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One day I walked into my bedroom after a long day at work, and the room just felt drab. Perhaps it is because I have had the same furniture arrangement for the past six years or the fact that the color pallet had not changed since I moved into this apartment. Whatever it was, I was suddenly not getting the relaxed feel I used to associate my room with.

I knew the room needed a splash of color but was I ready for all the hassle that comes with repainting the walls? At the moment, I couldn’t afford new furniture, so that was also out of the question. Then it dawned on me: how about getting new bedding? Probably an entire lime green bed in a bag set and not just a lime green duvet cover.

It was about time I replaced my duvet anyway. On my last wash, I had noticed some wear and tear along the edges.

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I have always had a liking for lime green but could not quite incorporate it into my decor because I thought it was too bold and would be hard to match with my existing color pallet. After some digging into, I came to realize that lime green bedding would look great beside my brown dresser and my dark blue carpet so why not?

After all, lime green and navy blue bedding tends to look rather polished. I was also drawn to the brightness of lime green and purple bedding as well as lime green and teal bedding. I would even constantly find myself daydreaming about lime green chevron bedding.

There is something very calming about the color green; perhaps it is its association with nature. Psychologically, green is a color associated with tranquility, balance, healing, and relaxation. This makes it a perfect color to incorporate into your bedroom because who wouldn’t want to feel relaxed whenever they enter into their sanctum?

Whether you opt for lime green and navy bedding sets, a lime green and brown bedding set or a lime green and gray bedding set, this is one color choice you will not regret.

I finally came up with a list of the 10 best lime green duvet set recommendations I would confidently offer to anyone looking to make the bold purchase.

Reviews 10 Best Lime Green Comforter

1. King & Queen Home® Modern 3 Piece Reversible Microfiber comforter set Review

If you were, unsure about whether lime green bedding truly is the choice you would want to go with, you could opt for lime green and black bedding sets.

Being reversible, the duvets of these lime green and black comforter sets come in lime green and black respectively. This way if the boldness of the green seems too overwhelming for your liking, you can simply flip to the black side. With the black side facing up you could turn the duvet down slightly at the head of the bed to reveal some lime green.

This microfiber comforter set has a soft and luxurious texture similar to the one found in sleeping bags. It is however extreme, and you will not experience any wear and tear even after several washes.

The filling comprises 100% polyester with hypoallergenic treatment to protect it from mildew, mold, and dander. This hypoallergenic property makes the duvet an excellent purchase for people with allergies.

Being a 3-piece lime green comforter set, upon purchasing this duvet you will get a lime green comforter in queen size measuring 88”x 88” and two pillowcases each measuring 20”x 28”.

The Pros

  • Like in most other lime green and black comforter sets, the duvet is reversible.
  • It is lime green on one side and black on the reverse side.
  • Hypoallergenic and allergy-free.
  • Very soft and warm.

The Cons

  • Might not be warm enough for winter
  • Might be slightly small for people who love a bit more overhang on the sides.

2. MK® Collection Down Alternative Comforter set 3pc (Full/Queen)

This MK® Collection Down Alternative lime green comforter set is the ideal purchase for those who enjoy a nice cuddle without getting too warm. The lime comforter is very light in weight making it perfect for all-season use, especially in warmer climates.

The 100% polyester fill is held in place using the box stitching technology thus ensuring that it will not bunch up or become compressed. 

Even after several washes, this duvet impressively retains its fluffiness. Double stitching has also been employed to strengthen the edges, therefore, prolonging the life of this comforter.

Like the King & Queen Home® Modern 3 Piece Reversible Microfiber comforter set, this one also comes in lime green on one side and black on the other. Lime green and black bedding sets often come with pillow cases that are also reversible hence allowing you to switch the colors up as desired.

One important thing to note though is the fact that the lime green bedding queen size duvet comes at 88” x 88”. Depending on your preferences, this might not give as much overhand as you would wish for. It, however, fits a queen bed just fine.

The Pros

  • The duvet is reversible.
  • Very comfortable and warm.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Thin enough for all-season use.

The Cons

  • Might not have the same thickness and warmth as a traditional duvet.
  • The lime green bedding queen size duvet may not be big enough for some, but there is the option of purchasing the lime green king size bedding instead.

3. D.I.D Aqua Blue Lime Green Floral Damask Print Comforter Bedding Set (Queen)

If you are not one to shy away from vibrant colors and prints, then lime green and blue bedding sets should be among your top picks.

This is a lime green and blue comforter set you would love to have in your room. Also a reversible duvet, it features lime green on one side and aqua blue on the other. Besides the vibrant colors, the duvet of this lime green and turquoise bedding set has a very attractive white damask print on each side.

