The 9 Best Pacific Coast Down Comforters Reviews 2020

The down comforters have to meet several criteria. The fact that they are down means that you can count on them to provide the necessary insulation; however, there are plenty of down comforters that overheat.

So you need to take the weight into account. There is also the cover to consider. A decent comforter shell must be soft to the touch but also breathable to improve air circulation. The sewing style utilized also matters, not to mention the structure of the comforter.

These factors determine the comforter’s durability and ability to maintain its loft. Along with the fill power and the thread count, to identify the down comforters, you must consider a wide variety of attributes, unless you are buying a best Pacific Coast down comforter.

The Pacific Coast Feather company can trace its roots back to the late 1800s. They use natural methods and innovative technology to produce down comforters that are socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

So if you’re looking for the down comforters, you can save some time by simply browsing their catalog. And if you can’t be bothered to trawl through so many products, consider our list below which consists of the best pacific coast down comforters on the market.

One of these items is bound to appeal to your preferences. If you don’t have the time to read our carefully curated reviews, look at the table below. It distills our reviews into the most essential facets of information that can help you make an informed purchase.

Pacific Coast Down Comforter Comparison Table



 Fill power

Thread Count


Pacific Coast: European Down Comforter - Full/Queen 90' x 98'

1. Pacific Coast: European Down Comforter



Pacific Coast Light Weight Comforter 300 Thread Count 550 Fill Power...

2. Pacific Coast Light Weight Comforter



Pacific Coast Feather Company 67827 Premier Down Comforter, Cotton Cover,...

3. Pacific Coast Feather Company Premier Down Comforter



GoLinens Pacific Coast SuperLoft Down Comforter with 100% Cotton Barrier...

4. Pacific Coast SuperLoft Down Comforter



Pacific Coast Feather Hotel Madison Classic All-Season White Down Comforter...

5. Pacific Coast Feather Hotel Madison Classic All-Season White Down Comforter



Pacific Coast Feather Down Blanket Cotton Cover with Satin Border,...

6. Pacific Coast Down Blanket



Pacific Coast Restful Nights Ultima Supreme Luxury Down Alternative...

7. Pacific Coast Restful Nights  Down Alternative Comforter



Pacific Coast Feather Lightweight Warmth Down Comforter - Queen

8.  Pacific Coast Feather Lightweight Warmth Down Comforter



Pacific Coast Luxury Baffle Box Feather Bed - Full

9. Pacific Coast Baffle Box Feather Bed


Top 09 Best Pacific Coast Down Comforter Reviews

#1. Pacific Coast European Down Comforter

Pacific Coast: European Down Comforter - Full/Queen 90' x 98'

Are you looking for a comforter you can use all year round? This Pacific Coast European Down Comforter claims to be one such product. Its fill weight of 34oz is meant to keep you warm in cold weather without exerting so much pressure that it becomes overbearing once temperatures rise.

Of course, comforters make these boasts all the time. But in this case, you don’t have to act on trust alone. Joe S, a customer who lives in an area whose temperatures can fall below zero one day and then exceed 70 a few weeks later, loves this comforter because it easily adapts to the weather conditions in his vicinity.

It takes him mere minutes to find the perfect spot of warmth once he pulls this product over his body. This is the sort of endorsement that encouraged us to give the comforter a shot.

We were definitely fascinated by the manufacturer’s claim that the comforter would enable us to save up to 15 percent on our utility bills by making excessive heating in the bedroom unnecessary.

But then we used the comforter and found that, besides its insulating capabilities, it was also quite soft, a consequence of using Egyptian cotton with a thread count of 420. The True Baffle Box design works with the barrier weave fabric to keep the down filling from leaking out.

In case you were wondering, Pyrenees down is just duck down from France. Some of our experts imputed the warmth of the comforter to the larger and fluffier clusters of down it uses.

We haven’t tested the manufacturer’s claim that you only need to clean the comforter every three to five years because, well, we would require three years of observations, and most of you wouldn’t wait around that long just to hear our opinion.

