Top 12 MLILY Mattress Reviews 2020

Don't we all look forward to that time of the night when we can delve into our beds and cozy around comfortably for the much-needed rest time? Well, I do! And it's not enough to just cozy on a couch, the bed should be an ideal one, and it starts with the type of mattress it has on.

The human physic has contours that when lying down, may have pressure points that can be quite uncomfortable. It’s worse if you suffer bone issues or in old age. So it’s important that the mattress onto which you rest on must be made with that in mind — constructed to give you comfort, reliefs pressure points, support and ultimately provide you the most suitable surface to rest. Now, We want to give you top 12 MLILY Mattress Reviews and a comprehensive look into the different types of Mlily mattresses available in the market, leaving the decision on you to make a choice.

MLILY is renowned as the legend of comfort. They 'redefine sleep’ by creating sleep products specially intended to improve how people sleep. Aligned to their mission, they understand the science of sleep and the importance of having a good sleep. For them, a proper bed should benefit your health your lifestyle and improve personal performance. 

With years of industry experience, they work round the clock doing research, testing, implementing and improving and following their mission of giving you better sleep each night. However, looking for more option, read out Leesa Mattress Reviews.

Types of Mlily Mattresses and their Reviews

With so many Mlily mattresses available in the market note that they are either a Gel memory foam mattress, a pure Memory foam mattress or their advanced hybrid mattress. Each category has a particular composition in its creation and therefore differs in performance too. Though we can bet, they are all competitive.

Gel memory foam mattress 

A Gel Memory foam matters is a mattress made from viscoelastic and infused in gel foam. A gel memory foam combines both technologies of memory and gel infusion into the production of a mattress to create a product to assist in pain relief and offer a more relaxed sleep. The gel infusion could either be throughout the top layer or near the surface of the mattress.

 With this regard, Mlily offers the following gel memory mattress.

​Energize Gel memory foam mattress

Mlily Energize + Gel 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress (King)

The Energize Gel memory foam mattress is designed towards providing the utmost comfort for a deeper, better sleep.

It has a comfortable plush feel that gives it a warm and cozy feel. A cooling kit cover that improves airflow, so you breathe well while asleep, the mattress is nothing short of luxury.

Its high-performance luxury is facilitated by the Air cell memory foam for temperature regulation and breathability, bamboo charcoal infusion that keeps it cool. The liquid gel flex-foam and the egg embossed foam for contouring comfort. The high versatile flex comfort base supports body weight maximum.

Ideal for the whole family, you are assured of pleasant rest every night, a log service and a ten-year warranty. 

Bliss Gel memory foam mattress

MLILY 15’’ Bliss Memory Foam Mattress with Removable Foam Quilted Cover...

The bliss gel memory foam mattress features layers of bamboo memory foam added on a gel core memory foam combined with the M48 high-density memory foam and the ultra core memory foam for a soft, supportive bed. 

With the primary goal of the design being to deliver unchallenged pressure relief, the bamboo layer works towards heat dissipation channeling it away from your body. The gel core and ultra core enhances comfort as it contours well to our bodies while the high-density foam provides excellent support. The mattress has a silk cover that is comfortable and durable.

From the construction, the mattress is suitable for individuals with bone issues, back problems and the old. It will contour well and relief all pains they may be having while enhancing healthy body balance. Compared to other varieties, Bliss is a luxuriously soft and quality mattress that delivers beyond its expectations. Customer reviews show a more satisfied lot. So make it your selection, as it is ours.

Serenity Gel memory foam mattress

Comfortable Memory Foam 13' Pillow Affordable Mattress (King)

The serenity gel memory foam is designed to provide ultimate comfort for the sleeper. Its foam layers are high density and toxin-free components that are environmentally friendly and safe.

It features 7 layers the top being the cooling kit fabric that disseminates body heat, the second layer being the Aircell memory foam for proper air distribution within. The bamboo charcoal memory foam keeps it cooler. The liquid gel flex-foam and the egg embossed foam assist in body contour and pressure point relief. The bottom layer is the flex comfort foam base which is the thickest layer that keeps the mattress firm to enable firm support of body weight.

The serenity brand challenges other competitors with its top service delivery and safety measures; enhanced with organic infusions that include aloe vera and castor oil that give it a much softer feel. It is also chemicals and metal-free with low emissions with a quality fine feel.

Give yourself a stress-free comfort and a 10-year warranty with our most recommended mattress, serenity gel memory foam mattress. 