Similar to lime green and pink bedding sets, this would make a great bedding option for a girl’s room. Of course, depending on the size of the bed you most likely would want to get the lime green bedding in twin size. When going with lime green twin bedding, make sure you get matching lime green sheets twin size as well.

The comforter cover is made of 100% polyester giving it a beautiful and soft texture. The fill is fluffy and snugly guaranteeing that your little one will enjoy a great night’s sleep while sleeping under this duvet.

On top of keeping you adequately warm, this lime green and blue comforter set would instantly brighten up any bedroom. If you look for matching lime green bed sheets and curtains, the interior decor of the room will be complete.

At 90” x 90”, this lime green comforter in queen size will comfortably fit a queen size bed giving just enough overhang as well.

The Pros

  • The duvet is reversible.
  • Very soft, fluffy and comfortable.
  • It comes with matching pillow shams measuring 20”x 26” and two pillows.
  • Adequately heavy for sufficient warmth even in colder seasons.
  • Very vibrant and colorful.

The Cons

  • The duvet is more of a queen size, not a full.
  • Does not come with matching lime green sheets queen size.

4. Clara Clark® Goose Down Alternative Reversible 3-Piece Comforter Set (King)

Everyone dreams of owning a goose down comforter. The only problem is for your dream to come true, you would have to have spent quite a lot of money especially when purchasing lime green king size bedding.

Natural goose down lime green bedspreads comforters are very luxurious and fluffy, but they are also costly. This where goose down alternative duvets come in handy though.

The Clara Clark® Goose Down Alternative lime green comforter set has a shell made of microfiber. As a result, it has nice soft silky feel ideal for people with sensitive skin and just generally people who enjoy sleeping against very soft bedding.

Couple this together with the plush polyester and polyester blend filling and you have yourself a very luxurious comforter. The polyester filling gives this duvet remarkable breath-ability rendering it a great duvet for all-season use.

Like all great duvets, this one features the classic box stitching and double stitched edges all round. These features ensure the filling stays in place for even distribution of breathable warmth. At the same time, it prevents the duvet for shifting around and bunching up.

This alternative down comforter comes in bold reversible colors: lime green on one side and royal blue on the other.

The Pros

  • The duvet provides breathable medium warmth.
  • Made of high-quality long-lasting materials.
  • The reversible duvet comes with reversible shams.
  • Wrinkle, shrink, fade and stain resistant shell.
  • Machine washable.
  • Resistant to dust mites.

The Cons

  • Some users found the fabric of the pillow shams to be a bit too thin for their liking.
  • Lime green king size duvet covers aren’t easy to come by.

5. Comfy Bedding® Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Comforter Set (Queen)

Some of the highest quality linens you can find in the world will most likely be made of microfiber. This fabric is that popular owing to its superior qualities of deterring pilling, pollen, and dust. This makes microfiber bedding ideal for use by people with allergies.

The Comfy Bedding® Reversible Microfiber Comforter is a classic duvet featuring black on one side and lime green on the other and thanks to the brushed microfiber, the shell is ultra-soft. 

Together with a 100% hypoallergenic polyester filling, the comforter gives breathable warmth while guaranteeing softness and fluffiness.

This duvet would keep you warm in winter and cool in summer proving to be among the best all-season duvets you could purchase.

Despite being made from high-quality materials, it also features the baffle box design together with piped edges.

Most people tend to shy away from using duvets due to fears that maintenance of the duvet might be a little hard and expensive. This is not always the case though. With this particular lime green queen comforter, you can simply wash it in your washing machine without having to worry about it losing its fluffiness or experiencing wear and tear.

The Pros

  • Features end-to-end baffle box stitching
  • Soft and hypoallergenic.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • The comforter gives breathable warmth.
  • Machine washable.

The Cons

  • At just 88”x 88”, the duvet is not long enough to provide sufficient overhang on either side of the bed.

6. Regal Comfort® The Woods Lime Green Camouflage 8pc Premium Luxury Comforter (King)

What screams luxury better than 8-piece lime green comforter sets queen size? This lime green camo bedding by Regal Comfort® comes together with a camouflage bed skirt, two lime green sheets in king size and four pillowcases. Two pillowcases are in a solid color whereas the other two come in a camouflage pattern.

The rustic woods camouflage pattern on the duvet set beautifully contrasts the vibrant lime green the comforter comes in to arrive at lime green camo bedding that is attractive yet manly.

This would be perfect to use on the beds in your rustic log cabin in the woods or better yet, get the lime green bedding in twin size and spruce up a boy’s room. If you choose to go with lime green twin bedding, then get lime green sheets twin size as well.

With a shell made of 100% micro fiber, you never have to worry about having your allergies irritated while using this lime green camo bedding. It is resistant to pollen, mildew, mold, dander and dust mites proving to be completely hypoallergenic and allergy-free.