Be sure to dry clean your comforter. Any other means of cleaning might ruin it.


1). Doesn’t require frequent cleaning

2). Effective all year round

3). 10-year Limited Manufacturer’s warranty


1). Needs dry cleaning

#2. Pacific Coast Lightweight 300 TC Comforter

Pacific Coast Light Weight Comforter 300 Thread Count 550 Fill Power...

A customer actually praised this product for being ‘as described’ which is both strange and encouraging because the descriptions surrounding the comforter are very positive, and you always hope that the real item will live up to the hype.

For the record, we agree with the customer in question. The comforter is pure cotton just like it claims. It also uses ‘sewn-through box construction’. This keeps the comforter from falling apart and leaking filling.

Speaking of filling, this is still down. The fill power is 550, which isn’t that different from what we saw with the previous comforter. The 300 thread count of the shell is lower.

But the comforter above isn’t superior to this one. We thought this one was soft to the touch. It felt like a durable piece of fabric in our hands. The fill power gives it a decent amount of loft.

Some amongst us who overheat easily thought that it wasn’t appropriate for warm weather. But they are in the minority. Most of us did not encounter this problem, primarily because this 4x104x90 inches and 15.8 ounces comforter is light and breathable.

As with the comforter above, this one is only available in white.


1). Lightweight, warm, and breathable.

2). Uses 100 percent cotton, hence the softness and durability

3). Decent amount of loft


1). Only available in one color

2). Needs dry cleaning

#3. Pacific Feather Lightweight Down Comforter

Pacific Coast Feather Lightweight Warmth Down Comforter - Queen

‘Not too hot or heavy’ is what one customer said. ‘Not too hot or heavy’ is also the target the manufacturer wanted to hit. Don’t let the appearance of this comforter fool you. Yes, it looks a lot like the previous item.

But it’s slightly cheaper because it is supposed to be a much lighter comforter, even though its dimensions (4x104x90 inches and 5.6 pounds) are not that different. In fact, so much has remained unchanged.

The shell is still 100 percent cotton which is soft to the touch. You still get the cotton barrier weave fabric that keeps the filling on the inside. We can attest to the fact that the comforter is fluffy and it maintains this state for long periods.

This is the work of the true baffle box design which is supposed to prevent the down from shifting. The filling, in case it wasn’t clear, is grey duck down, which is soft and lofty, especially with the comforter’s 550 fill power.

The most distinguishing factor is the target market. This product was made for people who either live in warmer climates or easily overheat. Well, actually, unlike the previous items, you can’t dry clean this comforter. It should be maintained by a commercial launder, a company with a large front-loading machine.


1). True Baffle Box Design minimizes shifting of the filling.

2). Affordable

3). 100% Cotton barrier weaver cover prevents leaking of down.


1). Cleaning is complicated.

2). You only get one color

3). A little noisy

#4. Pacific Coast Feather Company Premier Comforter

Pacific Coast Feather Company 67827 Premier Down Comforter, Cotton Cover,...

This comforter doesn’t have that many reviews, which is a shame because it personifies the experience the ‘Pacific Coast Feather Company’ has accumulated ever since they started operating back in 1884.

Of all the bedding items we have covered so far, this is the only one that can match the first comforter we reviewed, at least in terms of specs.

The filling is down and feather that has been sourced in a natural and environmentally friendly manner. So you can use the product with a clear conscience, knowing full well that you’re not contributing to the destruction of the environment.

The cover is 100 percent cotton. It has been double seamed to keep the down filling from leaking. The loft is considerable, resulting from a fill power of 600, similar to the first item we covered. This gives the comforter the fluffiness that so many people desire.

The Pleated Baffle Box Construction will prevent the filling from shifting and clumping. This means that the comforter will maintain its fluffy, plump state for longer periods; though, you need to fluff it out from time to time.

