in your small machine? Remember that, your household small washer may distort and compress the filler. A neighborhood Laundromat would be the best choice for you because for their large commercial machine.

It's only possible to clean down alternative comforter at home if you have an enough capacity front loading machine. Top loading machines have an agitator that can stress or rip the fabric of your comforter. So your machine needs both feature, large capacity and front-loading. [1]

However, if you like to learn the process of how to wash a down alternative comforter then follow these steps:

Some Exclusive Steps About how to wash a down alternative comforter

Step -1: Tag Consideration

One of the big questions is, can you put a comforter in the washer? Well, first check the washing instructions carefully on comforter tag. Is the down comforter machine washable? If the tag recommends you to Dry-Clean Only, then try to get the comforter only dry cleaned by any neighborhood Laundromat professional.



Don't forget to tell them that your comforter is full of down when you take your comforter to the professional cleaner. Must follow the recommendations if the care tag says that the down comforter can't be washed in the machine. It simply can help to less the chance of damage.

Step -2: Loading into Machine

We already discussed the type of machine you need to wash your down comforter. Pick a perfect machine with large capacity and ensure that has front-loading feature. Otherwise, you are going to damage your down.

Now, load your comforter gently into the washing machine. Do not force it hardly in. Then add a mild soap or laundry detergent. You may use soaps that specially formulated for the down. Don't worry! Such things now exist! Try to avoid using any standard laundry detergent for your comforter. Cold or hot water can damage you down, Use medium warm water and delicate cycle.[2] Submerge your comforter carefully as completely as possible into the ready water.



  • Feel free to add bleach, if the comforter is white. It's safe to use bleach.[3]
  • Let the machine run for two minutes before loading the comforter. It will ensure the blending of detergent with the water. It's most important for the bulky item to make sure that soap is reaching every corner.


Step -3: During Operation

Now set your washer machine to run with the given warm water on a delicate cycle. Is there any extra rinse option? Then just enable it. There isn’t? It's OK. Simply need to run your comforter through the separate rinse cycle manually. The extra rinse is required to take away soap residue from your down.



Step - 4: Before Pull the Comforter

Ensure that, detergent has washed out well before pulling the down comforter from the washing process. We know it's better to be careful than sorry later. Before your comforter hits spin cycle, just pull it out and then squeeze some water out of it manually. It would be helpful to make waterlogged fabric lighter and likely to spin well.

Step - 5: Unloading the comforter

After completing the wash cycle, now remove the down comforter from your washing machine. Look at your comforter, it should look smoother, less bulky and flatter than the usual. You may experience discolor issue just after pulling it from the wash. It usually happens when your down comforter is white. Don't worry. It's not permanent, just a temporary look. As the comforter dries, the discoloration teams will not appear as the wet down fluff looks like. Clean white color will return completely.

Step - 6: Drying Process:

Complete drying of down comforter is critical but you have to do that anyway. Drying your down comforter perfectly with full care is an important part of your washing process. So, Several things you know keeps in mind about his drying process.



1. Why Should Prefer Air-Drying?

You should prefer air-drying for the down comforter. It will take a bit longer time than the electrical drying machine. It may take up to 3 days only to dry completely with Air drying process. Air drying will keep safe you from a shrink or damage the fabric of your down. At this stage, you should be patient because down is extremely slow to dry. So,

  • Prefer air drying as a precursor to machine drying.
  • Try to avoid line-drying because of developing mildew. Hanging in the breeze may help the fabric to develop mildew.
  • Try to lay your down comforter out in a sunny, clean area
  • Must give it required time to dry completely.

Don't forget to check the care tag carefully first, some down comforter manufacturers do not suggest line drying.

2. Low Heat Dryer:

If it is not possible for you to wait a bit long for air drying process then try to use a dryer on low heat setting. When it is necessary to use a drying machine, be patient. Do not try to set the cycle to a high heat. It enables the risk of shrinking. If you like to do it in the home then it requires a room to move in the dryer. It will help the dryer to do its job perfectly.

  • Don't forget to check your comforter every half an hour.
  • Do not skimp on the time of drying.
  • Ensure that your comforter has dried completely.

It may take from four to eight hours to dry completely. Try to stick to a low setting drying process unless you are really pressed for time.

Protect Your Down Comforter:

It's true that down comforters that we usually use aren't considered for frequent washing. You can see, some of the manufacturers recommend about their product only washing every few years. Or, they recommend washing when soiled. It's a common thing that excessive washing will ruin the delicate down structure.

Don't forget to protect the comforter you use by keeping in a duvet cover. You don't have to wash your comforter, just need to wash the duvet cover. It can keep your bedding in prime condition, even if your comforter is machine washable. Try to avoid laying or sitting on the comforter because it may cause of crushing the fibers. If the comforter fiber lose its fluffiness, You can re-fluff it easily at home. To learn more, see how to fluff your comforter again.  


Whether you need to store the down comforter, must store it in a cool place. Before storing make sure that your comforter is completely dry, otherwise, it may mildew. If you are wishing to clean your down comforter at home, then make sure the washer and dryer are enough cable to handle. Otherwise, you could damage your comforter or washer and dryer, especially when the comforter is too big.

There are some videos available to watch on You Tubes that could help you to build confidence. This video could help you titled How to Wash a Down Comforter. [4] So, I like to go back to the starting words where I started with. Learn how to wash a down alternative comforter then goes to action. Clean down alternative comforter but don't let your investment ruin cause of the little mistake. The whole process needs your concentration.

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