How to wash a goose down comforter in a washing machine

Washing a goose down comforter is not hard to do. Just you have to be careful to do it rightly. 

Washing a goose down comforter is not a regular work. People generally it after a year of using.

It is a special type of down comforter. It is highly sensitive and costly down comforter. It requires extra care. Without proper care, it will clump and flatten. It has made by goose down feathers.

Goose down feathers has some oils. If the comforter do not wash with proper care, it will lose oils. If you take proper care, it will last for several years. 

Our infographic will provide the 12 steps guideline about how to wash goose down comforter in a washing machine.

Do not need to go to the professional laundering. It will cost $25 to $50 based on the size.

Before that, we will provide some additional information below and it will help you to wash, manage, and store your goose down comforter.

For cleaning at home, you need many things:

  • front-loading washing machine ( having large capacity)
  • A mild detergent or natural types of detergent.
  • Dryer( having large capacity)
  • Dryer balls, tennis balls
  • Fabric softener

When you wash your goose down comforter?

  • If you use duvet cover = wash after 2 years
  • If you do not use duvet cover= wash after a single year.

Special Tips:

For all the time, Use duvet cover to protect your comforter from dust mite, oil, and other rusty things. This duvet cover keeps the comforter fresh for longer period of time.

How to store it:

Usually, people are storing goose down comforter during off seasons. For storing it, you have to select a place where breath-ability is ensured. Our more tips are:

  • Use a bag to store it.
  • Not sore in a compressed area.
  • Not store anything over it.
  • Store in a dry area.
  • Checking the store after a month to confirm the condition of the goose down comforter.
Some Tips for Maintenance:
  • Shaking it every day, when you make your bed.
  • You should use the duvet cover. And wash it in every month.
  • Sometimes, check your goose down comforter for stains
How to Wash Goose Down Comforters in a Washing Machine

How to Wash Goose Down Comforters in a Washing Machine

How to wash a goose down comforter

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