Pacific Coast has promised allergy patients that its comforter is free of allergens. But if you prove them wrong, if this comforter sets off your allergies, they encourage you to return it. They have a 30-night comfort guarantee and a 5-year limited warranty that makes the purchase of this item a less risky undertaking.

When it comes to the size (90x104x2.5 inches), weight (5.95 pounds), and cost, the comforter doesn’t differ that drastically from its competitors.


1). Lightweight, fluffy, and durable, warm all year round

2). Allergen-free

3). 30-night comfort guarantee


1). A little noisy

#5. Pacific Coast SuperLoft Down Comforter

GoLinens Pacific Coast SuperLoft Down Comforter with 100% Cotton Barrier...

Things are finally getting interesting. The first question most of you are going to ask is this: why does this comforter look like two or three other comforters above?

That is a valid query. This one even has a fill power of 600 and a shell of pure cotton with a thread count of 400. But aren’t those specs similar to the comforter above?

Believe us when we tell you that this comforter can definitely stand on its own. The first thing we noticed when we took it out for a spin was the price tag. This comforter is the most expensive of all the items we have reviewed so far.

But why? Well, you can probably blame that on the patented tufted true baffle box design. Most of the products on this list use baffle box construction but only to prevent the down filling from shifting. This, in turn, maintains the comforter’s fluffiness.

In this particular case, the patented Baffle Box Construction gives the filling more room to expand. The tufted box also provides extra fabric that puffs up, creating fluffier chambers. It is from this arrangement that the ‘SuperLoft’ structure of this comforter is achieved.

Pacific Coast expects you to pay this comforter’s hefty price solely because of the amazing fluffiness and loftiness. It is up to you to decide whether or not that attribute is deserving of the price tag.


1). Very fluffy.

2). Soft, durable cotton shell.

3). Allergen-free


1). Very expensive

#6. Pacific Coast Feather Hotel Madison Down Comforter

Pacific Coast Feather Hotel Madison Classic All-Season White Down Comforter...

Truth be told, we were a little underwhelmed by this one. Yes, it looks good, but the specs are nothing special. The shell is 100 percent cotton. It also has a 300 thread count. The filling is white duck down, and the fill power is 550.

All those factors paint the picture of a lofty comforter that is soft to the touch. But we’ve seen these attributes before. The product is supposed to keep you warm all year round, hence the tame weight measurements (6 pounds).

You have to fluff the comforter before you can use it. The manufacturer also warns you to expect an unpleasant odor when the comforter is first unwrapped. None of these factors make the comforter more attractive than the other items on this list, not even the 12-inch box stitching which keeps the down filling evenly distributed.

Or, at least, that is what we thought until we looked at the price tag. This is one of the most affordable comforters on the list. It provides many of the attributes of its competitors, including the hypoallergenic properties and a multitude of size options at a slightly lower price.

In that regard, we can understand why some budget-constrained individuals would flock towards it


1). Hypoallergenic

2). 12-inch box stitching ensures even distribution of down filling.

3). 100 percent soft, durable cotton cover.

4). Affordable


1). Has a bad odor when first unwrapped

2). Needs fluffing at the start.

#7. Pacific Coast Feather Company Down Blanket

Pacific Coast Feather Down Blanket Cotton Cover with Satin Border,...

This is another Pacific Coast product that customers have praised for being ‘Just as described’. They also went on to call it ‘worth the price’, with one particular individual going so far as to dub it the ‘Most comfortable blanket ever owned’.

That is high praise indeed. Let us look at what makes this blanket tick. First of all, it is a blanket, not a comforter. But you’re still dealing with down. The fill power is 550, so you get the same loft as the best products on this list.

The thread count of the cotton (100%) shell is 230. It sounds low when compared to some of the other items above. But you won’t notice the difference in softness, not unless you go looking for it.

You are still dealing with barrier weave down-proof fabric, so you don’t have to worry about leakages. The sewn-through box construction will secure the down in place, preventing it from shifting unnecessarily.  Because of the oversized design, you have enough drape to tuck your blanket into the mattress.

