Technogel travel pillow review

Do you want a pillow which can be used both home and outside like, campsite or staying the night in a hotel? Then Technogel Travel Pillow can be an unstained alternative for you. It does not only help you to have a peaceful good night sleep in a strange place but also help you get rid of the neck, shoulder and back pain. Here we are going to give you all the exact information about Technogel Travel Pillow after many types of research.

Technogel  Travel Pillow (Travel Collar)


3D Deformation of the Technogel Travel Pillow

Technogel’s 3D deformation reacts to the force differently from foam. It can mold itself as the users body structure. So the whole body pressure equally distributes over the entire contact surface. This creates a generous decrease in weight tops driving so your blood circulation improves in a good way.

Thermal Regulation and ventilation

Thermal conductivity is another characteristic of Technogel. Which can be compared with any good isolator material like foam or mineral wood? Technogel Travel Pillow can low the contact surface temperature. So the body generated temperature will reduce even more and metabolism activity and demand of oxygen supply increased significantly.

The specific tower design of Technogel optimizes both the 3D deformability and ventilation. This unique design helps to open air channels from up to 36% of the top surface. Also, it provides optimal moisture conduction and delivers extraordinary air circulation. So you can have a better relaxing sleep and an enjoyable cool feeling in the night.


The component of Technogel Travel Pillow cannot spill free or migrate or not causing substance disaggregation because it's free from volatile agents. It keeps its elastic and mechanical properties and does not harden or aged. In some tests it shows, it is able to withstand more than 300,000 weight cycles without distortion. So it is perfect for all type of travelers to carry it everywhere and having a peaceful sleep.

At a glance

  • Unique 3D structure for adapting any size of the human body,
  • Increase blood circulation, demand of oxygen supply in tissues,
  • Its ventilation process decreases body temperature,
  • Able to hold any kind of pressure,
  • Reduce neck, shoulder and back pain,
  • Design with innovative tower,
  • Made with good isolator material,
  • Contain with ergonomic and bio-mechanical properties.
Technogel  Travel Pillow (Travel Collar)
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Technogel Travel Pillow (Travel Collar)
  • Technogel deforms 3 dimensionally and reacts to forces differently than the...
  • Thermal Regulation | Technogel is characterized by an high thermal conductivity,...
  • 3. Ventilation | A specific tower design has been developed, to optimize both...
  • 4. Ergonomics | We all know about the importance of sleeping in a self tailored...
  • 5. Durability | Technogel is totally free from volatile agents, so that its...

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  • Help to reduce back pain, neck and shoulder pain,
  • Can be used in home and camping site both,
  • Its ventilation system reduces body temperature and gives cool feelings so you can relax easily,
  • Increases oxygen supply and metabolism activity.


  • For its high-quality materials, it’s been little expensive for some customers,
  • It may little high for some people’s head.


Que- What is the dimension of Technogel?

Ans- The size of Technogel is 13.1 x 12.7 x 3.5 inches.

Que- what is the weight of this product and will I keep this in my little luggage while I am traveling?

Ans- yes you can easily keep this in your traveling bag or luggage and its weight is just 3 pound.

Que- Does it really works for neck pain?

Ans- Yes, at least, it worked for me also it help me to relax after returning my stressful office work.

This pillow passed by all the test of “Ergonomic Institute of Munich", Germany and demonstrated that it is a long strong and awesome for all group of people. Technogel Travel Pillow is a great ergonomic travel pillow for all purpose to use.

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