Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

Best Hungarian Goose Down Comforter Review 2020

The Hungarian Goose Down Comforters are outstanding. The fact that their down is from Hungary isn’t solely to blame. Rather, you must also consider the fact that the Hungarians permit their geese to mature at a natural rate before plucking them.

This gives the down they procure a plush texture and extraordinary insulation properties. Of course, you cannot purchase a comforter simply because it features Hungarian goose down filling.

To select the Best Hungarian Goose Down Comforters, you must take aspects like the fill power, the thread count, and the price into consideration.

If comparing the numerous Hungarian Goose Down Comforters on the market sounds like too much work, consider making your selection from one of the items below.

And if that also seems like too much work, just browse the table below. It will give you all the information you need to make the required comparisons in the shortest amount of time.



 Fill power

Thread Count


Warm Things Supremium Baffle Box Medium Weight Hungarian Goose Down...

01. Warm Things Supremium Baffle Box Hungarian Goose Down Comforter



Marrikas 700TC Hungarian Goose Down King Comforter

02. MARRIKAS  Hungarian Goose Down Comforter



Luxury King Size Hungarian Goose Down Comforter Duvet Insert, 1200 Thread...

03. Dorrin Nessin Hungarian Goose Down Comforter Duvet Insert



Luxurious 800 Thread Count HUNGARIAN GOOSE DOWN Comforter Duvet Insert -...

04. Egyptian Bedding Hungarian Goose Down Comforter



Abripedic Hungarian Goose Down Comforter, Hypoallergenic, Duvet Insert,...

05. Royal Bedding Abripedic Hungarian Goose Down Comforter



Blue Ridge Home Fashions Naples 700 Thread Count Cotton Hungarian White...

06. Naples Hungarian Goose Down Comforter



DOWN UNDER BEDDING Queen Size All Season White Down Duvet Insert - 100%...

07. DOWN UNDER Hungarian White Down Duvet Comforter



Downright Organa Luxury White Goose Down Comforter–650+ Hungarian White...

08. Downright Organa  Hungarian White Goose Down



Cloud Nine Comforts Super Nova Hungarian White Goose Down Comforter, Twin

09. Cloud Nine Comforts Hungarian Goose Down Comforter



Premier Products Luxurious Hungarian Goose Down Comforter 700+ Fill Power...

10. Premier Products Hungarian goose down comforter


Top 10 Best Hungarian Goose Down Comforter Reviews

01. Warm Things Supremium Hungarian Goose Down Comforter 

Warm Things Supremium Baffle Box Medium Weight Hungarian Goose Down...

‘Warm Things’ calls this the lightest and fluffiest comforter they have, and the consumers seem to agree. One buyer said that it was ‘Very fluffy and warm. Much better than other down comforters I’ve had.’

You can’t expect better praise than that. The comment above suggests that the consumer has some experience with comforters but this one still exceeded their expectations.

Judy, another buyer, was impressed by the fact that ‘The price is so reasonable’. Robert was bothered by the price but the comforter was so ‘light and airy’ that it justified the cost.

Comfort: According to ‘Warm Things’, this comforter is so luxurious and soft that it will make leaving your bed a serious struggle; this is to be expected. Goose Down is one of the softest materials on the market, and this comforter is filled with it.

The level of comfort you will experience will depend on the weight of the comforter you choose to buy. Most people can get by with a medium weight. Medium weight comforters deliver enough warmth in the winter without becoming too overbearing and stuffy in the summer.

Style and Durability: You can get this item in Twin, Queen, King, and Oversized King sizes. The fill power is 700, more sufficient for anyone that needs to keep warm in cold conditions. The shell is 100 percent cotton. It also has a 390 thread count. This explains the soft, luxurious sensation you feel against your skin.

You are also assured optimal durability. The cotton shell will stand the test of time. Cleaning is an issue, though. You have to dry clean the comforter.


  • Provides quite substantial 
  • Super smooth and comfortable
  • Very lightweight but incredibly warm
  • Nice texture, 100% down
  • Great binding, doesn’t worry about falling apart inside
  • Bedding is easier with secure duvet cover
  • The comforter is hypoallergenic.


  • You can’t wash the comforter. It must be dry cleaned.
  •  The price of the comforter is little high.