Certipur-US Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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The Certipur-US Gel Memory foam mattress features comforting layers of ventilated memory foam and quilted gel core memory foam. It’s the quality and affordability of Mlily mattress, constructed from premium fabrics built with Certipur –Us tested and certified foams.

The formulation is composed of;

Semi open-cell structures that use fewer chemicals and maintain the right balance between airflow and recovery time. Other variations; the closed and full open structures tend to trap heat and sink quickly, respectively.

Plant-based oils; castor seed and plant oil as an alternative to petroleum chemicals.

Bamboo charcoal that eliminates the use of pesticides is antimicrobial and absorbs odor. The bamboo infusion on the memory foam is breathable and cooler facilitated by the thousands of micropores. 

Aloe vera keeps off bacteria and fungi and is gentle making it suitable for sensitive skin.

The mattress cover contains 40 percent blended bamboo fibers that are porous and durable for better airflow and better sleep.

Mlily ensures its formulation uses products that have less impact on the environment, are safe for the user and durable. We recommend the Certipus –Us Gel memory foam as one of the most reliable and accommodative mattress. 

Harmony Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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The harmony memory foam Mattress is a comfort memory series among the Mlily products designed as a no-flip mattress and provides a balanced medium feel for a no-pressure comfort.

The top cover is made of double jacquard knit fabric that is antimicrobial for proper management and prevention of bacterial spread. The cover is removable, and the machine washes friendly. So you need not worry about the maintenance or keeping it clean.

Underneath the cover is layers of 2" gel core gel-infused memory foam that improves airflow and heat dispensations within the mattress, giving a much cooler sleep. Next is a 2" ultra-core rebound memory foam that is supported with high performance and the bottom features a 6" base foam that has higher resiliency for consistent support and longevity.

Get exceptional comfort without compromise better than the traditional mattress and competing with large brands at a fraction of the price. This is the best choice in that its suitable and recommended for anyone who wants a good night's sleep that will ultimately improve their health and performance. 

Ambiance Gel Infused Memory Foam mattress

MLILY Ambiance Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin XL Mattress

Ambiance Gel-infused memory foam mattress is designed to set the mood, giving a feeling of refined luxury and a fresh comfort aura right for our environment. It prepares us for a good night's sleep from its structure to its appearance, and you can't resist.

For an 11 in mattress, the top layer dream foam is 1.5" while the next synthetic foam is 2.5" and the base foam is 7.0". Its top cover is a beautiful silk blended fabric with a suede accent comfortable to our skin. The below layers comprise of gel-infused memory foam that keeps the mattress cool. The dream foam is latex-free with neutral temperatures. The foam also boasts with versatility, flexibility, and resilience while being soft and well ventilated. The base area foam has a high resistance that ensures you are well supported. It is also sturdy for longer service delivery.

The king-size mattress comes with a ten-year product warranty with an assured high performance. We recommend this mattress for large families that are looking for value on their investment. You won't go wrong with the Ambiance Gel-infused memory foam mattress. Try it! 

Memory Foam mattress 

Memory foam is a synthetic material artificially made to a compound called polyurethane. Polyurethane contains cavities capable of trapping air similar to a sponge. These properties give a unique structure that is comfortable and flexible. The more reasons why it is used for mattresses. Infused in a bed the foam deform when pressure is exhibited but returns to the former structure once the weight is lifted. It comfortably conforms to your body shape and accommodates it well.

Mlily has various memory foam mattresses including;

Dreamer Memory Foam Mattress

MLILY Dreamer Memory Faom Mattress (Queen)

The dreamer Memory Foam mattress is just that. A dreamer that offers a visionary for you to escape to a world of fantasy. A fantasy that lets you experience a good memory foam, exploring its supple cushioning and comfort all at affordable pricing.

Comfort is a priority for the dreamer mattress. Constructed from an assortment of fabrics, you can be sure that your bargain is worth it.

The foams are Certipur –Us tested and certified meaning only quality materials are used in building this mattress. Components used have less environmental impact meaning they are safe. This also shows the company is environmentally conscious while giving customer satisfaction.

The dream memory foam mattress is comprised of genuine memory foam of 1.5” and 4.5” of base foam, combination for a comfortable, resilient and ventilated mattress. We offer you the best quality mattress at the best lowest market price.

For your family and friends, we think the dreamer memory foam mattress will hold it down for you. No regrets!

Calm Memory Foam Mattress

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As the name suggests, you get to unwind and relax, allowing your body rest and your brain to rejuvenate after a long day’s work. Get to wake up with the poise and composure to face a new day.