Besides, the microfiber has a similar feel to the luxurious Egyptian cotton commonly used in high-end bed linen. It is very soft guaranteeing utmost comfort particularly for people with sensitive skin.

The Pros

  • Lightweight and breathable materials used.
  • The fully elasticized fitted sheet can securely fit a mattress 16” deep.
  • Can withstand constant washing and dry very fast.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe.
  • The fabric does not fade, bleed or wrinkle.
  • Ideal for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

The Cons

  • The lime green sheet set is very soft and slippery so you might have some trouble making it stay on the mattress.

7. Luxe Bedding® 3-PCS Reversible Down Alternative Duvet / Comforter Set (Full/Queen)

So far, my favorite color combination has to be lime green and gray bedding, which is probably why this reversible duvet made it on my list.

Immediately you touch this lime and gray bedding, you can tell that they are made of high-quality materials.

Featuring a 100% micro fiber shell as well as a 100%goose down alternative polyester fiber filling, this lime green quilt bedding is very soft to touch giving a nice cozy feel when rubbed up against your skin. It is also very breathable and very lightweight.

Polyester is known to be a very breathable material meaning that it can keep you sufficiently warm on extremely cold nights and comfortably cool and cozy during warmer seasons. This way this lime and gray bedding can be used all year long thus giving you your money’s worth.

The breathable nature of the duvet is enhanced further by the box stitching quilted design. By keeping the filling within pockets, warmth is evenly distributed all through the duvet. Besides, the box stitching also keeps the filling in place thus preventing it from shifting and clumping.

The Pros

  • have all-season usability due to its impressive breath-ability.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Very soft, plush and lightweight.
  • Hypoallergenic.

The Cons

  • At 88”x 88”, this queen size comforter in this lime green and gray bedding set may not be sufficient for some users’ liking.
  • The microfiber shell could collect pet fur quite easily.

8. Legacy Decor® 9 Pc Microfiber Comforter Set (King)

Upon purchasing this lime green comforter set, you get a comforter, a bed skirt, four shams and three decorative pillows.

Though it is irreversible, this lime green quilt duvet has been beautifully crafted to incorporate a white piped edge. It also has an attractive embroidered pattern on the surface of the duvet. This pattern is featured on the throw pillows as well, and the result is a wonderful mix of white and lime green all topped off with a simple yet eye-catching embroidered pattern.

Being made of 100% high quality brushed micro fiber; you will find that the comforter is very soft to the touch. The 100% polyester filling gives this lime green and white bedding incredible breath-ability and comfort allowing usage of the duvet all through the seasons.

At 102” x 92”, this king size comforter is large enough to fit an actual king size bed while giving sufficient overhang on either side. The bed skirt measures 78”x 80” while the pillow shams measure 20”x 36” each.

The Pros

  • The lime green and white bedding have a very attractive look featuring embroidery and a pleated design.
  • Made from high-quality microfiber.
  • All-season usability
  • Machine washable and dryer safe.

The Cons

  • It might be too thin to provide sufficient warmth for cold sleepers.

9. Kimlor® Lime Green Zebra 13 Pc Bedding Set (Queen)

These 13-piece lime green bedding and curtains sets categorize into two: an 8-piece queen bedding set and a 5-piece valance/drape set. The 8-piece bedding set comprises a lime green queen comforter, two lime green sheets in queen size, two pillow shams, two pillowcases and a bed skirt. On the other hand, the drape set comprises a valance, 2-rod pocket drapes, and two tie backs. Now, this justifies the costly price tag, doesn’t it?

There is something very jungle-like about this comforter. Then again, it might be because it comes in the design of zebra stripes. It is a reversible design, so one side features black zebra stripes on a lime green background while the other features leopard pattern on the same green backdrop. It is quite eye-catching.

While the comforter is reversible, the shams only come in zebra print. On the other hand, the bed skirt and the lime green sheet set all come in leopard print.

They are all made of poly/cotton percale, and therefore, are sufficiently soft, and have excellent absorption properties.

The queen comforter measures a generous 86" x 94" which gives plenty of overhang on either side of the bed. It also features a subtle design on the surface to hold the filling in place preventing shifting and bunching.

The Pros

  • Soft and fluffy.
  • Features very attractive eye-catching patterns.
  • The bedding has all-season usability.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • The complete package comes with lime green bedding and curtains sets.

The Cons

  • The comforter might not be thick enough to provide sufficient warmth during winter.

10. All American Collection® 6pc Printed Reversible Bedspread Set with Dust Ruffle (Queen)

First, you should note that this is a quilt and not a comforter. It is much lighter in weight and so is primarily the kind of bedding you throw over your shoulders to keep warm while watching a movie. Not what you reach for on a chilly winter night.