02. MARRIKAS Hungarian Goose Down KING Comforter

Marrikas 700TC Hungarian Goose Down King Comforter

One consumer will tell you that they have used this comforter for several years now and yet none of its attributes have faded.

While the comforter can get a little toasty in the summer, you will appreciate it in the winter during which it will keep you perfectly warm and dry, eliminating any and all cold spots.

However, now come to the feature of this comforter. The baffle box stitch construction of this comforter will keep it from shifting unnecessarily while you sleep. Moreover, you get sixty ounces of Hungarian Goose down fill which is not only fluffy but more than enough to keep you warm in cold weather. 


  • The comforter is hypoallergenic
  • The price tag is friendly.
  • The comforter’s makeup (2 ply 100 percent Cotton) is designed to deliver optimal softness and durability. .


  • The comforter cannot be washed.

03. Doriness Luxury King Size Hungarian Goose Down Comforter 1200TC

Luxury King Size Hungarian Goose Down Comforter Duvet Insert, 1200 Thread...

Doriness cares about the physical and mental well being of its customers, which is why its comforter not only delivers the best possible environment for sleep but the product’s raw materials are sourced from geese that have been humanely treated.

As such, consumers can enjoy their sleep knowing full well that their comfort was not bought by the suffering of other animals.

 This product has an impressive 1200 thread count which guarantees more softness than you have ever seen in any other Hungarian Goose Down Comforters. Moreover, another important fact is that this comforter has a 100% Egyptian Cotton Shell to deliver you a consistent warmth throughout the year.


  • The 750+ fill and 550z fill weight ensure optimal fluffiness. 
  • The comforter is aesthetically appealing, designed to improve the décor of any given room.
  • long lasting
  • The cotton cover is skin-friendly
  • The Baffle Box design of this comforter ensures the even distribution of the down clusters.
  •  It has corner loops


  • For the comforter to last, it must be dry cleaned. You can’t wash it the cheaper, old fashioned way.

04. Egyptian Bedding HUNGARIAN GOOSE DOWN Comforter 

Luxurious 800 Thread Count HUNGARIAN GOOSE DOWN Comforter Duvet Insert -...

And People frequently compare this comforter to its Siberian Goose Down counterpart. Regardless of whether or not you think the Siberian Goose option is superior, this Hungarian Goose Down comforter will still exceed your expectations.

The key to its soft and luxurious texture is the Long Staple Giza Cotton from which it is made, Cotton that people have been sourcing from the Nile River Valley since the era of the pharaohs.

This comforter is very much popular for several reasons. Firstly,The 750 fill power and 50-ounce fill weight are responsible for the comforter’s ability to keep you warm in the coldest of seasons.

Secondly, This comforter is made from Egyptian Cotton (100 percent) and It has an 800 thread count which makes it so soft that you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Thirdly, The Baffle Box design prevents the comforter from shifting while you sleep. 

And finally, There is double needle stitching in the comforter’s structure which is supposed to stop leakages.


  • The product is constructed in a manner that keeps its filling evenly distributed. 
  • The comforter is hypoallergenic.
  • The loops provided anchor the duvet cover to the comforter.
  • The price tag is friendly.
  • It also eliminates cold spots.


  • Despite the double stitching, some consumers have complained that the product still sheds feathers.

05. Royal Bedding  Abripedic Hungarian Goose Down Comforter 


Abripedic Hungarian Goose Down Comforter, Hypoallergenic, Duvet Insert,...

With 750+ fill power and 54-ounce fill weight, this is hardly the best Comforter on the market. In fact, there are definitely one or two superior comforters on the market.

That being said, this item is still luxurious and fluffy enough to justify its price tag. It achieves its primary purpose which is to augment the sleeping experience. Because it is made from actual Hungarian Goose Down (90 percent), you can trust it to keep you warm.


  • The comforter is 100 percent cotton which makes it soft, warm and durable.
  • The 500 thread count makes it incredibly soft and fluffy.
  • The comforter is hypoallergenic. That means it doesn’t incite allergic reactions
  • The Baffle Box design keeps the comforter from shifting.


  • The comforter must be dry cleaned
  • You could get a better comforter in the same price range.

06. Blue Ridge Trading Naples White Goose Down Comforter

Blue Ridge Home Fashions Naples 700 Thread Count Cotton Hungarian White...

