Royal Hotel Queen Size 500 Thread Count Down Comforter Review

Royal Hotel Queen Size 500 Thread Count Down Comforter

This Queen Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter is a special one with excellent quality to fulfill all requirements. It is an ultimate luxury item. It’s soft and gorgeous Egyptian cotton cover, and hypoallergenic feature gives you not only the healthy but also a sophisticated feel always.

It was able to give you as much as the feeling like wrapping a cloud all over your body and flowing on the air. This Siberian goose down comforter is suitable for all age users.

Moreover, 750 fill power, 500 thread count cover, and baffle box design ensure the maximum warmth. This Siberian goose down comforter is also a durable and comfortable clean product.

However, it includes the baffle box design, which prevents all types of shifting of fill. After all, you can enjoy the soft heavenly comfort round the year. Finally, the name of Royal Hotel Bedding is a symbol of comfort and luxury.

Why Queen Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter different from others?

It isn’t true that a single product able to cover the requirements of total market demand. There are many types of comforter could be found in the market. They have different criteria like warmth, extra warmth, lightweight, baby comforter and much more.

Why we picked this? Of course, it's a big issue. We just tried to pick one out of them which suits you best with quality. If you are a patient warmth-loving person, who don’t want to struggle with warm, then it's a perfect comforter for you.

This queen size Siberian goose down comforter won't stifle like other heavy comforters. It's best for the range 22C (72 F) or above room temperature.

It gives you the luxurious feel of down blanket. Conversely keeps you the light, airy manner of sleeping. So, no disturbance during sleep at night.

Details About This Product

Feel the luxury

This Queen Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter offers you an incredible luxury feeling. It's soft, and warmness features able to give you the feel of sleeping in world class hotel bedroom. It's offering you this luxury within an affordable price, as you can see.

Allergy Free

People both adult and children may have allergy issues. It’s important for them to choice a hypoallergenic product to use without any disturbance. That’s why the Queen Size Siberian Goose down comforter could be the best choice.

It resists the dust mite for being spared or store. So you can safely use the comforter for a long time.

Egyptian Cotton Cover

The cover of the comforter is made of Egyptian cotton with 500 thread count. Which give top comfort, softness, and strength. This durable cover is hypoallergenic too.

Wrap a cloud

It is incredibly light. It fills with 750 fill power with 50 OZ goose down. For this reason its ability to provide you the light airy feeling is real.

Everyone like to have this feeling during the sleeping in their bed. It’s like a warm cloud wrap you with the greatest softness. Moreover, this incredibly lightweight comforter can give you the warm feel whenever you need.

Maximum Warm - Maximum Secure

It is true. This product specially constructed with baffle box design to avoiding the shifting of internal materials. So it can stay warm as long as you like to have.

Key Features And Specifications:

First, let’s have a look at key features and specifications of this Queen Size Siberian goose down comforter. Then we will discuss the both side advantage and disadvantage.

    • Provides medium warmth for year-round.
    • Filling with 750+ fill power, 100% Siberian goose down feather.
    • Baffle box design for avoiding any shifting in the comforter.
    • Side gusset for maximum warmth.
    • All brand new product, factory sealed.
    • Cleaning process- only dry cleaning.
    • Come with beautiful and secure zipper package.
    • 100% allergy free.
    • 500+ thread count
    • Size- 90x90 inches (queen).
    • Weight- 8 pounds.
    • Manufacturer- Royal Hotel Bedding.

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  • A solid and long lasting down comforter.
  • Very soft and comfortable to use.
  • Suitable for both children and adults.
  • 100% Egyptian cotton covers give you the heavenly feel.
  • No shifting of fill because of Baffle box
  • Luxurious comfort for year round.
  • It is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic, so people who concern with allergy issues can definitely use it safely.
  • Never overheated.
  • Queen size down comforter is best for using double sized bed and more than two people. If you wish you can look for the size verity.
  • Finally, it’s open!
  • The Siberian goose down comforter also very light but very effective to keep you warm.
  • Nice solid pattern and snow white color.
  • Affordable and competitive price range.


  • Need to clean on a professional laundry and only with dry cleaning method. You never clean it on your regular way so that could be little complicated.
  • After a long time of use, the feathers of the comforter are settling into the end.
  • It’s a medium level thick comforter. So, the thickness of the comforter may not preferable for all.
Final Verdict

This Siberian goose down comforter is cozy, luxurious and able to warm you all the time. It can sooth you all the year with its excellent softness.

The comforter is not so thick and never warms you too much. That’s why you can get the exact comfort and warmth as you want. Furthermore, the comforter can bring the world class hotel feel in your bedroom, still in affordable price.

So, choosing the Queen Size Siberian Goose down comforter would be worth. To sum up, we will recommend it for maximum comfort at reasonable price.

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