Things To be Considered Before Buying A Bed Frame – Infographic

Among all of the furniture of the house, the bed frame is the most common and important.

 Normally most of the people spend almost one-third of their life on the bed. For a dreamy sleep a suitable bed frame, a suitable mattress, a suitable down comforter or duvet insert and a suitable pillow are important. 

Among all of these things, purchasing a bed frame is the most crucial thing to do.

Buying a bed frame is not a difficult task. By reading our article you can learn easily about how to buy a bed frame for your living room.

Benefits of bed frame

  1. It is supportive of a mattress.
  2. It beautifies your room.
  3. Available in the market.
  4. Cost effective.
  5. It supports your sleep.

The Most common comparison options are

  1. Price
  2. Durability
  3. Style
  4. Size
  5. Materials

Our opinion:

Available Material Types, Price, Durability, Style:

1. Wooden bed frames

Most common types of material for making of the bed frame. It can be softwood or hardwood.

  • Royal types of the bed frame.
  • Simple to gorgeous style.
  • Softwood- Pine, Aspen, Spruce, fir.
  • Hardwood- balsa wood, beech, mahogany, cherry, maple, oak etc.
  • Durable, varieties of style.
  • You can get low cost to the high-cost wooden bed frame.
  • You can get historical perception.
  • Storage availability ( If you want)
  • Adjustable with any types of mattress.

2. Iron or steel or metal bed frame

  • By using this bed frame you can avoid lice and insects.
  • Stronger and durable.
  • Lowest cost. You can get it $50-$100 or above.
  • It can be constructed by, Copper and Bronze, Stainless Steel, Iron.

3. Leather

  • Varieties of an option are available.
  • Varieties o Color.
  • Different look.
  • You can get it by both genuine and faux leather.
  • This frame normally made of hardwood. Wrapping it in leather, makers try to make it durable and sturdy.
  • A lot of maintenance is needed.
  • Normally costlier than any other types of the bed frame.

4. Laminates and veneers

  • Constructed of wood or other similar types of product.
  • It sealed and applied over a wood frame.
  • versatile
  • Different color, shape, style are available.
  • Normally costlier than any other types of the bed frame.

So, in conclusion, you have a verity of the option. You can do your own research and decide which bed frame is suitable for your room.

Best dimensions and sizes of the bed frame

Normally, there is no standard size of bed frame sizes. 

But if you have a small baby, try to choose lowest height bed. Because it is for baby to make a play over a bed in a winter season when the floor generally cold. 

Low height normally increases the stability of the bed. For heavy people, it is the best solution for the best night sleep. 

For the tallest life partner, too low it creates a problem for climbing and getting out from the bed.

You can go for single or twin size beds, based on the family member and your preference to sleep. 

You can go for queen or king size bed. First of all, think about to whom it is for. For couple and a baby, the larger bed is preferable. 

It will ensure your comfort at the time of sleeping. And for breastfeeding baby, the larger bed is helpful for the mother to breastfeed her child. When your child becomes 4 to 6 years old, give her/him a separate single bed.

You can also consider available space free in the room. Leave some free space in your room for walking. And also purchase a bed frame that adjusts easily with mattress.

Before buying a bed frame Question yourself? 
  1. What is the budget for the bed frame?
  2. Which room the bed frame goes into?
  3. Is the space of the door is enough for entering the bed into the room?
  4. How Much Space is Available for the Bed Frame?
  5. What is the Decor of the Room?
  6. Is the color of the bed frame matching with the decoration color of the room?
  7. How movable is the Bed Frame?
  8. Are the sizes of the bed frame is suitable for the person we bought for?

Our recommendations of this question have given in details in the info-graphic below:

Things To Considered Before Buying A Bed Frame - Infographic

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