What is a Baffle Box Comforters? Learn first before buying

Last Friday night I was in the mall and shopping for some cushions for my new bed. Then I couldn’t but notice hearing a couple arguing about what a Baffle Box Comforters are. What the baffles are they couldn’t say accurately.

So, I decided myself before more couples fight over this simple issue. There should a legit writing covering all about a baffle box comforter.



If you plan to buy a comforter and start to look for them, you might hear the term “Baffle Box Construction.” Have you ever wondered what it is? If you have, then you have come to the right place.

I heard a lot of people asking me what a Baffle Box Comforter is. Well, guys here is your answer. In this article, we are going to learn what is Baffle Box Comforter.

The types of baffle box comforter. How they made and which one to choose between this types. The trade off between baffle box and baffle stitch comforters.

In which scenarios you should choose a baffle box comforter? That’s a long list reading. So, sit back tight and prepare yourself a cup of coffee. Enjoy!

The Definition of Baffle Box Comforters

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A typical down comforter has two types of construction. One of them is Baffle Box construction. A Baffle Box construction has shells made with inner sidewalls in each checkered shaped chamber.

Each chamber has fillings, and the fillings don’t get clumped up as the sidewalls don’t allow them to do so. So, a Baffle Box Comforter is a type of down comforter that has checkered shaped boxes.

These boxes have inner side walls and fillings that separate the top and bottom cover. Simple, right? The 3D chambers of a baffle box comforter allow trapping more air. That ensures more insulation.



The more insulation a comforter has, the more warmth it offers. This topic was cleared in you physics books in the school. I am pretty sure you remember it from there.

baffle box comfoter has more-insulation-more-warmth

baffle box comforter has more-insulation-more-warmth

Why are Baffles used in comforter construction?

We need to keep the inner fillings of the bedding spread and stop it from shifting, right? That’s where baffles come in.

The Baffles prevent the fillings from shifting. Baffles are the vertical walls fabric that separates each box. Once a goose down settles, the cold spots start appearing, and your comforter stops the primary purpose.

Baffles will prevent the cold spots. I think now you are clear about the importance of the baffles.

True Baffle Box Comforter: A Special Choice in Winter

Okay, so that was baffle box comforter. But I am sure that you have heard about “true baffle box,” “closed baffle box” or “end-to-end baffle box” construction too. And what is that?

It means that these comforter’s baffles are completely sealed and has no cold spots because of that. Not only that they also allow the greatest thickness and maintains a flat shape all over the comforter.

Moreover, unlike cheap comforters, they prevent the internal clumping of the fillings. They found in comforter and feather made beddings.

So, the next you are shopping for comforters and want extreme protection against the chilly evenings. Make sure you are buying a true baffle box comforter which is also known as closed baffle box comforter.

Types of Baffle Box Comforter

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In the market, you can find 3 versions of baffle box comforter. Naming

  • Standard Baffle
  • Framed Baffle
  • Perma Baffle

There no big differences that you can find on the outside of these three. The main difference is on the inside of these comforters.

The comforters have small holes in each cell or the in each baffle. These holes are used for inserting the comforter fillings. So, each baffle filled separately. There are specially designed machines in industries for doing this particular task.

How a baffle box comforter is made that will discussed in the next section of the article.

But for now, we are going to see the structural differences among the 3 versions of the baffle box comforter. The standard baffle and the framed baffle has 1 inch small opening in each baffle for the fill hose to insert the fillings.

After one cell filled, the fill tube moves to the next one.  And after finishing up the filling work, the opening for the hose is sealed with stitching.

While so, in Perma Baffle comforter, there is a double layer flap covering the opening. What is the function of this flap covers?

They ensure that the fillings don’t move to other cells even after a heavy wash. So, this is main structural differences between the types. Which one to buy? Well, that depends on many factors and to your personal choice entirely.

Which Type Should You Choose?

Choosing the right baffle box comforter depends on you. All the 3 versions of the bedding provide some pros and cons. It is up you to be the judge. I am going to give you some idea about their pros and cons.

Standard Baffle


  • Industry standard for premium comforters


  • Fills can migrate through the small opening while washing

Framed Baffle


  • Better design can appeal a lot of you guys. It gives a beautiful visual appearance.


  • Fills can migrate from shells through the small hole over time. Pretty much the same as the standard baffle.

Perma Baffle


  • Fills do not migrate as a result of the double layer flaps.
  • Easy to use and easy to care.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Machine dry-able.


  • More expensive due to double layer flaps.

How is a Baffle Box Comforter Made?

Have you ever wondered how a baffle box comforter are made? It’s quite simple in some ways. You will get a clearer idea about a baffle box comforter by knowing about their construction way.

I will be discussing how they made in a typical bedding industry. There might be more ways to make them. I will discuss them for another day. Let’s talk about the manufacturing method of making a baffle box comforter.



