Natural down comforters VS Synthetic alternative down comforters | Infographic

Most people are always confused when deciding between a down comforter or synthetic alternative. The two types have numerous differences and benefits. Therefore it is wise to consider factors such as cost, design, warmth and aesthetic when selecting between the two.

1. Basics

A natural down comforter is manufactured of bird's down, this means it is feathery, fluffy keeping the user warm just as it can on a bird.

Synthetic alternatives are made from synthetic fibers obtained from a plant. You can find a long threaded synthetic comforter or a short stapled comforter.

2. Allergies

People who have allergies should avoid using natural down comforters because they easily accumulate dust.

Synthetic comforters are hypoallergenic. If you have allergies, the best choice for is alternative down comforters.

3. Water resistance

Natural down comforters should only be professionally cleaned with mild detergents. This because they are hard to dry especially when they absorb water. They are also sensitive to washing detergents and you cannot machine wash.

Alternative down comforters are easy to clean because they shed more water than natural down comforters. They can be machine washed as well.

4. Cost

Natural down comforters are expensive since the natural down is harvested from birds. Getting the down from a bird is costly since a lot of labor is needed. The cost will also vary depending on the type of down used. If you want a cheap natural down comforter, go for one made from duck down and not goose down. The price of a natural down comforter may be $150 more than a synthetic down comforter of the same size.

Synthetic comforters are less expensive. They are made from readily available materials making them cheaper.

When comparing a Natural down comforter and a Synthetic alternative down comforter, consider the above factors and you will not be confused.

Remember, a natural down may be expensive but it will provide more comfort and insulation than a synthetic alternative down.

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