Panel Bed vs. Sleigh Bed

Panel Bed vs Sleigh Bed: Which one you should choose?

Decisions, decisions. That’s how it’s bound to go when you need to buy home furniture. Unfortunately, the decision is not as simple as choosing a daybed or a futon. The panel bed and sleigh bed are completely different, especially if you consider their frames.Furthermore, these beds differ in a number of ways while still sharing surprisingly similar looks. To characterize these beds and differentiate one from the other, important aspects such as overall look, actual construction, footboard style and headboard style all come into play.Continue reading to discover some of the critical differences between these two popular types of bed frames (panel bed vs sleigh bed).

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The Sleigh Bed

Liberty Furniture Industries Cotsworld Queen Sleigh Bed, cinnamon

In most homes, you find a standard or regular beds, but in some cases, you might come across spaces furnished differently. It is no surprise that there are actually more types of beds that you might be aware of.

While some varieties are popular, others feature design characteristics and components that make them not so versatile. How often do you come across a bedroom furnished with a sleigh bed?

What defines a sleigh bed? 

Signature Design by Ashley - Huey Vineyard Queen Sleigh Bed

The sleigh bed has similar looks to a typical sleight or sled. The most notable design aspects are the scrolled or curved foot and the headboard.When it comes to choosing a sleigh bed, there is an assortment of design variations. Some feature prominent curvy outlook while others are simple in this sense.

The beds have a more feminine, delicate appearance despite their heavy and robust structure, which makes them an excellent choice for guest rooms or even the master bedroom. They are also perfect for the modern open bedrooms and grand classic-styled rooms.

Spaces with unique interior architecture such as ornate molding or exposed wood beams also work well with sleigh beds.

Traditional Wooden Designs

Ashley North Shore 6/6 King Sleigh Bed B553 seller

Traditional sleigh beds with wood designs boast of a simple and elegant appeal. The polished wooden sleigh beds produced using dark woods(walnut, cherry, ebony or mahogany) have a characteristic luxurious and formal appeal thus making them ideal for the glamorous and executive bedroom suites.

The charm of metal

You can choose a brass, nickel, or wrought iron sleigh bed to help compliment an antique bedroom design. Some metallic sleigh beds feature intricate scrolling while others intermix wood and decorative metal embellishments, thereby creating a blend of artistic design elements.

When choosing a metal sleigh bed, you need to make sure the bed has a sturdy frame that is capable of supporting a mattress and people.

The Pros:

Slay with a touch of style: 

A style statement using tasteful furniture that becomes the focal point of your bedroom. The sleigh beds are available in a variety of styles that range from solid wood design options to the upholstered options that boast of a more streamlined allure, meaning you have countless options from which you can take your pick.

Cozy Vibes:

 Sleigh beds have an elevated foot base. The elevated foot base allows you to enjoy a cocooning feel while keeping your feet tucked in the beddings at night.

The Cons:


 A traditional sleigh bed is made using high-quality solid wood types that are quite heavy. Therefore, moving these beds often presents challenges. However, the upholstered variants are lighter.

More costly: 

The sleigh beds are more costly, thanks to their construction and design.

If you’re shopping for a new bed and you need something that’ll make a statement, then you should certainly check out the wide range of stunning sleigh beds.

The gorgeous bed frames come in different design options. You can rest assured knowing you’ll find the perfect one for your boudoir.

The Panel Beds

Crown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed in Stone Khaki, Queen



The term panel bed is often used to refer to a bed built with a high, panel footboard and headboard. A good example might also be those made using natural wood with traditional wainscoting or frame and panel door.

The panel beds feature wide sideboard panels that cover the box spring fully or partially. You can find panel bed variants with footboards and headboards mad using metal rods, wood slats, upholstery, wicker, or rough-hewn logs.

In order for a typical panel bed to function optimally and properly, it requires a box of springs. Sure the beds have their unique benefits and downsides.

The box spring is a critical component with this type of bed frame because it helps to support the mattress.

The Pros 

  • Affordable styles of frames that come in a variety of options.
  • Boasts of traditional looks and appeal.
  • Many options to choose from.

The Cons 

  •  The rails and frames mean you incur additional costs
  • Require a spring box

Panel bed have Stylish look

Crown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed in Black, Queen

Panel bed frames are traditional in nature and offer no bells and whistles you’d typically find in other types of beds. Even so, the frames offer a wider variety of styles of headboards and footboards.

Consequently, you may choose between metal rods, solid wood, wicker, slats, rough-hewn logs, and upholstered. These are the popular options that are guaranteed to transform your bedroom by providing a fresh new look.

When using a panel bed, you would need a box spring to make it function properly. When it comes to the frame, it could be put together with slats while in some cases it consists of three metal bars or a single metal bar sitting in the middle encircled by a ledge.

 The ledge performs a critical function as it holds the bed’s supportive box securely in place.


Ashley Furniture Aimwell Wood Queen Panel Bed in Brown

These beds are much higher when compared to the other types of beds due to the incorporated box spring.

Therefore, if you simply need a bed with a lower profile that you can quickly hop in and out of, this is not a suitable option for you. Thankfully, you can buy a frame designed to sit lower to the floor level with a box spring sitting in it.


When examining different types of bed frames with the objective of choosing the ideal one for your bedroom or guestrooms, it is imperative that you refer to the above-mentioned differences as these give you an idea about picking the right bed that matches your needs perfectly.

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