The Benefits of a Cooling Pillow

The Benefits of a Cooling Pillow You Should Know

Night sweats are pretty bad, especially when you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. One of the most common reasons why people don’t get sleep is due to the extremely high temperatures that result in discomfort. However, with the consistent altering functions, night sweats are a problem that the pillow manufacturers are consistently working on. 

However, with the constantly growing medical innovations, researchers and brands are working in tandem to promote the manufacturing of breathable innovative material and pillows made of gel and water to ensure a comfortable and peaceful sleeping time without exerting discomfort.

If you are one of those people who tends to have a habit of tossing and turning the pillow to sleep on the comfortable and cooler side, investing in a cooling pillow will be a smart move for you.

What are Cooling Pillows?

If this is the first time you are listening about cooling pillows and you don’t have much idea about the same, they are specifically designed pillows that prevent retention of heat and keep the pillow cool to ensure neutral sleeping patterns.

These types of pillows are ideally designed to draw heat away from the body by enhancing the overall airflow to ensure that the surface of the pillow remains cool to let you enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

Also, the material used in the cooling pillows is often made with breathable and moisture-wicking material, which further helps keep the pillows cool throughout the use of time.

What are the Benefits of Cooling Pillows?

Cooling pillows are pretty amazing, which means that you likely wouldn’t regret making this purchase. However, with so many different variants of cooling pillows available in the market, the one question that irks everyone’s mind is the benefits of buying the same. Why are they such an amazing option to purchase?

  • Promotes quicker sleep cycles

If you have a habit of not getting enough sleep due to hot flashes and night sweats, chances are that buying a cooling pillow can effectively aid in that issue. While it is common for you to not get the right amount of sleep during the hot summer months, there is no excuse why you can’t get enough sleep during the winter months.

Cooling pillows are specifically designed to keep the surface of the pillow cold to enable you to get enough sleep throughout the night without any complaints of discomfort. They are just the missing piece that you need for that fateful night of sleep.

  • Tackle Insomnia

Insomnia is a chronic and serious health condition that might seem normal in the initial few days but the same often does take a turn for the worse when you have a hard time falling back to sleep within 24 hours of the day. Insomnia can lead to hampered physical and mental health, something that you can predominantly tackle with the use of cooling pillows. 

One of the most crucial and common contributing factors behind insomnia is night sweats and the constant changes in hormonal patterns. A cooling pillow effectively helps reduce the incidence of night sweats and curb the issues that insomnia brings along. 

  • Improved Mental Well-being

Lack of sleep often leads to disorientation and discomfort in individuals. Many people who struggle with mental health issues have complained about lack of sleep and it is not surprising that the conditions of night sweats aren’t doing much help for the condition.

Using a cooling pillow with a proper sleeping environment can effectively help reduce the risks of lack of sleep, thereby improving one’s mental well-being in the process. As your body and mind are well-rested, the same contributes to the betterment of your mental health too. 

  • Slows down Aging

If you are witnessing the early onset of the signs of aging, you must get the optimal amount of sleep throughout the night to tackle those issues. Sleeping is the time when your body rejuvenates and repairs its cells and tissues. So, if you aren’t getting quality sleep during the night, chances are that your body is going to show early signs of aging.

A cooling pillow helps improves the quality of sleep, enabling you to feel younger in due course of time. Better quality of sleep often reflects on the skin type and skin health in the long run.

  • Reduces the risks of Metabolic Diseases

One of the most common issues that people can tackle with proper sleep is the risks of metabolic diseases. There is a range of metabolic diseases that you can struggle with including diabetes, stroke, and heart diseases. 

Studies have found that people struggling with metabolic diseases tend to have worse symptoms and impacts in people who don’t get enough amount of sleep. Investing in a cooling pillow can effectively help reduce the risks of further deteriorating impacts of metabolic disease.

  • Avoid Massive Breakouts

At night, the degree of spread of radiation spreads extensively and contributes to sweat and massive build-up of the sweat can result in the formation of acne, especially due to clogged pores. Due to the heightened heat build-up, the same often results in causing the excess release of oil from the sebaceous glands, resulting in discomfort and consistent risks of breakouts that several individuals complain about.

Using a cooling pillow keeps the heat dissipation to the lowest, thereby reducing the unnecessary release or excess secretion of the oils that lead to breakouts.

  • Wake up More Refreshed

Another reason why you need to use cooling pillows is that it enables you to wake up more refreshed than normal. Having rested for over 7-9 hours at night allows you to wake up refreshed after a fitful night of sleep.

What are the Types of Cooling Pillows?

If this is your first time buying cooling pillows and you don’t have any idea about the different types, there are a few things that you need to look out for. As for the types of available cooling pillows in the market, there are a few notable ones that you can consider buying.

They include:

  • Water pillows

As weird as it sounds, water pillows are hands down one of the best types of cooling pillows that you can invest your money in. These are made with the standard foam or synthetic down pillow with a layer of water protected by a shield inside. 

The shield of water is what keeps the upper layer of the pillow cold, enabling you to have a comfortable night of sleep without any discomfort. 

  • Gel Memory foam pillows

Another type of cooling pillow that you can consider investing in is the gel memory foam ones. The memory foam is ideal for individuals who have a hard time find a comfortable position for their head and neck. It blends according to the contours of the body and that is exactly what you need for a comfortable night of sleep.

The reason why they are categorized under cooling pillows is because of the layer of padded gel that is available on top of the pillow. This enables you to have a comfortable night’s sleep. The gel padding also improves the overall air circulation for added comfort.

  • Breathable pillows

Just like the name suggests, the breathable pillows are the ones that comprise a breathable fabric that ensures proper air circulation through the foam padding of the material. Even the moisture is diffused throughout the entire pillow ensuring that you wouldn’t have to worry about night sweats.

Feather pillows are one of the best examples of breathable pillows that you can consider investing in. Try and choose the pillows made with organic fabric or the microbead pillows that ensure less heat retention with supportive qualities for the user to sleep on.

  • Combination Cooling pillows

The last option in the lot is the combination cooling pillow. They are a premium and latest option that is designed with improved cooling technology with different types of cooling technologies for a comfortable night’s sleep without any discomfort. 

Some of the latest options like the GhostPillow are designed with a special cool burst flow technology with memory foam padding for the ultimate level of comfort for the users.


1. Are cooling pillows worth it?

Yes, cooling pillows are proven to provide the users with the ultimate level of sleep that they need to get ultimate comfort like nothing else.

2. What kind of pillowcases should one use with cooling pillows?

If this is your first time using the cooling pillows, try and use the pillowcases that are made with a breathable fabric. Some of the pillows even come with their zippered pillowcases, which is always a benefit.

3. How often should I replace cooling pillows?

The replacement depends on the kind of filling the pillow has. However, we’d suggest reading the manufacturer’s instructions to check how long you need to replace them.


If you are tired of not getting enough sleep during the night, investing in cooling pillows can be a life-changing decision. The majority of the cooling pillows are not integrated with the latest technologies to help people get quality sleep so they can tackle health issues and wake up refreshed the next day.

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