Silk thread count

what is silk Thread count and Silk momme weight

Why silk thread count and silk momme weight are important indicators for measuring silk quality? Why do we think about silk momme weight when we want to buy a silk product? do you need to consider both of these indicators at a time or any one of these two indicators is sufficient for measuring the quality of silk fiber? You should know the answer of these questions before going to buy a silk product.

How we can determine the quality of Silk?

You can determine the quality of silk bedding using either Momme Weight or Thread Count.

silk sheet

silk sheet

01. Silk Thread Count

Raw silk thread

Raw silk thread

Thread count is technically a unit of measurement. It tells you the number of threads in a square inch and that tells you how coarse or fine a certain fabric happens to be. However, thread count is not a very effective measurement of quality.

This is because silk threads are very fine. So even the most average of silk fabrics requires a very high thread count just to exist.

02. Silk Momme Weight

silk momme weight

silk momme weight

Momme weight is the more accurate alternative. As its name suggests, Momme is concerned with weight. The manner in which you define Momme will vary. Some people will tell you that one Momme has 4.34 grams for every square meter.

Others will define it as the weight of a hundred yards of silk that is 45 inches wide. This definition typically calculates Momme Weight in pounds. For instance, 8mm Momme Weight will equate to eight pounds if you have one hundred yards of that fabric.

You can break those measurements down into other units that you desire. It doesn’t really matter, so long as you understand what you’re doing.

Most people you meet will tell you that you need to find silk items such as silk bed sheets, silk comforters, silk pillowcase, silk pajamas with the highest Momme weight possible. But that is only true if you’re dealing with items that have to be laid out on the bed.

Silk bed Sheets, for instance, require a high Momme weight because that will make them more durable and more luxurious. They can also be washed more frequently.

But you don’t want silk Pajamas with an equally high Momme weight because no one needs to wear such heavy clothing.

The key is to find a balance. If the Momme weight is too low, the durability will suffer.

Silk Thread count and Silk momme weight FAQs

Making of silk fabric from silk coocons

Making of silk fabric from silk coocons

01. Is there any relation of momme weig​ht and opacity of silk?

As I mentioned above, Higher momme weight makes the silk better and costlier than silk with lower momme weight. Additionally, The silk fabric with higher momme weight is more opaque than silk with lower momme weight. Generally, silk is a light fabric. If you ask any fiber expert about the opaqueness of the silk sheet, he will reply that silk is a semi-transparent fabric. Another silk sheets expert told us that white silk is less opaque than colorful silk.

02.What is the best momme weight of silk bedding ?

As I mentioned above, the momme weight is an indicator of the quality of silk bedding. Having 19 and above momme weight in a silk product is considered as a high quality silk product. Silk product between 12-18 momme weight are considered as a low quality silk product.

In a word, If you want to buy a finest luxury bedding, you have to buy at least 19 momme weight silk bedding.

Cocoons of silk

Cocoons of silk

But internationally the momme weight range falls into Six to Thirty. However, There are different types of silk available in the market based on silk origin. These are Charmeuse Silk, Habutai silk, Chiffon, Gauze and Raw silk.

Silk Fabric

momme weight

Charmeuse Silk

16 - 30

Habutai silk 

5 - 16



Raw silk






03. Is one side of the silk fabric dull? 

Some silk fabric is dull on one side. But some silk fabric looks shiny from its both side.

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