It is easy to see why some people are skeptical about these expensive comforters. Yes, they are amazingly soft when you first purchase them. But you cannot help but worry that, over time, the wear and tear will strip them of their luster.

But this Blue Ridge Trading comforter makes such fears unnecessary. Anyone you talk to who has ever purchased one of these things will tell you that it doesn’t stop warming you through the winter season even after years of use.

But the 700 thread count and 100 percent cotton of this comforter guarantee the softness and comfort that will not fade with the passing of time.

Additionally, The 30oz fill weight keeps the comforter light without compromising its ability to keep you warm.


  • The double stitching prevents shedding
  • The product is hypoallergenic.
  • The baffle box construction keeps the comforter from shifting.


  • The item has to be dry cleaned
  • Some consumers have complained that it sheds a lot more than the manufacturers reveal.

07. DOWN UNDER Hungarian White Down Duvet Comforter 

DOWN UNDER BEDDING Queen Size All Season White Down Duvet Insert - 100%...

People buy comforters because they are supposed to be warmer than ordinary blankets. The manufacturer expects you to trust this comforter to keep you warm because it was made in Canada, and Canadians know a little something about cold weather.

Elizabeth Delgado bought this product for her dorm and it ‘worked great’. Anya purchased the comforter simply because of its association with Canada. She chose to trust that any comforter that comes out of the country would keep her much warmer than comforters made in any other country.

Comfort: At 21.4 inches x 17.5 inches x 7.7 inches, this comforter is adequately sized. The manufacturer has been making comforters and duvets since 1989, so you can trust their word when they tell you that their queen-sized product is soft, fluffy, and warm.

The Hungarian white down filling gives it a fluffy, cloud-like construction. The cotton shell is soft against the skin. The maker has boasted that they filled this product to the standards of the Canadian Down Association.

Style and Durability: This bedding item’s biggest offering is the 550 loft that makes it nice and fluffy to sleep under. As was mentioned above, the shell is pure cotton. So you know that it is durable.

Cotton doesn’t just rip or tear. And the fact that it has a 289 thread count means that it is adequately soothing when it touches your skin. The shell isn’t the softest on the market but it won’t give you any reason to complain.


  • The 289 TC Cotton cover is soft yet strong.
  • The 550 fill power won’t blow your mind. But you will find that it is comfortably fluffy.
  • The 250z fill weight is sufficient for all seasons.
  • The product has been certified by the Down Association of Canada.
  • There is a 15-year warranty attached to the comforter


  • Price is not too low.

08. Downright Organa Luxury Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

Downright Organa Luxury White Goose Down Comforter–650+ Hungarian White...

‘Downright’, the makers of this bedding item opened their doors in 1975. With decades of experience under their belt, the manufacturer’s employees create these comforters by hand, infusing a level of detail and quality into their products that are absent in bedding merchandise that other manufacturers outsource to workers overseas.

That explains all the positive reviews this particular comforter has attracted despite its hefty price tag. A consumer by the names of Strategos summed up the rationale of spending so much money on one comforter when he said that ‘you can’t buy premium quality for bargain prices unless you find it used.’

And this is definitely a premium product. ‘It just screams quality and elegance’, KaysGramma said, surprised that the comforter was so airy and warm, boasting a nice smell.

Comfort: You have every reason to expect optimal comfort from this comforter. The product is filled with Hungarian white goose down which is renowned for having unrivaled softness and fluffiness.

The 650+ fill power makes the comforter feel like a cloud draped over your body. Down has natural insulation properties that will keep you cozy regardless of the weather conditions in your vicinity. Down also has a tendency to trap excess heat, becoming overwhelmingly warm in certain conditions.

But this is why the shell is pure cotton. The material is perfectly breathable, designed to regulate your temperature.

Style and Durability: Customers do not exaggerate when they call this comforter luxurious, elegant, and soft. ‘Downright’ uses organic cotton and Tencel Lyocell to ensure that your sleep is cool, soothing, and restful. These natural fibers also contribute to the comforter’s strength and longevity.

The manufacturer uses a proprietary Oxy-D Double Wash to process the white goose down, giving it the hypoallergenic properties that make it appealing to people with respiratory illnesses like asthma.


