If you want to have a firm, comfortable and lightweight sleeping pillow then Tempur-Pedic will be the best choice for you. This pillow is firm enough to fall you asleep. Although its materials support to maintain the balance of your neck, head, and body during the travels so you can rest comfortably. Here we are going to present you all of the information about Tempur-Pedic travel pillow and explain why it's best for you.

Tempur-Pedic Transit Neck Pillow


Smart and comfortable design of Tempur-Pedic travel pillow

The Tempur-Pedic travel pillow is made with a smart design with high-quality materials. It’s very soft and comfortable to use. It helps you stay away from any neck pain, back pain headache so you can relax for a long time on your travel.

Safe and balanced care

This travel pillow gives the most balance feeling during the travel. You don’t feel any muscle stiffness or any pain on your head back. Its support tour back so you will relax easily. It is firm enough to get comfortable and sleep for a long time.

Light in weight

It very light weight Tempur-Pedic travel pillow so you will not feel any extra weight on your neck. It particularly made for extraction extra load so you can travel lightly. You can easily keep it in your small bag or purse when you are going for travel.

Features At a glance

  • Very soft and comfortable,
  • Keep balance your body,
  • Very relaxing,
  • Beautiful color and design,
  • Reduces back or neck pain,
  • Best for sleeping,
  • Easy washable,
  • Long durable product,
  • Suitable for all type of people.
Tempur-Pedic Transit Neck Pillow
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Tempur-Pedic Transit Neck Pillow
  • Each pillow includes a 3-year limited mfg. warranty.
  • Pillows and other comfort items are non-returnable and do not have a tryout...

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  • Supports your neck and back,
  • Very soft in touch,
  • Nice in look,
  • Helps to sleep for a long time,
  • Made with high-quality materials,
  • Suitable for all people,
  • Easy washable product.


  • There is no pillow cover included,
  • Maybe felt littlies thick for some person.

F A Q.

Que- what is the color of this pillow?

Ans- Dark Blue.

Que- What is the size of this pillow?

Ans- 12.4 x 10.9 x 3.9 inches.

After using this product you are going to feel the actual difference from the other traditional sleeping pillows. This pillow provides you extra comfort and care during your travel, relaxing all inside and out. You can use it in a car, bus, train, plane, wheelchair, or couch. You will be free from all the neck or back pain after using it and sleep easily for a very long time. So have one Tempur-Pedic travel pillow to make your travel comfortable.

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