Memory Foam Neck Pillow Review - Great for Neck Pain, Sleeping & Travel

To starts a great day, awake after a long peaceful sleep. And the Memory Foam Neck Pillow by Perform Pillow can be your perfect companion to sleep great and fresh. It also helps you to get rid of any annoying pain problem like the neck, shoulder or back pains. Because it has the ability to adopt the exact shape of your head and shoulder so that it can give you proper support and keep align your body. It not only helps you get rid of pains but also help you sleep peacefully.

In this article, we are going to present you all the details about Memory Foam Neck Pillow after a research about neck pillow.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow - Orthopedic Contour - Chiropractor Designed and...

Chiropractors Recommended

This pillow is not like other ordinary foam pillows. This special Memory Foam Neck Pillow by Perform Pillow is different from all. This pillow is designed and test by chiropractors and it they strongly recommend this pillow to chiropractic patients. Because it can support exactly where need it and help you to feel relax. So those persons who are suffering from neck r back problem must use this pillow.

Provide proper supports

The Memory Foam Neck Pillow by Perform Pillow is designed for promoting proper spin alignment during sleep. Its contoured design can adopt any shape and sizes adjust with any weight. So you can get enough support and firmness but in a proper and healthy way.

Special cover for special pillow

This is a standard size neck pillow and comes with a breathable bamboo cover. So you don’t have to need any extra cover to keep it clean, cool and comfortable. Usually, it doesn’t get dirty so quickly. This special cover is enough for taking care of all.


The Memory Foam Neck Pillow by Perform Pillow is specially made with hypoallergenic materials. So there will no problem of allergies like runny easy or stuffy head. In fact, it doesn’t hold any microscopic elements from the airs that can cause allergy problems. So wake up every morning refreshed and clear with this amazing pillow.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow - Orthopedic Contour - Chiropractor Designed and...
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Memory Foam Neck Pillow - Orthopedic Contour - Chiropractor Designed and...
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOAM - We Use a Special Density Foam and Orthopedic Design...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - The Foam we use Does Not Contain Mercury, Lead, and Other Heavy...
  • BAMBOO COVER - Our Ultra-Luxurious Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover is so...
  • GREAT FOR PEOPLE WITH ALLERGIES - The Last thing You Want is to Sleep on a...
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO USE - Whether you Like to Sleep on your Back or on Your Side...

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Features At a Glance

    • Eco-friendly product
    • Free from harmful chemical or materials
    • Made in the USA
    • The cover of the pillow- Ultra Luxurious Kool-FlowTM Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover
    • Cover is machine washable
    • Cover made with 43% Bamboo 56% Polyester
    • The pillow- high grade and Special density memory foam
    • Recommended by chiropractors
    • Can give proper support and comfort
    • Extra breathable
    • Allergy free
    • Supports back and side sleeping.
    • People Both large and small neck can use the pillow
    • Easy cleanable

Things We Like

    • Help you to get rid of any kind of back or neck pain
    • Very comfortable to use, every time.
    • Help you to relax and sleep easily.
    • Machine washable cover.
    • It’s made with hypoallergenic materials so who have this type of situation can use this safely.
    • Give proper support to your neck, shoulder and back 

Things We Didn't Like

    • The odor of the pillow can bite annoying.
    • The height of the pillow may not adjustable for everyone.

Que- What is the dimension of the pillow?

Ans- The dimension of the pillow is 19 x 15 x 5 inches.

Que- Is this pillow sold at any local shops?

Ans- No, it only found on Amazon. But if you are not satisfied with the product then you can return the product and claim for refund also.

This pillow is much lighter and better than any other kind of pillow. It can get you more comfort and relaxations even you are suffering from any bad aggressive pain. So heal all of your neck or back pain with this amazing pillow and sleep better than before. Use the Memory Foam Neck Pillow by Perform Pillow and get the ultimate comfort in the better price and service.

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