Best Siberian Goose Down Comforter Review 2020

Egyptian Bedding Luxury Siberian Goose Down Comforter

Before buying a comforter, you should consider at first in which purpose you want to buy it mostly.

Let me explain. Suppose you are looking for a moderate comforter, that case this 1200 Thread Count  Goose Down will be a great purchase for you. Hope this Comforter Review could help you to know about this product in details.

This comforter has 750 plus fills power for maximum comfort and well-balanced fill throughout the whole comforter.

Its warmth is moderate which refers you don’t feel too hot or cold and you can use this comforter in a mild to moderate even extreme cold climatic regions.

Moreover, it’s filling, as well as the cover, is safe and it could be used by anyone due to the fact is it is allergy free.

Thus, no one will be at risk of having an allergic reaction or skin issue. That’s why we picked it as our review topics today. Let’s check in details.

Functionality of this Goose Down Comforter

Made of Cotton

When it’s about the luxurious cotton sheet, this cotton is always the gold standard. The comforter comes with higher thread count, so this comforter proved its high quality itself.

This comforter has longest cotton staples and longer staple indicate longer and stronger thread and more durable fibers.

The cotton fibers are the last longest fiber than any other sheets in the market. These longer sheets are extremely fine yarn and they are simply softer and has more luster than ordinary cotton fiber.

Super Breathable and No Pilling

People who are suffering from night sweats or feel difficulty sleeping in hot, the Siberian Goose Down can be a great relief for them.

Because when you are using this fine comforter at night, the air can flow through the sheets allowing you to rest coolly and comfortably throughout the night.

It’s 750 plus fill power balanced the right weight for you to enjoy a more cozy and comfortable sleep on the bed. At the same way, it also maintains the luxurious design with all these great features.

Cost Effectiveness and Durability

In general, This are not really cheap for its great materials which ensure a long time durability along with 100% allergen free usability.

However, when you care for money excusing their lifetime, they surely compromise with their quality and outlast less expensive comforter with less lasting decades.

Naturally this comforter are designed to last longer than other on the market today.

Top Features of this Siberian Goose Down
  • 100% pure goose down
  • 750+ Fill Power with 50oz filling, softer and lighter
  • Box stitching design, for maximum warmth
  • 1200TC cotton cover, luxurious
  • Actual ratio is- 90% down and 10% small feather
  • 106*90 inches king size, enough wide
  • Made of allergy free great materials
  • Light comforter, usable for year round


  • Easier bedding, very reasonable price
  • Pure feather made, 100% down, no quills to poke you
  • Totally allergen free, guaranteed hypoallergenic
  • Made of amazing materials, have nice texture
  • Super smooth, comfortable and cozy
  • Incredibly warm, thin and very light weight
  • Longer warmth, superb flat can hold it easily at a time


  • Fluffy lover users do not feel it perfect as it is very thin
  • It requires dry clean only

Some Q & A

Que: Does this fill feel more comfortable like feather bed or cotton stuffed?

Ans: Yes. This down comforter is light, airy, and incredibly warm. It breaths well and is not clumpy like cotton.

Que: Is it machine wash or dry clean only?

Ans: Yes. Dry clean only.

Que: Has anyone who has this comforter noticed a bad smell?

Ans: No. We got our last fall and love it! No smell has been noticed.

Que: Is this comforter stuffed with goose down or goose feather?

Ans: It is actual down, wonderful, warm and beautiful.

Que: Do I need a duvet cover with this?

Ans: Yes. This comforter is very warm and lightweight but a duvet is recommended.

Que: Does this comforter have baffled stitching?

Ans: Yes. It has baffle stitching, nice stitching all the way around.

Before Making the Final Decision

It is said that good product can only buy at good price. So if you are ready to buy a great comforter for all year round comfort in your bed, you should try for 1200 Thread Count Siberian Goose Down Comforter.

In this Siberian Goose Down Comforter, you will get all your necessary requirement to fulfill for your hot or winter night. It’s super lengthy cotton fibers ensure softer and luster bedding for you.

Besides it is 100% allergy free and super durable like organic silk comforters when you manage a proper maintenance during using it.

Moreover, you should try this to make your bedding more comfortable, more softly enjoy the great value at a very effective price. Don’t forget to take a look at this product.

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