  •  The shell is cotton and Tencel Lyocell. It has a 305 thread count which makes it softer than many of its competitors.
  • The fill power is 650+, giving it that bounce and fluffiness that justifies its price tag.
  • The materials from which this item is made are acquired and processed using eco-friendly methods. The geese are treated humanely.
  •  The comforter is made by hand. This gives the product’s design additional elegance and detail.
  • At 86 inches x 68 inches x 4 inches and 9 pounds, the size of this comforter is sufficient for most people and their beds.


  • The comforter is ridiculously expensive.

09. Cloud Nine Comforts Super Nova Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

Cloud Nine Comforts Super Nova Hungarian White Goose Down Comforter, Twin

‘Cloud Nine Comforts’ takes pride in every aspect of this comforter, not just the Egyptian cotton they use but also the fact that they wash the down more than ten times, making sure that it is free of any contaminants that might attract allergic reactions.

Overall, the reception to the comforter has been positive. Patti D King called it ‘Full and Fluffy’. He also thought that it was of the ‘Perfect Quality’. SG thought it was ‘worth the price’.

You need endorsements like that for a comforter like this that isn’t necessarily inexpensive.

Comfort: This comforter uses Hungarian white goose down. It has a fill power of 650 which gives it that airy and fluffy sensation that you expect from a comforter in this price range. The shell is cotton which is soft to the touch and hypoallergenic; the result of the maker’s extensive washing.

This comforter uses flow baffle box construction which ensures that the down filling is evenly distributed. The white goose down filling is a natural insulator that is guaranteed to keep you warm.

Style and Durability: The soft texture of this comforter’s shell can be attributed to the Egyptian Cotton Fibers whose strength will keep this bedding item in decent shape for years. You should also watch out for the sateen weave which gives the comforter its lustrous appearance, not to mention augmenting its softness and strength.

You can find the comforter in twin, full, and queen sizes.


  • The Egyptian cotton shell has a thread count of 360. It is as soft as it is beautiful and elegant.
  • The 650 fill power gives the item a fluffy quality.
  • The product is hypoallergenic.


  • You need to contact the manufacturer for warranty information

10. Premier Products Luxurious Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

Premier Products Luxurious Hungarian Goose Down Comforter 700+ Fill Power...

‘It’s very heavy and warm’, one customer said about this comforter. Her heat had gone out and she was forced to rely on the comforter and nothing else to keep her warm. It did not disappoint

LER found the product to be ‘reasonably priced’ and of ‘sound quality’. The customer was also impressed by the absence of a noxious odor. The one that Cynthia Hagan bought did not fit as she wanted. However, she was still left with a positive impression because the comforter was so ‘light’ and ‘fluffy’.

The general consensus is that this product delivers on the value the price tag promises. You, more or less, get what you pay for.

Comfort: The majority of customers that have purchased this bedding item praise it for being ‘Fluffy’ and ‘Light’. These are the two qualities that every duvet and comforter needs to provide its users.

You can trust this comforter to provide those two qualities because it uses Hungarian goose down and goose feather for filling, two substances that are not only soft and fluffy but also warm, boasting natural insulation properties that will enable the comforter to keep you perfectly warm, dry and relaxed throughout the night. 

The Baffle box construction will ensure that the comforter retains its fluffy form. It won’t go flat. The shell is Cotton Batiste which is soft and gentle on the skin. The cotton fibers are covered with Aloe Vera which fights skin infections

Style and Durability: The goose down (90 percent) and feathers (10 percent) trap heat naturally. They also absorb moisture. This is what enables them to keep you warm on cold nights. The shell is cotton nano batiste that is woven too tightly to permit the filling to escape.

The strength of the cotton batiste will ensure that this product lasts a long time. The comforter uses baffle box construction to keep the filling evenly distributed. The color options are limited but the few colors you can get are elegant and appealing.


  • You can get the comforter in a number of sizes (twin, queen, and king).
  • The filling is completely organic Hungarian Goose Down and Feather which are natural insulators.
  • The product has a money-back-guarantee attached to it.


  • The price is not low.

Final Verdict:

OUR Choice

Our choice is Supremium Hungarian White Goose Down Comforter.


 "Supremium" is popular for making quality warm things. Not only that, it is a goose down bedding Manufacturer Company that has supported the American craftsmanship for over 42 years. This bedding manufacturing company is committed to making best and reliable products for the customer. As a result, This comforter is designed to adapt to the needs of consumers, not the other way around.

