Double Brushed Down Alternative Comforter Review 2020

Lavish Comforts Double Brushed Microfiber Down Alternative Comforter

When it comes down to allergic people, choosing the right comforter is very crucial. A huge number of people suffer greatly from traditional down comforters, as they are made from first duck or goose feathers.

Well, don’t worry fellas! Today I am going to review a different product. It is for those people who critically allergy-probe to down comforters. It’s the ultimate hypoallergenic double brushed down alternative comforter brought by Lavish comforts LLC.

Yes, my friends, this down alternative comforter brings in the superior comfort with a promise of zero allergies.

Problems With Down Comforters

You guys must be wondering, why you should choose a down alternative comforter when you can go for the ultimate comfort of down comforters.

I get that it is comfortable and gives the purest feel of comfort. But unfortunately, there are some significant causes for not going for the traditional one. Let me tell you some notable ones-

Can be Allergic

A lot of people are allergic to ducks or goose. As these comforters are made from duck or goose feathers, they might cause extreme harm to these sensitive people.

Chances of Getting Overheated

One of biggest problems of traditional down comforters is that they get overheated. It creates a significant issue in those confusing seasons when you are not sure whether to put the comforter or not.

Tougher cleaning

While these down comforters are comfortable, they are hard to clean. They soak a lot of water and tough to clean in a washing machine. Some users have switched to down alternative one just for their easier cleaning opportunities.

Why Choose Hypoallergenic Double Brushed Down Alternative Comforter?

For me, Lavish Comforts’ down goose alternative comforter is a must buy. There are some reasons for that. As a comfort lover, I would give this down alternative comforter and “a grade” review.

Those who seek for ultimate comfort without the hassle of allergy, this hypoallergenic double brushed down alternative comforter is a perfect choice. Let me clarify the more-

1. Softer than Egyptian cotton

If you are looking an out of the box down alternative comforter, this is it!! Its users have already commented it was softer than Egyptian cotton. It is made with premium quality double brushed 1800 series fibers. After those long and hard working days, this beauty will surely take you to the heavens.

2. Treat yourself to luxury

A high number of customers said that they are going to buy the product that ensures luxury. Who doesn’t like owning a superior quality comforter? Products that we use define us! Be a proud owner of Lavish Comforts’ Hotel Luxury 1800 Series Collection down alternative comforter.

3. Hassle Free Washing

As I have said before, the greatest problem with down comforters is their maintenance. They are pretty darn tough to clean. This hypoallergenic double brushed down alternative comforter ensures the ease to clean it with your washing machine.

This is probably one of most desirable features that you should give importance to. Mark my words, if your comforter is not washable then you are going to regret. Make your bedding life easy and hassle free.

4. Hypo-Allergenic

Allergy! One of the most unpleasing words in some of our life. People being allergic to duck or goose feather is a very typical scenario.

This real beauty has poly fiber fill that is completely allergy free. Doesn’t accumulate dust or any allergenic materials. Yes, my friends, you can now say goodbye to allergy and feel the heavenly comfort of down goose comforters.

5. Improved Construction

Say bye bye to filling shifting! This hypoallergenic double brushed down alternative comforter is made from luxurious quality fiber fills. The excellent quality baffle box construction will ensure zero clustering of the fills. So you can stop panicking about your precious comforter being rugged. The easy care fabric is loved its users.

6. Queen dimensions

The comforter has the perfect queen sizes. The dimension is 90”x 90”. The comforter being perfect in size is vital to a lot of buyers out there.

    • Luxurious down goose alternative comforter
    • Superior softness
    • Machine washable
    • 100% hypoallergenic
    • Double brushed poly fiber fills
    • Baffle box construction
    • Shifting resistance design
    • Queen size

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  • 100% hypo-allergenic Poly fiber fills
  • Baffle box construction ensuring zero shifting of fills
  • Lightweight
  • Superior fluffiness and comfort
  • 74 oz. fill
  • Machine washable


  • Attracts animal fur which can be very irritating for a lot of people
  • Doesn’t have all season usability, a bit warm for the summers
Some FAQ's

Que: Is this as fluffy as the picture shows to be?

Ans: It is.

Que: I live in Florida and wake up during the night overheated but love comforters, does this one breathe a little?

Ans: Breaths a lot. It’s like having a cloud on you.

Que: How come in some pictures the squares look smaller than the video someone posted?

Ans: Maybe for a weird angle. The product has squares has exactly shown in the pictures.

Que: Is the comforter very thick with a high volume?

Ans: No but it is thick enough.

Que: I was wondering if this blanket is vegan-friendly, is the fabric just cotton or there are feathers added?

Ans: No it is entirely cotton. Does not have any feather.

The Final Say

So the final verdict is that, if you are someone looking for an allergy-free ultimate comfort, this is it! Among all the hypoallergenic double brushed down alternative comforter, this comforter will ensure the best kind of coziness.

Enjoy the comfort of down goose comforters with a choice. It's feather light weight has charmed almost every buyer. So what are you guys waiting for?

Grab a couple of the masterpiece for you and your loved ones. Mark my words; you will never regret buying this ultimate comfort.

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