Therm-A-Rest Air head Pillow Review

Many travel pillows may found in the market which is lightweight and easy to carry but Therm-A-Rest Air Head Pillow one of the best of them. This travel pillow is very small in size and light in weight so it is best for those adventure loving people who loves to go hiking or camping. You can easily deflate and fold it in it stuff sack and keep it in its bag pack. This pillow takes up a minuscule amount od space in your backpack. Now we are going to see more about Therm-A-Rest Air Head Pillow and try to found what makes it so special.

Therm-a-Rest Air Head Inflatable Travel Pillow (2019 Model), Grey

Everybody can use Therm-A-Rest Air Head pillow, cause this is Full supportive for all

This Pillow made with a unique technology which gives you full support to your head and neck. So you can relax without straining your back or any discomfort feeling. Now you don’t have to worry about your sleep or relaxation or any kind of back pain. It’s easily deflated and inflates so no delay to falling in sleep in your campsite.

Very light in weight

This travel pillow is just 5.2 ounces. Its lightweight material helps to keep an extra lightweight pillow to carry everywhere. When you deflate it and fold it in its stuff sack it is like a handkerchief to carry in your hand.

Used Materials

This pillow inflated by using air. Additionally, A baffled and open cell foam are used to make it more stable and usable to the seat. Moreover, These elements make it a good compressible cushion.

It is maily supportive for the side sleepers but every types of sleeper can use this pillow comfortabley. 

Available Size


12 x 4 inches


12 x 17.5 x 4 inches inflated

Perfect all-rounder

This pillow is very suitable for use everywhere and every time. You can use it for your hiking, camping or in the bus, train, airplane for relaxing a bit. It also can be used in your office chair or couch when you are exhausted by your work. Also, it can be used in a wheelchair or a living chair when you are watching movies or something.

At a glance

  • Very light weight
  • Easy to carry easily
  • Help to keep straight when you are sitting in a chair
  • Easy to wipe out
  • Gives full support to your neck and head
Therm-a-Rest Air Head Inflatable Travel Pillow (2019 Model), Grey
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Therm-a-Rest Air Head Inflatable Travel Pillow (2019 Model), Grey
  • Travel pillow that combines air and a baffled, open cell foam core to provide a stable, yet highly compressible cushion
  • Convenient and compressible, it packs down to nearly the size of a water bottle for easy stowing


  • Best use for camping and Hiking
  • Best use for camping and Hiking
  • Great for relaxing when you are traveling
  • Easy to carry and use


  • The pillow is tiny so may not enough thick for some user
  • Its air valve is made of plastic. So if it used harshly it can separate fast.


Que- When it inflates how thick it could be?

Ans- About 4-inch thicknessʺ.

Que- Is it easy to pack?

Ans- Absolutely. It’s very tiny so very easy to pack and carry.

Que- What is the size of this travel pillow?

Ans- 12 x 17.5 x 4 inches

For a full support of your neck, head, and ultimate backcountry comfort, it can be said that this pillow will replace any other travel pillows you have ever used.

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