The calm memory foam mattress is a beautiful bed featuring classic memory foam for you to explore. It is built from ecofriendly premium fabrics certified by the highest authority standards. Features plant-based oils and bamboo infusion components that keep it safe and ensure it delivers for an undisturbed slumber.

It is a luxurious quality product designed to give you the ultimate sleep experience for a healthy balanced life. The calm mattress is most suitable for workaholics who tire so much at work and need a space to reenergize.

Live above the fray with this mattress!

Vitality Memory Foam mattress

MLILY 12’’ Vitality + Memory Foam Mattress with Breathable and...

The Vitality memory foam is a bamboo copper series with the main intention to offer you an improved deep sleep. To achieve this; the mattress features a double jacquard fabric for the cover-offers comfort, and breathability. It has a layer of bamboo charcoal memory foam- high-temperature regulation, moisture dispersion, and odor management. It offers better airflow within the mattress, so you sleep cool. It also conforms well to your body contours and adapts to your body's pressure points, eliminating and relieving any pains.

Copper infusion is designed to control temperatures and hypoallergenic issues. Patients with allergies can sleep sound with no risk of infections. The base layer is a Flex support foam that is sturdy enough to support body weight for long periods. 

With a non-removable non-washable cover, you may need to use add mattress cover for proper care. Otherwise, get yourself a top-rated competitive product with a long term service delivery — a big challenger for top brands in terms of performance and service. 

Serene Memory Foam mattress

MLILY 13’’ Serene Elite Memory Foam Mattress (Queen)

The Serene Memory foam mattress is created with your health in mind. The foam is naturally hypoallergenic. This ensures is keeps away mold, bacteria, and allergens that may cause diseases and infections to its users.

The health aspect incrusted in design this mattress ensured nothing was overlooked. The memory foam used will conform to your body shape, enhancing proper spinal alignment and pressure relief. The bed takes care of you. By aligning your body as should, it solves issues of pain that may originate from lying on uncomfortable tough surfaces. No more pains on your neck or back. Experience relief on paining area such as cervical and sciatic and hip joints.

The Serene Memory foam mattress is our best pick for individuals who have breathing problems or are highly sensitive or have bone issues. Keep yourself safe and away from infections with this mattress.

With our type of quality, your rest is assured.

Hybrid Mattress 

The hybrid mattress is the ideal choice for any consumer. They offer the best of both worlds. Having a combination of inner springs and layers of memory foam, you get to experience a sturdy support and contouring comfort. Their construction gives them a long life span of above ten years.

Fusion Luxe

MLILY 12.5’’ Fusion Luxe Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress (King)

The Fusion luxe primary mission is to offer strong support and contour your body for a very long time. In a bid to achieve the above, the mattress features seven layers incorporated for maximum performance. 

From bottom layer 7 is an added flex support foam for an enhanced corner support

Layer 6 is the flex support border for all the corners of the mattress to facilitate body weight support.

Layer 5 is 6.3" pocket springs totaling to 1000 that are carefully laid to maximize sturdiness of the mattress

Layer 4 is a 1.5” unique layer of Aero flex foam to make the mattress adaptable and improve consistency in airflow

Layer 3 is a 1.5” smart foam that is an anti-allergic while being flexible and breathable. Adapts to body contours

Layer 2 is a 1.5” Gel air cell foam that is scientifically engineered to regulate temperatures and for high performance

Layer 1 is the cooling fabric with an adequate airflow for a more relaxed sleep.

All these aspects make the Fusion luxe appear slightly bulky, but for the expected performance, that is least of concerns. 

Advanced technology and supreme performance give it stand with its competitors beating them at their own game! 

Mlily Fusion Supreme

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Fushion supreme hybrid mattress features advanced foam layers combined with inner springs to offer high comfort and durability. The construction of the mattress ensures it outperforms itself and is suitable for a large family. The queen size can comfortably accommodate at least three medium-sized persons on daily use.

In a snippet, the layers are comprised of top double jacquard fabric for high comfort, air cell foam for high performance, the bamboo charcoal layer for proper moisture regulation. The flex comfort foam enhances supple feel, pocket springs that keep the mattress in shape, the flex support boarder and foam for more sturdiness.

The foam and spring layers give it its performance ratio while the hypoallergenic fabrics keep you safe while using. So whether you have breathing issues, bone problems, sensitive skin or are in your old age, this mattress is sure to handle you.      

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