Therm-a-Rest Lumbar Pillow Reviews

You might think of a travel recently and listing of necessary thing you want to take with you. Don’t forget to take a travel pillow like Therm-a-rest lumbar pillow. It is really special from all by its sides. It’s a lightweight one hand adjustable, cheap and most importantly, it can reduce pressure towards the spine by it lateral support. Here we are going to discover some real usability of Therm-a-Rest lumber Pillow after a strong research.

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Therm-a-Rest Lumbar Travel Pillow, Nautical Blue

Unique Ergonomic Shape of the Therm-a-rest lumbar pillow

Its unique ergonomic shape helps to provide ample back and spine support which is essential when you are sitting for a long time. You may need this kind of stuff when you are traveling by airplane, bus or train or you are working on a desk or else just relaxing and watching a movie at home.

Sitting a log time in a chair can be the cause of your back pain.

This pillow will help you get out from this back pain and gives extra support to your spine.

 It’s die-cut foam down the center to maintaining density on the sides of lateral support by reducing pressure along the spine.

Pillow for Lumber support

Pillow for Lumber support

Self-inflating design

Its self-inflating design helps you to adjust the level of support and extra reliever. Also, you can be adjusting this pillow just in one hand to add extra comfort to bed seats or anywhere. So no worries to adjust the level when you need this.

Lengthy usable life

This pillow that has high-quality construction helps it to make a very long run. You can use it everywhere when you need is. it's filled with urethane foam so its very soft and comfortable to use. It usually doesn't get dirty because of its material. You can wipe out to cleaning purpose but otherwise, it's no need to machine or hand wash for cleaning.

Features At a Glance

  • Self in-flatting
  • Pressure mapping technology
  • Dense lateral support
  • Made with polyester
  • Filled material- urethane foam
  • Valve adjustment- one hand
  • Very light in weight
  • Comfy die-cut foam
  • Affordable price
  • No washing required

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  • Very comfortable for long time plane travel of working in an office in sitting a chair.
  • It’s great for lumbar support.
  • Easy to carry. You can quickly roll it to its full size and keep it in your backpack.


  • The size may not suitable for all type of users.
  • The valve may not always seal so need to be periodically re-inflate.


Que- What is the size of the pillow?

Ans- Length- 7" width-14", thickness-3"

Que- Is it suitable for airplane passengers?

Ans- Absolutely. You can quickly roll up into a soda can size package and just quickly unfold it easily.

Que- Can I hang this back of my chair?

Ans- NO. It does not come with a strap to hang, so you can hang this.

This multipurpose pillow can be used everywhere, every time whenever you wish. So it can be said that This pillow could be your great companion while you are travel or work sitting on chairs.

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