However, If you share your bed with someone who is always hotter or colder than you, you will appreciate this Warm Things Supremium comforter which not only feels like a cloud but is also designed to keep the human body warm if it’s cool and cool if it’s warm. Moreover, you can expect elegance and comfort from this comforter.

This comforter has some special features. Firstly, The comforter is 100 percent cotton which makes it highly durable. Secondly, It has a 390 Thread count which contributes to its softness. Finally, The Baffle Box build keeps the comforter from shifting. Consequently, This comforter is so light and fluffy to keep you cool and warm.

However, when this comforter will arrive at your home, you need to unpack this. After you unpack the new one, the odor of the newly made comforter may stay for some hours. Do not worry, Just you need to leave this comforter for a few hours in the open air. Consequently, the bad smell will permanently remove.


Why Hungarian Goose Down Comforter different from others?

This comforter is a medium grade but luxurious down comforter. The line between luxury and economy comforters is defined by the subtle differences in construction and material quality. Meanwhile, most of the brands of down comforters are made overseas in places like India and China. However, There are some specific areas where this comforter creates its superiority over other comforters, those are shown below:


Pure goose 

down feather  


       Comforter Fill 

       Power 700



       count 390


 Baffle Box



Medium Warmth 



Fluffy and


07 .

All season








01. Comforter Materials

These comforter is made of Hungarian goose down.

Hungarian downs are superior to down from the other region

 It's due to the larger feather size. It has a lighter and plusher feel than the regular down. 

Hungarian Goose down feather

Hungarian Goose down feather

And this down feathers comes from the inner body shell of the fully mature Hungarian goose. So, the down cluster is softer, longer, breathable than normal down cluster. 

 Moreover, it is a better insulator.

02.   Fill Power

These are the medium weight comforter contains soft 500-800 fill power quality Hungarian goose down. Additionally,  the quality of this goose down  feather is top class. For this reason, comforter feels much warmer than the average expectation. So that, you can forget about changing the comforter at cold winter night.

Down comforter fill power guide

Down comforter fill power guide

On the other hand, comforters produced with many grades of fill powers such as 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800. The fill power between 400 to 600 indicates the normal quality and less warmth. Additionally, The price of these comforters are lower compared to 700 and 800 fill power comforter.

Where, 800 fill power goose down are incredibly amazing quality and rarely found in the market. These can serve you lifetime, although the price is so high. 

The 700 fill power like this Comforter is excellent in quality. Moreover, it can serve you many years.

Another key point, you can breathe properly and lift up, so you can sleep comfortably.

03.  Thread count

The fabric cover of this comforter is 100% cotton made with 390 thread count.

It is not the highest thread count, but the fabric is tightly woven. So that, it will prevent losing feathers from coming out.

Down comforter Thread Count

Down comforter Thread Count

Additionally, Thread count increases the lifespan of the comforter. 

04.  Baffle box stitching

Baffle box construction is better than sewn-through stitching in terms of comforter durability, shape, equal distribution of feather, etc.

Moreover, square baffle keeps the feathers tightly in place and prevents any clumps, shifting, and bare spots.

Baffle box stitching

Baffle box stitching

They have designed it with the most secure and stylish design. The baffle box design helps to tight together the internal materials. So after daily using, you never feel all the fill power goose downshifts on the edge.

05.  Warmth Level

The common question about this comforter is that;

Can we use the Hungarian goose down comforter in the coldest day of the winter?

The answer is 'Yes'

warmth level of comforter

warmth level of comforter

This comforter will give you the optimum level of comfort and warmth that you can desire. Some people search for a heavyweight comforter for better warm and insulation. But warmth level does not depend on the weight rather it depends on the quality materials and construction of the comforter.

Therefore, For the maximum comfort and warmth, there is no need to grab the heaviest weight comforter.

The Hungarian goose lives in the coldest region in the world. Therefore, they need to produce enough heat in their body to keep them warm. As far as we know, this goose can produce and preserve heat in their body because of this longest and finest quality of feathers.

Additionally, they have a big sized body. So, the feathers of their body are also big. Hence, we can easily collect the long, soft and fluffy feathers from this goose.

Moreover, the down feathers are mostly white. They deliver the excellent quality of down which is very light and warm too. 

06.  Fluffiness

Imagine of a cloud. So much fluffy but very light, incredibly soft and white like snow.

 This comforter is very lightweight comparison with any other comforter.

