How to Wash Backrest Pillows

How to Wash Backrest Pillows?

A backrest pillow is a very thick and very well-structured pillow. It is hard enough to provide you the required support when you are sitting on the bed. You must know that this special pillow was designed specifically to be used on the bed and that is the reason why it is also considered a sitting pillow. 

How a backrest pillow is designed is one of the most common reasons which make it ideal to be used while sitting on the bed. The majority of the backrest pillow has separately attached which provides extra support. This also lets you sit in an upright posture on the bed with complete support and comfort. You can also use it on a recliner in your living room. 

Backrest pillows are generally stuffed with a foam filler or polyester and many times they also had a handle that is attached to the top of the pillow. This makes it easier to be relocated to any part of the home. 

What are the different uses of a backrest pillow?

A backrest pillow provides the user with the most comfortable and supportive way of relaxing while being on the bed itself. However, there are some specific uses of a backrest pillow that might have been unknown to you. So, here are a handful of ways in which you can use your backrest pillow for a high level of comfort and support: 

  • Relaxation on the bed- There are times when you are willing to sit on the bed but are not able to find a proper position. There can be so many activities to do on the bed reading books, working on a laptop, watching a movie, etc. Doing all of these on the bed might seem to be easy to be done but you must find out a comfortable way to do everything. 
  • Easy bed rest- At times, bedrest is suggested when you are having health issues. The backrest pillow is an exceptionally good bed rest pillow as it provides a lot of support to your upper body. 
  • Reduces neck and back pain- The most common cause of neck pain and back pain is improper posture. By using a backrest pillow, you can find that your pain reduces to a notable extent. 

Can you wash a backrest pillow? 

Yes, you can certainly wash a backrest pillow. Although it might fit in a washing machine but you can wash it with your hands. You can use different hand cleansing methods to clean your backrest pillow. Many methods can be used for the cleansing of the backrest pillow. Washing your backrest pillows can make sure that there are no dirt or dust particles leftover. 

If not washing, it is recommended that you get your backrest pillow dry cleaned at regular intervals. This makes sure that your pillow is free from any kind of dirt accumulation. Keeping your backrest pillow clean is important due to many reasons. It also helps in keeping your bed clean and healthy because if there is a growth of bacteria on your backrest pillow, the bed might also get infected. So, you must clean your backrest pillow at regular intervals of time. 

How can you wash a backrest pillow?

There are some steps that you need to follow if you want to wash a backrest pillow. So, the steps that you need to follow are: 

  1. Don’t forget to go through the cleaning instructions mentioned on the label of the pillow. Every backrest pillow comes with different care requirements. So, it is highly recommended that you read the instructions before cleaning them. 
  2. Use a mild detergent as possible. A harsh detergent can degrade the complete feel offered by the pillow. 
  3. Never use bleach because it is harmful to the majority of the pillows.
  4. It is advised that you make use of warm water to clean the backrest pillow. 

What are the different methods to wash a backrest pillow?

There are different methods by which you can wash a backrest pillow. Some common methods that you can try are as follows:

  • First can be the dry cleaning method. If you find a small patch or mark on your backrest pillow, you need not wash the entire pillow in water to clean it. Instead, you can just use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe out the patch. 
  • If you want your backrest pillow to go through deep cleansing, you can let it remain soaked in detergent water for almost 2 hours. Prior soaking will make sure that the dirt or dust has loosened down which will make it easier for you to clean it by your hand. 

Is it essential for you to have a cover for your backrest pillow?

Though you don’t have to have a backrest pillow, it is completely your choice whether you want to cover your backrest pillow or not. However, it is always recommended that you keep your backrest pillow covered because of a lot of advantages. Keeping your backrest pillow in a cover makes it easy for you to clean because you just need to pull out the cover and wash it instead of washing the entire pillow. 

There are many other ways in which you can be benefitted if you put up a cover on your backrest pillow. Different types of covers for backrest pillows are available in the market. These can be made up of cloth, plastic, and many other materials too. You can either buy one from the market or you can get it custom made according to the shape and size of your backrest pillow. 

Tips to keep in mind when washing a backrest pillow 

Although it is not very difficult to wash a backrest pillow, you must know that it is not very easy as well. There are a lot of instructions that you need to follow to ensure proper cleaning of your backrest pillow. Some tips that you must keep in your mind when washing a backrest pillow are as follows:

  1. Always use gentle cleansers. Avoid harsh chemicals-based cleansers because they can degrade the quality of your backrest pillow.
  2. Never soak your backrest pillow in water for a prolonged time. 
  3. Once the washing is complete, don’t forget to let it dry out completely. It is important to dry out all the fillers along with every part of the pillow. If any part is left undried, it might create a bad odour and the pillow might get ruined. 
  4. Never wash the entire pillow in water for a small patch or mark. In case you have spilled a tad amount of liquid on the pillow, try sponging it out instead of dipping the whole pillow in water. 
  5. Don’t wash your backrest pillow too often because the water if not dried properly might get accumulated which will then loosen the structure of your backrest pillow.
  6. Don’t forget to go through the washing instructions mentioned on the label of your backrest pillow. Following the instructions is of great help because every pillow has its cleaning requirements. 

Why is it important to clean your backrest pillow?

It is important to clean your backrest pillows not too often but regularly. A backrest pillow is meant to be used on the bed. And, anything which is supposed to be used on the bed gets more exposure to dirt and dust than something which is meant to be used on the chair or couch. A backrest pillow can have dirt, dust accumulations and sometimes it might also get exposed to sweat which is liquid and might make the pillow damp. 

Once it is damp, you must let it dry out completely because a damp pillow offers a lot of scope for different kinds of bacteria to grow on its surface. Once there are bacteria on the surface of your backrest pillow, they might also grow out to reach your bed. This can become very harmful to your skin and health. So, you must keep your backrest pillow as clean and dry you can. You can also find several cleaning liquids available in the market which can be used to clean your backrest pillow at ease. 

So, this was all that you must about how to wash backrest pillows. There are different ways of doing the same. You can make use of different products available in the market to clean your backrest pillows. It is recommended that you keep cleaning your backrest pillows from time to time to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. It is also recommended that you let your backrest pillow dry out in the sun at least once a week to make sure that no part of the pillow is left damp or wet. You can just keep it out under the sunlight to make sure that your backrest pillow is dry. 

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