A perfect sleep pillow not only works for a sound sleeping but also works for your takes care of your body especially face, neck, and back. Here we bring for you Sleepright travel Side Sleeping Pillow as your perfectly healthy sleeping companion. Its full facial cradle reduces pressure points on your jaw and uppers and reduces the tendency for facial tissues to sag or crease while you’re sleeping. Using this pillow you will experience a significant improvement on your back and neck. Here we are going to show you why and how Sleepright travel side sleeping pillow gives you a better sleep in the night.

Sleepright makes with Unique Visco-elastic memory foam

Sleepright travel side sleeping pillow’s Visco-elastic memory foam to your facial contours. It minimizes the unwanted side effects of pressure points greatly. This special foam will softly conform to your personal anatomy when your head settles into the full facial cradle, which unavailable on your regular pillow. Also, it automatically adjusts your head weight and body temperature so your head and neck stabilize in its resting place when you are sleeping.

Three Unique design

Sleepright travel side sleeping pillow’s unique design specially made for maintaining the balance of your back when you are sleeping. It has 3 important design features which reduce pressure points on the ear and jaw, increases blood circulation and gives support to your neck, head and back. You will experience a significant change in your body from the first time using it. Moreover, it reduces the tendency of sag or crease of facial tissues which assure you a healthy sleep for a long time.

12- Degree shoulder cradle

It’s 12- Degree shoulder cradle helps to acute angle between your neck, shoulder and head. You will experience a huge improvement in your spinal alignment in your back and neck. So increasing blood flow to the arm and the body weight impact on the shoulders and which has been reducing by this anatomical shoulder cradle. Also, you will experience improved breathing by the left and right airways system of this pillow. It helps to reduce snoring problems during the night.

At a glance

  • Design with 3 important features,
  • Made with visco-elastic memory foam,
  • 12-degree shoulder cradle helps to balance of your neck and head,
  • Increases blood flow to your arms,
  • Improves breathing system,
  • Reduces the tendency of facial sag and crease,
  • Removes snoring tendency,
  • Reduces unwanted side effect of pressure points,
  • Automatically can adjust with your head weight and body temperature.
Sleepright Travel Side Sleeping Pillow, Medium, 16' X 12' X 4'
8 Reviews
Sleepright Travel Side Sleeping Pillow, Medium, 16" X 12" X 4"
  • SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow - Size: 24x12x4 4" Standard Adult - For 5'5" and...
  • No trial period. No returns or exchanges. Once removed from original packaging...
  • Reduces snoring & insomnia.

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  • Supports your neck, head, shoulder, and back,
  • Reduces facial tissues sag and creases,
  • Improve blood circulation,
  • Reduces any tendency of back, neck or shoulder pain,
  • Reduces snoring tendency,
  • Very comfortable to use,
  • Light in weight,
  • Reduces tendency of insomnia,
  • Its unique visco-elastic memory foam conforms facial contours.


  • This pillow only for adults,
  • No pillow cover added.

Some Basic Q-A:

Que- Does it comes with any travel pouch?

Ans- NO.

Que- Can I use it during my travels?

Ans- Yes it also a travel pillow, so you can.

Que- Is this supports all sleeping positions?

Ans- Yes, it supports all those sleeping positions.

This sleeping pillow works for you like a therapy with its all therapeutic features. It helps to give you a painless sleep during the night and you will feel better day by day. So, try Sleepright travel side sleeping pillow for supporting your body more and having an amazing sleep in night always.

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