Pacific Coast has chosen to market it as a summer blanket, designed to keep you cozy in warm conditions without growing too hot. But one customer praised it for giving ‘the correct comfort no matter the temperature’.

So maybe this blanket can also work all year round, just like the similarly priced comforters above. This is to be expected from a hypoallergenic blanket that weighs less than six pounds.

Besides the 30-night comfort guarantee and 5-year limited warranty, Pacific Coast claims that their blanket is easy to care for and maintain. While you need to shake it daily and wash the cover monthly, you can wait two years or even longer before giving the blanket a thorough wash.


1). Effective all year round

2). Soft, warm, and luxurious

3). Allergen-free


1). A little stiff. Makes a bit of noise

#8. Pacific Coast Restful Nights Ultima Comforter

Pacific Coast Restful Nights Ultima Supreme Luxury Down Alternative...

Remember the comforter above that was so affordable even though it had no distinguishing attributes? This one beats it by a significant margin, at least in terms of money.

The cheapest comforter here, the quality of the item is honestly proportional to its price tag. Yes, you still get a fabric that is 100 percent cotton. This makes it soft and soothing to the touch.

But the thread count is just 230, perfectly adequate but not quite in the same league as some of the most impressive comforters on this list. Some of the features remain unchanged.

The UltimaTM fibers are supposed to deliver resilient loft. We have no idea what UltimaTM fibers are. We call attest to the fact that the blanket is very warm, sufficient for anyone living in cold conditions.

We can also testify to the airy, breathable qualities that make the comforter suitable for warmer conditions. You are unlikely to overheat under this product. But these attributes are not necessarily superior to those found in the other comforters on this list that use white duck down.

So it would be presumptuous of us to claim that the UltimaTM fibers are special and deserving of added praise. The Ringstitch design, which prevents the filling from shifting, works as promised.

You have the option of using a machine to do the washing, an opportunity that none of the other comforters above can offer. That has to be this comforter’s most distinct advantage. The people who choose to purchase it will get a 3-year limited warranty.


1). Easy to maintain.

2). Heavy and warm but also airy and breathable.

3). 3-year limited warranty


1). It has a slight smell when first unwrapped.

2). Loud, crinkly fabric

#9. Pacific Coast Luxury Baffle Box Feather Bed

Pacific Coast Luxury Baffle Box Feather Bed - Full

Pacific Coast is very proud of this mattress topper. They impute the premium quality of the product to the 3D Baffle boxes that prevent the feathers on the interior from shifting.

The boxes also provide additional room for extra loft. You need to frequently fluff the feather bed. This is merely the price of a cost-effective product that wants to capture the luxuries offered by the beds in some of the most expensive hotels.

For the most part, though, people seem to enjoy this item. One customer wanted to give it ‘infinity stars’ because it exceeded all her expectations.

Pacific Coast promised that all those who fell on this product’s surface would feel all their worries melt away, and some of the customers have attested to experiencing just that.

As with every other item on this list, this one uses 100 percent cotton which is encouraging. The 230 thread count is decent, just enough to guarantee a soft surface. You don’t have to worry about allergens.

The barrier weave fabric will prevent the springy Resilia feathers from leaking out; though, it won’t stop the feathers from poking you. There is an extra layer of quilt that works with the feathers to provide support for the hips and shoulders.

This product can be trusted to refresh older mattresses. You don’t have to trust the manufacturer’s boast. The 30-Night comfort guarantee allows you to return this item if it fails to meet your expectations.

So there are no risks associated with the purchase of the product, especially in light of the 5-year limited warranty. But even if the warranty and guarantee didn’t exist, the price is shockingly low, hardly the sort of expenditure you would lose sleep over if this product disappointed you.


1). Soft and fluffy.

2). Baffle box design prevents shifting.

3). Affordable.


1). It doesn’t stay fluffy for long.

2). Feathers will poke you from time to time.

Why Pacific Coast down comforter is superior than other comforter

Pacific Coast has every type of down comforter you could possibly desire, and they are all high-quality products. So you don’t have to worry about selecting a bad down comforter.

