Percale sheets vs Egyptian cotton

To select the best sheets, you must select the best material. This is why the debate surrounding Egyptian cotton and percale sheets is so important. If you can select the best material, you have a higher chance of also selecting the best sheets.

But between percale and Egyptian cotton sheets, which one is better? To understand and appreciate the differences between the two, you must first understand what constitutes Egyptian cotton and percale.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is, as its name suggests, cotton that comes from Egypt. Specifically, this is cotton planted along the River Nile. People love Egyptian cotton because it is grown in a place with rich soil and a lot of humidity.

This produces cotton with very long fibers. When those fibers are woven together, they produce fabrics that are not only soft to the touch but very durable. These are fabrics that have thread counts that are higher than 200.

The thread count is the number of threads in each square inch. The more threads you have per square inch, the higher the thread count, the stronger and softer the sheets produced.

A sheet made from Egyptian cotton is guaranteed to be cool and smooth to the touch.

Egyptian cotton sheets are difficult to purchase because so many fake products claim to use Egyptian cotton these days. There is no full-proof method of ensuring that every set of sheets you buy is made from Egyptian cotton.

Though, you can increase your chances of avoiding fake Egyptian cotton by looking for products with a logo that is associated with items that come from Egypt.

Egyptian cotton sheets are often compared to Pima cotton sheets. This is because Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton share a lot of traits. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call them the same thing.

However, unlike Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton is grown in America. It is also more popular in some circles because it is cheaper.


Egyptian cotton is a type of fabric. Percale is a type of weave. It is produced by intertwining the warp and weft threads in a manner that produces a checkerboard pattern.

The percale weave makes a lot of appearances in bedding items because it produces strong sheets that will survive extensive washing. It is normally used to produce medium-weight fabrics.

You can get percale sheets with thread counts of roughly 200. The weave can be applied to cotton. This is why a ‘percale sheets vs Egyptian cotton’ debate isn’t always easy to settle.

You can apply a percale weave to Egyptian cotton fabric to create a stronger, softer, more comfortable sheet. In that regard, percale and Egyptian cotton can be the same thing.

Top 3 Differences of Percale Sheets and Egyptian Cotton

The best way to compare percale sheets and Egyptian cotton is to determine how well they perform under certain categories, for instance:

1). Color

The fabric you are using will determine the colors you can produce. Some fabrics are easier to dye than others. This is true for Egyptian cotton which enthusiastically soaks up all the liquid to which it is exposed. This is why it is the ideal fabric for printing.

With percale, it is a question of the material it was paired with. If the weave was applied to pure cotton sheets, they can also easily die. However, if polyester was used in the blend, you are going to encounter limitations. Polyester blends do not readily accept dyes.

2). Maintenance

Egyptian cotton makes strong fabrics that are easy to wash and maintain. With percale, the color matters. Darker, richer colors in percale sheets are stiffer. Lighter colors are softer.

The thread count also counts. Percale sheets wrinkle more easily if they have a higher thread count.

3). Weave

Egyptian cotton can use satin and twill weaves. These weaves produce a shinier finish than what you see in percale sheets. And for some people, this might be preferable.

It is worth reiterating the fact that, in many cases, Egyptian cotton and percale sheets are the same things. Most people rarely bother to compare and contrast the two because it is simply better to buy Egyptian cotton with a percale weave. This will give you stronger, more luxurious sheets than you would normally encounter if you bought either Egyptian cotton sheets or percale sheets.

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