What size is a standard pillowcases

What Size Is a Standard Pillowcase

Most people put a lot of thought when purchasing the right pillow. Nobody wants a pillow that is too hard or too firm to an extent of giving you a stiff neck. However, the issue of choosing the right pillowcase tends to be overlooked by the majority. Pillowcases play an important part in a bed set. They act as a protective cover for the pillow as well as your skin. They provide the pillows with a durable life. Therefore, finding the right size of a pillowcase will not only offer you comfort but it is also economical.  There are different types of pillowcases but the most common ones are standard pillowcases. People ask what size is a standard Pillowcase to the seller before purchasing it. The Outlined is an ultimate guideline of standard pillowcases.

What Is a Standard Pillowcase?

A standard pillowcase measures 20” wide by 26” long. It is readily available in the market since many consumers prefer to use it. Its specialized needs make it a perfect fit for every kind of sleeper starting from children to elderly people. The pillowcases fit well in all kinds of beds without compromising the comfort of a pillow. These sizes of pillowcases give the ultimate touch to a single twin bed. For a queen size bed, two standard pillowcases will be great. If you have a king size bed, three standard pillowcases will complete the decor.  A standard pillowcase keeps the pillow’s fillings compact. Many users prefer to sleep on a compact pillow that will conform to their body shape.

Many people get confused between super standard and standard pillowcases. The super standard pillowcases measure 20” wide by 28” long. They are longer than the standard pillowcases. They also fit well across a single twin bed without leaving a space. That is why they are best suited for bunk beds. These two types of standard pillowcase dimensions are available in the market.

Standard Pillowcase size Chart

Pillowcase SizeMeasurement
Standard pillowcase20”× 26”
Super standard pillowcase20” × 28”

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How to Make a Standard Pillowcase

How much fabric is needed for a standard pillowcase

Since you will be spending most of your hours sleeping, it is best to choose a fabric that will be comfortable on your skin such as satin. You should also choose a fabric that is easily washable. Lastly, select a fabric that matches your bedroom decor if not your bed coverings.  Ensure that you buy a 1.8 m of fabric in order to fit a standard pillowcase

Cutting measurement of fabric

Use the scissors to cut the fabric into 45” × 36” measurements, and fold it in half.

How to sew a standard pillowcase

Before the stitching process, ensure the fabric is inside out. Stitch one long side and one short side. You can either use a sewing machine or a threaded needle to stitch. After the process is complete, turn the fabric so that the part with stitches becomes the inner part. Remember to use a thread that matches the color of your fabric.

Ensure that you hem the open side to make the fabric look neater. You can hide the Embroidery by sewing a decorative ribbon on top of it.

How Do You Know Which Pillow Size Is Best For You

Choosing the best pillow size will help you have a good night sleep. The different pillow sizes available are designed to offer comfort as well as fit different types of beds. Here are factors to consider when choosing a comfortable pillow size.

Consider the Size of Your Bed

There are three common types of beds namely king size bed, a queen size bed, and a single twin bed. The pillowcases, as well as the pillows, are manufactured to match the bed sizes. Therefore choosing the right pillow size depends on a person’s taste and how they would like their bedroom decor to look like.  Some people who prefer the look of smaller pillows on their bed. They like the space they provide.

However, if you like the look of big pillows on a small size bed, consider placing a king size pillow or a queen size pillow. Ultimately, the choice depends on your style.

Consider Comfort

There are various types of sleepers such as side sleepers and stomach sleepers. These two types of sleepers like to fluff their pillows often to maintain the softness. King size or queen size pillows will not offer such comfort since they have too much volume and the fillings tend to separate leaving them squish-able. That is why many people prefer standard pillows because of their small volume.

On the other hand, some sleepers prefer placing pillows on top of their heads to shield themselves from the light. Therefore, they require soft light-weight pillows.


With so many sizes of pillowcases available, it is obvious a standard pillowcase is an ultimate cover needed for your pillow. It is made to fit everyone’s specialized needs. There is no better way to pimp your bedroom other than with some beautiful standard pillowcases.

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