Step 1

The process starts with getting a pre-quilted comforter shell. Sometimes they buy it from a third party.

Some have another section or production line for making these pre-quilted shells. The shells have diamond shaped sections all over the body. These are the baffles that we are talking from all these time.

comforter shell

comforter shell

Step 2

After collecting the shells, they start sewing it along with all the edges. But they keep several openings for inserting the filling materials. These openings are held on one side only. Rest are stitched together.

Sewing the comforter

Sewing the comforter

Step 3

Now the shell is placed on a filling table. The edge of the openings positioned in front of the filling machine. A filling machine is an automatic machine used in bedding industries for inserting.

The filling materials in pillows, comforters, mattresses, etc. They have filling nozzles which are used for adding component.

Step 4

After placing the comforter shell on the table. The filling nozzles fed through the small openings between the baffle boxes.

It is pushed to the last box manually by a worker. Each box has the same small openings through which the nozzles inserted.

Step 5

After reaching the last box, the worker starts the machine. The machine fills the boxes with a pre-measured amount of fills.

They use a specially designed clamp for holding down each row as the filling operation continues. The clamp helps to ensure that the fill doesn’t migrate to other boxes.

Step 6

The process continues until all the boxes fill. After that, the outer openings stitched so that the filling material don’t come out.

Additional tags attached after that.The worker then moves the comforter for packaging and post processing. This is how a baffle box comforter made.

Baffle Box or Box Stitch? Which One to Choose?

A typical down comforter is made of cotton, silk and sometimes polyester. Sewing constructs them up the top and bottom cover filled with feathers or similar materials.

Some say that down comforter were called duvets, which has lots of controversies, though. Back in the old days, the French used clear fabric bags filled with feathers to protect themselves from cold. This where the idea of new comforters came.

Today, the quilt has evolved a lot.

The Baffle Box Comforter

Today we can find two kinds of down comforters. One is called the Baffle Box Comforter another is Box Stitch.

The Box Stitch Comforter is known as Sewn Through comforter. The fundamental characteristic of the baffle box comforter is that they have diamond shaped checkered patterns with small strips throughout all the body.

The size of the baffles may vary from 6 to 15 inches. But in all the comforters they are identical in size and shapes.



The Box Stitched Comforter

On the other hand, box stitch also comes with the checkered pattern. But they don’t have the small strips of filling material like the baffle box. Instead, the boxes made by sewing the top and bottom layer together.

You may like our box stitched silk comforter to get soft, cozy and lovely night..

Okay, you might be confused, let me clarify. The main difference you can think is that the baffle box has pre-made boxes and then fills are inserted. And the box stitch makes the boxes by sewing the two layers after filling added. Clear? You should be.



Which one is better?

By the construction and design, someone might think that the baffle box is better. But the x-factor lies somewhere else.

Boxes in the box stitch are harder to make and typically more expensive. They are generally hand crafted. Which another reason for being more expensive. Don’t get intrigued by the design of the boxes.

They serve different purposes which suitable for different situations. So, it is up to the situation and completely with your choice of comfort.

A box stitch construction is the best option if you desire for a lightweight option and live in a warmer climate.

Some box stitches though weigh much more to give it a fluffy look. But when it comes to cold prevention and warmth, baffle box wins the dual. They are heavy and offer much more heat that the box stitch comforters.

The fluffier and more substantial they are, the more warmth they provide.



Some Myths and Myth Busters about baffle box comforters

There a lot of rumors about comforters and especially about baffle box comforters. The main reason can be the scarcity of the resources on this topic. I have made a list of common myths and the truth behind the myths.

Myth 1

Only baffle box comforters prevent fillings from migrating.

Myth buster

It’s absurd! Some super smart salesperson might be selling these words to you. Both baffle box and box stitch comforters have separate compartments that can “lock” down in place. The fills equally spread all over the comforter in both the scenarios.

Myth 2

Box stitch comforters have “cold spots” in the joining points on the two layers.

Myth buster

The reason behind the cold spots is shifting of the fillings. Nothing else! The myth could be true if your comforter is overused or after a heavy wash.

But the construction methodology is never the cause behind cold spots. They are fluffier than baffle box comforters and preserves more heat.

Myth 3

Baffle box comforters are way fluffier than the box stitch comforters.

Myth buster

Funnily, the fact is exactly the opposite. As the baffle box comforters have sharply designed shapes, they maintain a flatter and thinner look.

While so, a box stitch finish has a fluffier look. They offer a sculpted and soft comforting look.

The Final words

I hope you liked the article and got some ideas about the baffle box comforters. So, when the next time you plan for shopping comforters, I think you will know how to identify a true baffle box comforter and what to expect from them.

Thank you, guys! I will be writing soon about more exciting facts about your bedding lifestyle. More interesting facts about your household comforts. Take care.

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