Pinzon Mattress Pad Reviews 2020

Looking for a great mattress pad for your Mattress or thinking of changing the old one? Well, we have found some similar to your requirement and picked the best one as our review subject today. Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Pinzon Mattress Pads one of the best Mattress Pad available on the market.

The simple question is, why? Because of the best materials, Pinzon used to make this mattress pad so that you have the luxurious sleep at the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to set your alarm in the morning because it’s really going to be hard to get off from your comfy bed in the morning with Micro plush Mattress Pad.

A simple information can help you to guess the popularity of this comforter. A huge number of Amazon customers have commented to share their experience after having this comfortable Mattress Pad. People who love 100% cotton comforter also love this one for its enrich quality.

It really makes you feel like sleeping in the clouds. It’s overfilled polyester filling ensures you are cozy and comfortable on your bed even after using this mattress pad for over years. The mattress pad is a soft, durable pad that stays securely in place on the mattress.

Top Features of Pinzon Mattress Pad


The main reason you are buying a Mattress pad is probably because you want a comfortable good night’s sleep. Overfilled Ultra Soft Mattress Pad is sewn with soft micro plush fabric and is overfilled for extra comfort. Feel like a five-star guest at your own home with this Affordable Pinzon Mattress Pad.


This bed topper is plush and soft from the first use and you don’t have to worry about it getting loose by using it for years because it really stays and feels the same even after using it for a really long time. Its super soft fabric adds very cloudlike surface to the bed.

Different Sizes

This Ultra Soft Mattress Pad comes with different sizes for your different needs such as Queen, King, California King, Twin, Twin XL and Full. So no matter where you want a new and better mattress pad, this will fit in all those sizes.

Cost Effective

You can get this great mattress pad for as low as $50 with free shipping to your home. Comparing to other mattress pad available on the market, it is a really good bargain and will last for a very long time.

End to End Box Stitched

This mattress pad is designed very carefully and the overfilled micro plush mattress pad’s end-to-end box stitch design and mitered border keep the fill distributed evenly on the surface. The mattress pad also acts as a mattress topper and mattress protector for all in one convenience because of the deep pockets and fully elasticized edge.

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  • Lasts for a very long time.
  • Microplush fabrics are softer than other mattress pads During the winter, you will be able to keep bed sheets warm.
  • During the winter, you will be able to keep bed sheets warm.
  • It includes stitching that completely prevents the movement of filling.
  • Extremely comfortable especially for extra filling inside the pad
  • Ability to maintains the shape even after long time use
  • Comes in Pristine White
  • Available in six different sizes
  • Fluffy and Cozy
  • Best sleeping experience you can get.


  • Hard to wash by yourself because it’s big and fluffy.
  • Professional dry clean recommended.

Some Questions & Answers:

Que: How Should I wash this Mattress Pad?

Ans: It is recommended to take it to the professional washer. But if only some parts get dirty then you can wash it with Woolite by yourself.

Que: Do those tend to be hot at night?

Ans: Not at all! Those of you who are experiencing heat problem at night with other mattress pad or foam should get this product very fast because it does not heat up.

Que: Does it shift and come up from the sides?

Ans: No, it has deep side pockets so it does not shift or ride up.

Que: I am worried about the side material tearing, is it sturdy enough to not tear every time I try to adjust the pad?

Ans: Yes. The material is very durable so it will not tear when you try to adjust the pad.

The Verdict:

If you simply like to add top comfort to the rest of bedding, then this Mattress Pad is a complete and highly recommended one for you. As you can see this Pad is one of the best-selling and popular Mattress Pads in amazon. The main reason is it is created with customer experience in mind. That’s why it’s filled with high-quality materials for a Mattress Pad.

This imported bed topper is all you need with your old mattress for the superior softness of the bed. The Pinzon Mattress Pad features generous 50 ounces of loft-retaining and 100% polyester fill that’s sewn inside a micro plush fabric.

The pad is made from micro plush fabric and stuffed with polyester filling. Feel like you are sleeping in the clouds with this high-quality mattress pad. For a fulfilled bedroom or charming guest room, you can always trust the products of Pinzon and this mattress pad. So, why not you eager to check this Pad.

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