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Many neck pillows could be found in the marketplace with a lot of features. How they actually work for you that might questionable but here we bring for you a perfect neck pillow. Travelrest  ultimate Travel Pillow is a great option for travelers especially who suffering from chronic pains. This a multi-use neck pillow for both children and adults. Here we are going to discover all the factors of  this pillow and try to find the answer is good or bad for a user.

Travelrest Travel Pillow has Unique ergonomic shape

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow - Ergonomic & Adjustable -...

This pillow has unique ergonomic shape gives proper support to your head, neck, and backbone. It helps to keep your head straight and provides full lateral support for the upper body. So now you can easily relax or fall asleep during the long time journey.

Firstly, before using it, we have to know how to wear it.

Here is a process for you:

how to wear it

how to wear it

Lightweight, easy to carry

This is a lightweight and easy to carry  pillow for your ultimate travel. It easily inflates just by a few breaths and deflates immediately. It's weight is 7 ounces and the rolled dimensions is 2 x 9 x 3.5 inches. You can easily roll up and carry on your small bag. That’s why it can go with you as your relaxing partner in car, bus, train or flights. Or just for a campaign.

easy to carry

easy to carry


This multi-use and adjustable neck pillow are for both adult and children. It can be used as a travel pillow, messenger bag or as a tether to an airline seat and easily loops over headrest in airline seat wings and cars.

At the time of traveling in the car, this pillow is the best for both comfort and rest. So, here I have shown you a pictorial view of how to use it in the car.

How to use it in Car seats

How to use it in Car seats

These types of pillows are also providing you the highest quality of comfort in the Airplane journey. Here is also a pillow wearing tips for you….

How to use it in Airline seats

How to use it in Airline seats

At a glance for ultimate Travelrest travel pillow

  • Adjustable multi use neck pillow
  • Make relaxation easier, help to fall asleep and stay asleep much longer when you traveling
  • Design for proper head and neck alignment
  • Provides full lateral support for the upper body
  • Inflate and deflate easily
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Exclusive ergonomic design for preventing neck strain and tension
  • It can be used for both adult and children
  • Very light in weight and cheap in price
  • Best for cars, buses, trains, airplanes, backpacking, camping, watching TV, wheelchairs, airport terminals
Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow - Ergonomic & Adjustable -...
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Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow - Ergonomic & Adjustable -...
  • The only product that provides FULL LATERAL SUPPORT for the upper body making it...
  • Promotes proper head and neck and cervical alignment - KEEPS HEAD FROM FALLING...
  • ERGONOMIC Patented design provides proper support to prevent tension and neck...
  • MULTI-USE AND ADJUSTABLE - Position across the torso or down the side. Wear like...
  • INFLATABLE - WASHABLE - ADJUSTABLE: Adults & kids older than 8 years. Great for...

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  • Best for car, bus, train, airplane, camping, backpacking, wheelchairs, watching TV and airport terminals,
  • In cars and airline seat wings,
  • It easily loops over headrests,
  • It can be used as a messenger bag or tether to an airplane or car seats.


  • Because of it high-quality material and multi-functional uses it bit little expensive in price for some customers,
  • It requires readjustment frequently so it may little disturbance for some people.


Que- Does it works while I wearing bulky noise canceling headphones in an airplane?

Ans- yes, it does.

Que- can I use it for my travel?

Ans- Yes this pillow gives you more satisfaction in your travel.

Que- What is the process of inflating of this pillow?

Ans- An inflate cap is given on the pillow. Remove the cape and blow air to inflate your pillow.

Usability of the pillow

Usability of the pillow

You will find many neck pillows for your travel. But this multipurpose pillow will serve the best from any other traditional pillows. So keep yourself calm and relax and forget all the suffering by using this pillow.

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