Trundle Bed VS Daybed

Trundle Bed VS Daybed: What is the difference?

Both trundle bed and daybed are popular because of their convenience.

But is either option better than the other? Does it even matter which type of bed you choose? I think people have different needs and choices. And both of these beds have some specific feature to fulfill the user needs. Hopefully, this article will help you to solve your daybed vs trundle bed debate.

​ Trundle Bed VS Daybed :Aren’t all beds the same?

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Well, all beds are not the same. And because beds come in so many shapes, styles and sizes, the bed you choose definitely matters, especially if your home is restricted when it comes to space.So there are differences exist between the daybed and trundle bed.

   What is a Trundle Bed?

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A trundle bed is a much smaller bed that you can stuff under a larger bed. You basically have two spaces for sleeping configured within a single unit.

In fact, trundle beds have been compared to bunk beds for that very reason. But they happen to take up very little space.

The idea of having a smaller bed hidden under a larger one tends to throw some people off.

But the whole set up actually makes a lot of sense once you see it. The smaller bed has rollers that simplify the process of pushing it in and out of its slot.

Are Trundle Beds the Best Option for You?

Why would you spend money on a trundle bed when you could just as easily buy a bunk bed or even a twin sized bed?

Well, a trundle bed is perfect for individuals that are struggling with space in their bedrooms.

A trundle bed takes up the same space as a normal twin-sized bed. However, it also brings two sleeping surfaces to the table which immediately elevates it up the twin-sized bed.

But is that all? Should you buy a trundle bed just because you get two whole beds out of the deal?

Well, not quite. On top of the additional sleeping surface, the trundle bed can act as a small couch.

You only need to roll out the second smaller bed when you need to sleep. Otherwise, you can just seat on the larger bed which resembles a couch.

And if you decide to invest in a really expensive version, you might even get a trundle bed with drawers.Simply put, trundle beds are diverse tools that can fulfill a multitude of purposes.

Who uses Trundle Beds?

Because trundle beds have a smaller, thinner mattress sliding out from under a larger one, the trundle bed is perfect for families with kids.

Teenagers will get a kick out of trundle beds because they are the perfect size for these objects.

Of course, they won’t appeal to adults and the elderly who might struggle with back problems as a result of the trundle bed design.

  What is a Daybed?

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A Daybed is a couch that can operate as a bed. To be more specific, a daybed is a twin bed.

However, unlike most twin beds, daybeds only have three sides. This makes them look like deep couches.

When used as a couch, a daybed can be as deep as 39-inches.

Daybeds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You are always encouraged to take your time when buying a daybed for the first time. You need to find a model that best assimilates with your decor.

Why Daybeds?

If you can afford to buy a regular bed, why spend money on a daybed? There are a few reasons that make daybeds more appealing, namely:

The Couch 

 daybeds can provide both sleeping and seating spaces. They are wide enough for you to sleep peacefully.

But they are also designed in a manner that will allow you to sit comfortably.

The Comfort  

the average bed requires you to lean against its headboard to read, watch TV or simply lounge.

But such postures will quickly tire you out. A daybed has armrests that you can lean on to lounge in a manner that will not stress your body.

The Storage  

daybeds have spaces underneath that you can use as extra storage.

To be fair, you can also store things under a regular bed. But the space under a regular bed is small and it requires careful maneuvering. This isn’t the case for daybeds.

They don’t have box frames or springs and that makes them more convenient.

Who uses daybeds?

Daybeds are meant for studio apartments whose owners struggle with space.

If you can’t afford to crowd your bedroom with both a bed and a couch, a daybed will solve all your problems because it combines a bed and a chair into one unit.

The extra storage space under the daybed is especially attractive for studio apartments because it could easily act as a dresser or a trunk for your things.

what is a daybed with trundle

what is a daybed with trundle

what is a daybed with trundle

You can get both benefits from this daybed with trundle. In the daytime you can use it as a daybed and in the night you can use it as a trundle.

    Trundle Bed or Daybed- which one should select?

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It is difficult to make the case that a daybed is better than a trundle bed. Ultimately, a trundle bed is a daybed but superior.

The trundle bed is a combination of two twin-sized beds presented in a single unit.

The trundle bed doesn’t take up any more space than a twin-sized bed despite the fact that it has two whole sleeping spaces.

The daybed, on the other hand, is just one twin-sized bed that is typically suitable for a single person.

Then again, even though the trundle bed can accommodate two people because it has two sleeping surfaces, the smaller bed, the one that slides out from under the larger one, isn’t suitable for adults.

In fact, if you have back problems, you should stay away from trundle beds altogether.

These models are best utilized by children. Daybeds do not have that limitation. They are adequate beds for anyone who chooses to buy them, be it children or adults.

If that wasn’t enough, the daybed makes a better chair than the trundle bed. If you have the right pillows, and a comforter in a winter, you can seat on a daybed all day without suffering much in the way of discomfort.

This isn’t even taking into account the extra space under the daybed. The extra space the trundle bed has is occupied by the smaller mattress. So anyone hoping to use their trundle bed as a storage unit will be disappointed.

Then again, some trundle beds have drawers.

Ultimately, even though trundle beds look like the most superior option between the two, things are not so clear cut.

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