None of these items will disappoint you. Your only job is to find the best pacific coast down comforter out of them all, the one item in this list whose size, attributes, and price tag are most compatible with your needs.

If you are searching for perfect fluffy down comforter, you can check 100% Cotton Pacific Coast Down Comforter because it feels very fluffy without being too warm.

This comforter is ideal for those users who need less warmth at night for the year round use or for them who live in more temperate climate.

Its innovative design and great usability allow the down inside to loft while shifting or minimizing across the comforter at their bed.

It is beautiful in design and has great breathability as well as it is light, cozy and great durability. However, it is friendly and it feels really very lightweight when you are under it at night.

Pacific CoastComforter is 300-1200 fill power down comforter, and it is totally leak proof and allergy free. So while sleeping, this great fluffy comforter removes the irritating feeling of having something heavy over your body.

Moreover, though it is thinner than few other comforters, it can keep you super warm over all night.

Features of The Pacific Coast Down Comforter

01. Super fill power and cozy:

This down comforter has a super fluffy 650 fill power and it a feel great power which means it has stronger and larger clusters that provide exceptional insulation, higher loft, and breathability. The more fill power of a comforter, the more it be fluffy and cozy. And considering with other comforters, this fill power rate is quite high and feels warm even on the coldest night.

02. 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton:

It is made of 500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton. When it comes to the term of the luxurious cotton sheet, it comes with the gold standard Egyptian Cotton. It is also called the perfect combination of luxury and comfort; it is Egyptian 100% pure cotton. Anyone who were already suffered from night sweats, they will surely appreciate the breathability of this remarkable Egyptian cotton.

03. Allergy Free Comforter:

This great Pacific Coast 100% Cotton Down Comforter is finely selected and sorted down from 650 Pyrenees Mountain region of France which means it is brilliantly selected from removing all dust and dirt. So it is very beneficial for allergy sufferer users as it is 100% allergen free. Further Egyptian cotton is usually longest fiber. So, it is ideal for making sheets that are simply softer and has long lasting than other ordinary cotton fiber.

04. Easy Cleaning and Durability:

The maintenance and cleaning process is very comfortable in this comforter. It only requires dry washing. This comforter uses to make longer staples. And longer staples indicate stronger and longer threads which are more durable fiber. Its tight weave fiber creates sheets that are designed to last for a long time.

Some Basic Q-A:

Que: Is it a duck or goose?

Ans: Yes. It is made of goose down.

Que: What is the actual comforter dimensions?

Ans: It has over sized dimension. The king size dimension is 108’’*98’’

Que: Where is the father imported from?

Ans: The down feathers are from France as the description of manufacturers.

Que: Does the comforter make the bed too bulky?

Ans: No. It’s perfect. Nice and very comfy.

Que: Do the feathers usually come out of fabric?

Ans: No. Till now, not facing this problem of coming out fabrics.

Que: Does this comforter has corner loops used to keep it in place while using a duvet cover?

Ans: No. It does not have.

Que: What is the down weight for a king?

Ans: The weight is 650 fill for the king size comforter.

Final Thought

As a best seller, Pacific Coast has a good name for the best luxurious comfortable in the market. Meanwhile, 100% Cotton Pacific Coast Down Comforter grabs a large number of customer’s attention in a very short time.

Its high durability and usability are one of the best reason behind their choice. This down comforter is made of 100% pure cotton and the cotton its use has no leakage after using for a very long time.

Covering it for the whole night, it will never give you a peculiar feeling because it is super lightweight and cozy.

The down it used also entirely imported from France so that you cannot have to suffer from any allergy related problem or any dirt or dust while using it It can ensure the high breath-ability and higher loft excellent insulation.

All in all, it has more luxurious drape and comfort than any other comforter in the market today. That’s why we recommend it and suggest to take a look at this excellent product.

If you are not interested with this product, You can check our best silk comforters. Silk comforters are lightweight, fluffy and comfortable.

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