Never the less, lime green and blue bedding sets are very eye-catching. In this particular set, the lime green quilt bedding is beautifully crafted. 

Being reversible, it is blue-green on one side and lime-green on the reverse side. Both sides feature different patterns, with the lime-green side bearing a bolder pattern.

Besides the quilt, you get two decorative pillows, two shams, and a dust ruffle. They are all made of 100% polyester thus are remarkably soft and lightweight. You have the option of purchasing the set together with matching curtains or without.

The queen-size quilt measures 90”x 90” guaranteeing a comfortable fit with sufficient overhang on any queen size bed.

The Pros

  • Made from high-quality polyester.
  • Very vibrant patterned design.
  • Large enough for a queen sized bed.
  • Light enough for use in summer.

The Cons

  • It is a quilt and not a comforter. Therefore, it is much lighter in weight simply serving the purpose of a throw.

Types of Lime Green Comforters

When it comes to purchasing the best lime green comforter sets, the essence is to find the exact shade and pattern that works for you. Besides that, though understand that lime bedding comes in many variations including:

A: Variations In Warmth Level

Are you looking for lime green bedding sets to use even in the winter months or are you simply looking for lime green bed covers to throw over your bed instantly adding a splash of color to the room? When buying lime green comforter sets queen size, make sure you confirm whether the duvet is heavy, medium, lightweight or a quilt.

B: Reversible vs. Irreversible Duvets

When it comes to the best lime green comforter sets, I vouch for reversible duvets as they give you more freedom regarding color schemes within the room. I also find them a suitable option for when you are still unsure about whether you are ready for the vibrancy lime bedding sets give a room.

For the reverse side, you could get a safer color such as is the case with lime green and navy blue bedding

C: Solid Color vs. Patterned Lime green Duvet Set

You have the option of getting lime green comforter sets in a solid color such as a lime green and brown bedding set, or in a patterned kind of design. Of course, the latter will be much more vibrant and cheerful.

Buying Guide

Lime green comforters vary in a wide range of aspects. Besides looking for one in a pretty shade of lime green or a vibrant color, other things to pay attention to are:

Quality of Materials

  • Do these lime green comforters bleed and fade when washed?
  • The last thing you want is to end up with vibrant lime bedding that fades or bleeds. Therefore, make sure you buy lime green bedspreads comforters that have been made with color lock technology or have been made using high-quality fabrics that will not fade, stain or wrinkle. 
  • An excellent example of high-quality bedding is the lime green chevron bedding that adds instant glam to any room.

Thread Count

  • Does thread count matter when buying lime green bedding sets? What is the difference between a low and a high thread count?
  • Fabrics with higher thread counts, say 1400, generally tend to be finer and smoother. These fabrics have a rich, silky feel and are lighter in weight. As a result, they provide more airiness and comfort to the sleeper.
  • A higher thread counter also results in a tighter weave. The duvet is, therefore, better protected against penetration of pollen, dust mite, stains, etc. Just as well, it becomes harder for down to work its way to the surface of the fabric.

Size of the bed

If you have a twin size bed, then get a lime green twin comforter together with lime green twin sheets. Just as well, for a baby’s room, get lime green nursery bedding. When bedding is the right fit, it gives a better look to the room and enhances the user’s comfort.

A lime green twin comforter and lime green twin sheets would be too small on a queen size bed just the same way king size bedding would be too droopy on a single bed. For the latter, you are just better off using lime green single bedding.


A lime green comforter in twin size would be cheaper than a king size comforter of the same design and brand. However, of course, you would be buying a lime green comforter in twin size for a twin size bed and a king size comforter for a king size bed.


For ease of color coordination, I would advise that you buy lime green bedding sets. It does not matter whether it is a 3-piece set or a 13-piece set. Having matching pillow shams, bed sheets, decorative pillows, curtains, valance, etc. will make it easier to incorporate the bold color into your existing decor. This would be a much better option as opposed to simply getting a lime green duvet cover.

Moreover, the microfiber fillings of these comforters can give you unbeatable comfort throughout the night. You can also get a similar level of comforter from a microfiber blanket .

Lime bedding sets may seem like a very bold choice but do not shy away from incorporating it into your space. If you find it too overwhelming at first, consider getting a reversible lime comforter. You may go for safer colors such as lime green and gray bedding, lime green and navy bedding, lime green and pink bedding sets, lime green and purple bedding, lime green and turquoise bedding or even lime green and teal bedding.

Whether you are looking for lime green baby bedding for a newborn’s nursery, Lime green single bedding for your guest room or lime green bed linen for your master bedroom, you cannot go wrong with this color. Better yet, lime green baby bedding or lime green nursery bedding, in general, would be a perfect gift for a new mother seeing as the color is conveniently unisex.

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