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Platform bed vs box spring bed – Info graphic

 Platform bedA platform bed is a type of a bed frame that has a platform supportive to the surface. Solid platform or slat platform can make it. It is made in such a way that supports the mattress perfectly. It is different from box spring types of foundation or traditional types of foundation. The slats of a platform […]

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  • Updated 6 months ago

how to clean carpet stains

 Most of the people do not have proper knowledge about how to spot clean a carpet. Do not delay; get started for removing the stain or old spot by following our tips. Otherwise your beloved carpet losses it’s pretty apparent.Carpet-stainsBefore going to start washing or removing the stain, don’t be hurry. We have many ways to clear […]

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How to spot clean a comforter – Tips & Tricks Like a Practical

Down comforter looks pretty and good if no stains find on it. And also it is one of the most favorite items to the people. There are some common enemies of down comforter you can find during washing it.Enemies-of-down-comforterAmong all of them, stains are the most common.Precaution before remove stains from your down comforterStains-of-Down-Comforter You […]

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How to wash a goose down comforter in a washing machine

Washing a goose down comforter is not hard to do. Just you have to be careful to do it rightly. Washing a goose down comforter is not a regular work. People generally it after a year of using.It is a special type of down comforter. It is highly sensitive and costly down comforter. It requires extra […]

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How To Find The Right Pillow For You – Info-graphic

One thing is common to every people, throughout all over the world is that all like a good, soundless, deep and healthy sleeping. But which one is far most important at the time of sleeping, this is the important question. Good and suitable mattress, platform bed or other types of beds, down comforter, all are […]

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Things To be Considered Before Buying A Bed Frame – Infographic

Among all of the furniture of the house, the bed frame is the most common and important. Normally most of the people spend almost one-third of their life on the bed. For a dreamy sleep a suitable bed frame, a suitable mattress, a suitable down comforter or duvet insert and a suitable pillow are important. Among all of these things, […]

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  • Updated 7 months ago
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