How to Wash Egyptian cotton Sheets – Guide

Egyptian cotton is very popular throughout the world for its finest quality. It provides comfort as well as warmth. The bedsheet of Egyptian cotton is considered a luxurious bed sheet. These bedsheets do not just provide comfort and warmth but also feel softer to the skin and thus helps in getting excellent quality of sleep. 

So, if you have bought a bed sheet of Egyptian cotton or if you’re planning to bring one, the section below will be quite helpful for you. All the information regarding what Egyptian cotton is and what makes it different from the other cotton bed sheet along with how to wash these luxurious bed sheets has been provided in the section below. So, keep reading if you want to know all about it.

What is Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton is considered one of the best qualities of cotton in the entire world. It is popular for its superior strength and softness. Egyptian cotton is of the finest quality. As the name suggests the Egyptian cotton is produced in the country of Egypt. The climatic conditions in Egypt are very much suitable for the production of the finest quality of cotton. 

The climate of the country allows its cotton to grow for a much longer time than normal cotton. Then, this high-quality cotton that is produced in Egypt is used for the production of cotton bed sheets, covers, bedding pieces, clothing, etc. People spend thousands of money to get material of Egyptian cotton. The Egyptian cotton provides durability comfort warmth and the perfect setting to sleep. 

As you were understood what Egyptian cotton is we can now divert attention towards understanding- How to wash the Egyptian cotton sheets? So, if you recently bought a bed sheet of Egyptian cotton and wondering how to wash them or the ways to take care of your cotton sheets then you are probably in the very right place. Keep reading the section to know all about your bed sheet and the ways you can take care of your soft, comfortable bed sheet. 

How do you wash Egyptian cotton sheets?

The first query that might arise in your mind if you’ve got Egyptian cotton sheets is whether you can wash the cotton sheet in the machine or not. You would be glad to know that you can wash your Egyptian cotton bed sheet in the machine as well for ultra-care. Machine wash will put no harm to your luxurious sheet.

Moving on to the next section on how to wash your luxurious Egyptian sheet, here is the way you should wash them:

  • Pre-Treat

Before washing your finest quality bed sheet, check your bed sheet for any kind of stain, stains of blood, sweat, or any other kind of noticeable marks. If you see any small stain then do not worry, this stain could easily be removed with the help of hydrogen peroxide. For this, you will simply have to apply the hydrogen peroxide directly over the stains on your bed sheet. 

Then dab a little for a while to avoid the stain getting transferred to some other section of your fabric. If you see any larger stain on your bed sheet, then you can remove that with the help of baking soda and vinegar. So, when you put your sheet to wash add baking soda and vinegar in the cold water. This would help you remove the larger stains naturally.

  • Machine wash

If you are to wash your bed sheet, make sure to use cold water on the gentle cycle of water. It is highly recommended to wash the bed sheet of Egyptian cotton on gentle and a low spin cycle. This would aid to keep the bed sheet of yours safe and clean. Try not to overload your washing machine while washing Egyptian cotton sheets. Make sure to wash these luxurious sheets separately without zippers, buttons, and jagged hooks as they might create havoc on the laundry and might also tear your luxurious Egyptian cotton bed sheets during the washing cycles.

  • Preferred detergent

This is to be always kept in mind that when you wash your Egyptian cotton bed sheet make sure that you use a detergent that is of high quality. The pH balance of your laundry detergent should be gentle enough for ensuring the care of your luxurious bed sheet. If you choose the right detergent, it will help you retain the color, pattern, and look of your bed sheet. 

Whenever you plan to wash your bed sheet use only half the amount of detergent to avoid the risk of damages. More detergent might increase the chances of your cotton bed sheet getting damaged and colourless. Use a fabric softener while washing your luxurious bed sheet of Egyptian cotton so that the effects of harsh chemicals could be avoided.

Moving on to the next section, if you are wondering whether or not you could use a dryer for your luxurious bed sheet of Egyptian cotton then the answer to your query is you can. The only thing which should be kept in mind is to put the dryer at the right temperature before putting it to use on your cotton bed sheet.

Tips to take care of your Egyptian cotton sheets

As you have understood the whole process of washing the Egyptian cotton sheet, we would like to provide you with some tips to take care of a luxurious bed sheet in the most efficient manner.

  • Keep checking your bed sheet for the stains
  • As you notice any kind of stain make sure to clean it immediately the small stains could be removed from hydrogen peroxide whereas if you see a larger stain put baking soda and vinegar in cold water while washing your bed sheet.
  • Remove the large stains with the help of vinegar and baking soda this will help you remove the stains from your bedsheet naturally and most effectively.
  • Try to use a stain remover of the specialist for targeting the small stain. Use stain remover of the best quality so that it does not cause any damage to the fabric of a bedsheet.
  • Whenever you wash your bed sheet make sure to wash the Egyptian cotton bed sheet separately from other items to prevent damage and the tearing of the sheets in the washing cycle.
  • Use gentle detergent. Try to choose the detergent which is chemical-free and does not contain bleach as it might damage the fiber of your sheet.

There are many other tips as well that you should follow to take care of your luxurious bed sheets such as setting your washing machine to gentle wash and using a dryer for drying up your sheet. Now, we can move on to the next section where we would try to understand why Egyptian cotton sheets are considered the best quality bed sheets.

Are Egyptian cotton sheets the best choice?

Egyptian cotton is one of the finest qualities of cotton in the whole world. The quality of cotton produced in Egypt is very high because of the climatic conditions. The climatic conditions in Egypt are very much suited to the production of cotton. The cotton plant in Egypt thus grows for a much longer period than a normal cotton plant. Hence, the bed sheets made of Egyptian cotton are not just comfortable and provide warmth but also are durable. 

There are various reasons why you should go for Egyptian cotton sheets than any other normal cotton sheets.

  • The first and foremost reason is that the Egyptian cotton bed sheets are more reliable and durable.
  • These metrics that are made of cotton and cotton are of better quality than the regular bed sheets made of cotton.
  • Coming to the level of purity, Egyptian cotton is guaranteed as the purest material that could absorb liquids and become brighter, resistant, and deeper fabric.
  • The Egyptian cotton bed sheet also provides warmth and comfort to the users. 
  • They are considered as the royal bed sheets that are luxurious in their looks.

The Egyptian cotton bed sheets are considered as the premium quality of bed sheets that guarantee the best quality of sleep. They are comfortable, soft, and reliable. The Egyptian cotton bed sheets are considered the best choice for getting excellent quality of sleep. They are easy to maintain and do not require much effort to take care of them. So, if you are planning to buy them go ahead and buy these bed sheets without any second thought.

The Egyptian cotton sheets are of the finest quality and provide great comfort. But, if you do not take care of these luxurious bed sheets they might turn into rough and unclean bedsheets. It is very important to take care of your luxurious Egyptian cotton bed sheet if you want them to retain their quality, color, and pattern. Try to follow all the points that have been mentioned in the above section to make sure that you doing everything to take care of your bed sheet.

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