Jersey Sheets vs Microfiber

Everyone wants to sleep on a nice pair of sheets. But finding the right sheets is easier said than done. You can’t just select a set based on its size and appearance. You must also consider the material from which it is made. In fact, the material is the most important consideration.

There is where the ‘Jersey sheets vs Microfiber’ debate enters the picture. Is one of them superior to the other?

Jersey Sheets

If you have never heard of the Jersey fabric, this is what you should know:

1). It is a type of knit. It is most commonly found in cotton. Though, you can use any other type of fabric, including polyester and wool.

2). Jersey fabric has a casual look to it which is why it is inexpensive. People like it because it makes them feel like they are wearing a nice t-shirt. You can make more luxurious and lavish sheets from jersey fabric. But most of the sheets you encounter on the market these days are not that sophisticated.

3). The Jersey fabric was named after the island of Jersey which is located between England and France. It is part of the Channel Islands. It is also the largest island among them.

The proliferation of the fabric can be imputed to Gabriel ‘Coco’ Chanel who introduced Jersey to the fashion industry in 1916, making it an integral part of the fashion wear of the times. Before the Jersey fabric gained prominence, the island of Jersey was known more for the Jersey cows that were reared on it.

4). Jersey is everywhere these days. You can find it in every material you can imagine. As was mentioned above, it can be found in lavish products as well as their casual counterparts. Both adults and teens love it because, as was also mentioned, the sheets feel like your favorite t-shirt.

5). Sheets made from the fabric do not crease. Once you store them, they will maintain their shape until you take them out. Ironing is not required.

6). The fabric resists fading and shrinking. This allows Jersey sheets to look and feel new for a long time.

7). The fabric is flexible. It will stretch without distorting. It is also quite breathable, keeping sleepers comfortable even in humid conditions. If you sweat a lot, the fabric is non-sticky.


Some people are more familiar with microfiber than they are with Jersey sheets. Microfiber is synthetic. It consists of extremely thin strands that are woven tightly to produce a flexible fabric.

It is normally made from polyester. Though, you can use other synthetic materials like nylon. Even though it isn’t organic, microfiber isn’t as bad for the environment as some people presume because its manufacturing process does not involve the use of pesticides.

Unlike the cotton from which Jersey sheets are made, the dying process associated with microfiber doesn’t use that much water. In that regard, microfiber could be better for the environment than Jersey sheets.

It can hold up to seven times its weight in water. These moisture-wicking properties will keep hot sleepers dry at night.

Top 4 Differences between Jersey Sheets and Microfiber

Because both fabrics have so much to offer, most people would gladly buy both of them. But if you must choose just one, you should keep the following in mind:

1). Environment

Believe it or not, both fabrics are environmentally friendly, to an extent. Obviously, Jersey sheets are superior because they are organic. So, their long-term negative impact on the planet is smaller. But microfiber sheets are not as bad for the environment as people think

2). Money

Both fabrics are quite cheap. However, while Jersey sheets have a reputation for being affordable, on average, they are more expensive than microfiber because they use cotton.

Cotton is organic. Organic fabrics like cotton incur costs resulting from the growing of the cotton, harvesting, spinning, weaving, and the like. And those costs impact the overall price of the sheets.

3). Breathability

Of the two, microfiber sheets are thinner. They are still strong but their construction isn’t as thick. However, the Jersey fabric is more breathable. This is because it is cotton which has a reputation for being cool and crisp.

4). Maintenance

Both fabrics are strong enough to survive extensive washing. But Jersey sheets take longer to wash and dry because they are thicker and heavier.  

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