Sleeping with this comforter can feel a cloud is warping with your body. It is just little warmer than a cloud.

Fluffy goose down feathers

Fluffy goose down feathers

07. All Season Comforter

If you are new on to experience a comforter then you should go for a medium weight comforter, like this one. Because medium weight comforter is enough warmth for keeping you comfy all round the year.

For this reason, it’s not too hot or not so cold. So that, it will never make you feel scorching like other heavyweight comforters.

On the other hand, if you like down alternative comforter, you should go for silk comforter . A silk comforter can cool you in the hot night and warm you in the cold night.

08. Hypoallergenic 

Are you a little fussy or choosy about your bedding stuff because of your allergy issues? People often worried about the ingredients or materials they have used in their daily life.

After all, it is a significant problem, but not with this one.

They made this comforter with total allergy-free materials. 

So, every age and type of people can use this comforter without any trouble.



With the Supremium Hungarian Goose Down Comforter, you can expect maximum quality and service as worth the value. Moreover, like this comforter the best wool comforter are also hypoallergenic.

09. Luxurious 

The comforter gives you the assurance of the maximum comfort in bed. It’s incredibly soft, warm and cozy. 

After all, it is so luxurious and soft to lie on the bed. It is a compliment of your luxury bedding. 

Hungarian Goose down Comforter/Duvet FAQs

01. Duck Down VS Goose Down Duvet

If you have to choose between a goose and a duck down duvet, the decision you make is going to depend on your needs. Of the two, goose down has more insulation. As such, it is going to make a warmer duvet.

In most cases, goose down is approximately 13 percent warmer than duck down, though that figure might vary depending on who you talk to. However, If you are looking for high rated duck down comforter, you can read out our article on best ikea down comforter reviews

 02.How Often Should You Change Your Duvet?

There is no definitive answer. Some people will say five years. Others think that a duvet can last a decade or more. Ultimately, you need to let the duvet tell you when it is time to change it.

Look out for certain signs. For instance, if you realize that your duvet is thin or lumpy or the filling has started to leak out, it might be time to get a new one, especially if the old one no longer keeps you adequately warm.

The lifespan of a duvet will depend on the quality. High-quality duvets tend to last much longer than their cheaper, low-quality counterparts. Maintenance also matter. Duvets that are kept in covers and washed from time to time are likely to maintain their attributes for longer periods.

03.Do Duvets Lose Their Tog Value?

Tog is a unit that measures the amount of thermal insulation a product delivers. In the case of duvets, the Tog rating speaks to the amount of warmth the duvet is expected to deliver.

Duvets wear out over time. The filling begins to clump and possibly even leak. As a result, the duvet’s insulation properties begin to decline. This will cause your duvet’s ability to keep you warm to deteriorate. In doing so, its Tog value would have declined.

04. Types of Goose Down Quilt?

Goose Down is typically differentiated by the places from which it originates. For instance, you have Hungarian, Poland, France, Greenland, Czech Republic, and Siberian Snow Goose Down.

However, the origins of goose down don’t make a difference to the quality of your quilt. The only important attribute is fill power. This is what determines the warmth, weight, and even the durability.

05. How often the comforter professionally should be laundered?

The comforter recommends laundering no more than once a year.

06. Does this down make a noise?

This is probably quieter than most.

07. What is the size of the squares?

Approximately 12 X 12 inches.


The items above are definitely the high quality Hungarian Goose Down Comforters on the market. Now, you might naturally presume that the most expensive of the lot is also the best.

And you’re not wrong. The Downright Organa is definitely exquisite. But you don’t have to spend the hundreds of dollars the Organa demands to enjoy all the benefits that a Hungarian Goose Down Comforter has to offer.

Every other comforter on this list will give you decent warmth, comfort, and hypoallergenic attributes at only a fraction of the price.

In a nustle, Hungarian Goose Down Comforter is an attractive product for long before because they always believe in quality.

One of the reasons called it the supreme quality comforter is, the filing of this comforter was sanitized thoroughly from elements that would trigger allergies. His giant cluster has more room to breathe. It helps the body to pass the heat through even when you are in a deep sleep, in a summer time. 

Moreover, you are getting this comforter that is not too thin or not too bulky. It is very straightforward and every day to get more comfort while sleeping. That is why we were also recommending this to other users.

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